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1-2 spazzy play with j-10?

Hey all, just got back from a brutal session where I drove 2.5 buy ins at 1-2 and wonder about a goofy hand I played really poorly most likely?

Ok so I have prolly 250 and others in hand have more. I open jh-10h from mp to 14 over 2 limpers and I’m called by button and bb only. Button is old nit that is super nitty. Bb is lagtard that can have any 2 here honestly.... he prolly called every iso I have made over his limps (examples- 74, 35, and some stronger holdings.... and I tend to iso on bigger size when I raise over limpers). Ok flop is Ah-8h-5x . Lagtard leads 40, I get stupid and raise to 100 and old nit puts in 325 maybe? Lagtard sigh folds after 30 seconds of thought. Meh I feel raising to 100 prices me in and I call. He flips over ak and turns another A and we don’t hit draw.

Meh what do I do here? Do I just call lagtard? My open is prolly meh but I play aggro. I did math and I feel the call is correct based on equity I have and the mistake of raising to 100 basically sets myself up as having to call. Lagtard said he folded aq which I kinda believe. The old guy was playing super nitty and didn’t do anything out of line whole session.

Math for hand, I had to call I wanna say 100 more to win a pot of 477? I know I goofed the #s of this hand up but I had roughly 36% equity against him I felt so I felt it was a speculative call I had to make even though he has it always here in this spot based on flop action.
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Re: 1-2 spazzy play with j-10?

My 0.02

PF, I don't like opening JTs in MP position, would probably limp here.

AP, I don't love the 3! OTF given the nitty button. A OTB, and while the BTN guy is not gonna have AK every hand, Ax will be almost 50% of his range and I wonder how often he's folding. I am OK to flat right here and see a cheaper turn.

AP, call OTT.
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Re: 1-2 spazzy play with j-10?

Preflop is mostly standard, might go a bit bigger w/ 2 limpers. Overlimping is also fine.

OTF, it's usually not a good idea to bluff-raise an A-high flop as Villains will have lots of TPGK hands which are unlikely to fold so you're just inflating the pot. Just call and try to see a cheap turn.

AP, you're getting the odds to draw so just GII.
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Old 01-07-2019, 11:54 AM   #4
old hand
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Re: 1-2 spazzy play with j-10?

Pre is bad given lagtard in BB calling any two and constantly flatting opens. I doubt your hand is a favorite against the limper ranges.

On flop I am going against the grain and say fold. He bet 40 into 60 so you need like 30% equity... 1. you hit your draw 18% of the time, not enough for direct odds, 2. when you hit you probably have little in the way of implied odds, 3. quite possible (and happened) that old guy has AK AQ and jams. A distant 4th is lagtard has way more QhXh, KhXh combos than normal.
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