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1/2 top two VS aggro

Hey guys!

circa 2nd orbit

HERO/UTG(350) Young 20s white, has played on previous hand that did not go to showdown. new to table.

Villian/UTG1(500) unknown MAWG. witnessed him fire out turn and river with air when checked to.

5 straddle

Hero opens for 15 AK
V calls
3 others call


Hero leads 45
V calls
Rest fold

TURN(160) 4


What do you guys think about checking to induce?
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Re: 1/2 top two VS aggro

I know you're looking for a straight answer, and I'll get to it. But here is what I suggest you do.

Create a range, and write it down. count card combos. Then figure out which combos would call a $290 river bet, and how often (based on potential river cards).

Next, take that same range, and figure out how many combos would call $100 on the turn and $190 on the river, and how often.

Then do your EV calculations, and decide which line is best.

Hint...checking is bad. You have $290 behind and you would like to get all of it in. His range is riddled with pair+broadway draw hands like KJ, or AT. You can not give him a free card.....ever.
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