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1/2 Line check on Hero Call vs Tilting Villain

Hero($600): 20 year old WM, look younger. Has good, winning image, at least to those at the table who have been here since I sat down. I have been card dead the last hour and a half or so, so that could be taken into consideration. I've been extremely tough to play against postflop tonight as I was smashing boards with big draws and sets and raising at a much higher frequency post than anyone else. None of my bluffs were looked up and I was looked up when I had sets both times.

V($200): MAWG, on tilt and stuck around 400. V was getting pushed around postflop by a player at the table earlier and after he last busted his stack he rebought and told people that he wasn't being nice anymore. After he said that, he was raising a lot of hands post-flop really regardless of position. I was waiting for hands to try to get in some pots with this guy. He's weak postflop accoridng to what I've seen of him. He's called in single raised pots where he wasn't supposed to.

I also think it's important to note why he is on tilt. EP raised to 6, MP call, V called in like HJ or something.
Flop came 35h6h, EP bet 12, V raised to 25 out of turn, MP flat called EPs bet, V's raise standed. EP calls the raise and then MP backraises to 120.
V is super annoyed and ultimately folds and EP folds to. Then MP tables K7hh and tells them that it was a good fold and that he knew the heart was coming.

So yeah, this guy is stuck, on tilt, and was recently spewy in the most recent hand he busted which I forget.


UTG limp, one other limp, V raises to 11 from HJ, folds to me in SB with AcTd and I 3-bet to 35, UTG limp/calls my 35(Should mention limper is a complete fish, adores suited hands and flush draws, so I could not see this call being anything but a weak suited ace)
V calls too

Flop($109): 6h8s9s
Hero bets 70, limper folds (thoughts? in hindsight I don't like this but I wanted to use my image and aggression to play at V)

Villain tanks for at least 2 minutes, looks like he's going to fold, then looks like he's going to call, ultimately he calls. Very clearly does not love this spot. Feels like he has TT or JJ and is afraid I have a higher pair.

Turn($249): As

Hero thinks for about 15 seconds and checks, V checks behind pretty quickly.

River($249): 4d
Hero checks pretty quickly, and V tanks for another 45 seconds to a minute and bets 75 after carefully counting it out. Originally had a larger bet but decided to do 75 instead.


The turn being the As is beautiful because I wouldn't call flop with AJ+. However he could definitely have checked a strong flush to induce a river bet.
What do we think about a call and what about the flop c-bet.
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Re: 1/2 Line check on Hero Call vs Tilting Villain

Villain's stack was 300 not 200.
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