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Live Low-stakes NL Discussion of up to 3/5 live no-limit, pot-limit and spread-limit Texas Hold'em poker games, situations and strategies.

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1-3 850 eff Top and bottom

Info on Villain:
-he is on wait list for Omaha
-old but seems splashy
-no previous info
-omaha players in this room are splashy gamble types
-50 years old

850 eff Villain covers
*short stackers playing in the game
1/3 straddle 5
Limper calls(short stack) H HIJ A4dd overlimps D,Sb limp
V bb makes it 25 short stack call I call D sb calls (100)

FLOP:A1-3 850 eff Top and bottom91-3 850 eff Top and bottom41-3 850 eff Top and bottom
V 75 folds to hero who makes it 250,V C(650)

Turn:61-3 850 eff Top and bottom
V x H shoves for 650 eff.
V calls

River A1-3 850 eff Top and bottom
Villain shows A6

-Is the shove on the turn too light?I have no previous history with V but seems splashy and I think it will pay off with any A.
-On the turn I have 1PSB.Is there a better way to play this hand?
-What should my bttm range for turn shove be?
-If he called with A6 on the flop,I think he won’t fold Ax on turn,but I may be wrong.Is it a spot where I shove on turn that I may be only getting called by better?

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Re: 1-3 850 eff Top and bottom

Tapatalk has aidsed up your post, the suits aren't visibile. Looks like the flop was A94 two-tone no diamonds, turn 6 diamond, river A not completing a flush.

Hand was played fine, just a cooler.
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