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$1-2: Top Two / Straddled Pot (bet sizing question)

Playing in a $1-2 game with a $6 button straddle

Button ($250): Very passive player who I think is only straddling because a couple of other guys were. Plays face up.

BB: ($150): OMC

MP ($950): loose passive preflop, but likes to apply pressure post with a wide range. I have seen him bluff rivers and make big overbets with both the nuts and air. Bought into the game for $100 lost it and then reloaded to $1000. This is what he typically does if he doesn't run that first $100 up. (This is at a raked game outside the casino and this buy-in is allowed)

Hero in cutoff ($550): I will be seen by those that actually pay attention as tight and a little bit of a station. (bought in for $300 and have a winning image.)

Hero dealt Q9 and sees that the action has 3 limpers to me with button left to act. This is near the bottom of my calling range, but with a winning image I think it is okay in position with a passive button left to act.

Button taps and we take the pot 5 - way

Flop ($30): Q94 it checks to me and I bet $18. Folds around to the BB who calls the $18 and the MP LAG calls the $18 as well. For ranges I would assign the LAG with mostly gut shot broadway draws with or without back door flush draws. OMC I think calls with any pair and will let me know if he makes 2 pair or better on the turn.

Turn ($84): 3 The total brick. Checked to me and with two people in the pot I need to pick the right price to get value from my hand but not give too attractive a price for the LAG to hit. I bet $65.

My typical bet sizing usually is around half pot on the flop and 2/3 on the turn but we are usually heads up. I am a little bit higher on the turn here due to the multi-way nature and being deep against the Laggier player.

Although I am mostly questioning turn, comments about all streets appreciated.
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Fish Taco
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Re: $1-2: Top Two / Straddled Pot (bet sizing question)

Fold pre

As played what exactly is the question? You have top two on a dry board so we need to be putting money into the pot which is what you did. Seems pretty standard to me.

Seriously though fold Q9 pre. Even with the passive button player.
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Re: $1-2: Top Two / Straddled Pot (bet sizing question)

Fold pre always here. With the straddle on, I'd even fold Q9s in your spot. Bet $20 on flop, it adds up but I think any bigger will fold a lot out a lot of guttors and weak Qx. As played, on turn I'd bet $50. I want action, it's enough to charge draws, and I want villains to make mistake of calling drawing to 3 or 4 outs or bluff raising me. Also only real draw is JT and I'm not paying off if they hit the open ended
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Re: $1-2: Top Two / Straddled Pot (bet sizing question)

No pfr w Q9s here? That wouldn't be 100% for me, but maybe 30% or so. I'm folding Q9o here and almost never raising pf.
I would almost always bet big on turn here. 2 pair combos should be few and far between and IF your vils aren't playing 0 level poker than they will realize this and be more and more skeptical as you bet bigger on this board. If they are 0 level than they have to have a hand to call anyway and won't mind paying bigger prices. Really most bets from 1/2 pot to basically infinity work well here you lucked out on this board and there are arguements for pretty much every bet as long as you aren't checking.
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