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1-2 Flopped trips and I end up shoving River. Donk or hero?

The set up:

Late night at the local gambling hall... Villian has been running hot and isn't afraid to put the chips in.

Hero has a stack of ~300.
Villian covers.


Folded to hero who has A4s. Hero min-raises to $4.
With no one three betting pre for the past 2 hours, hero realizes that he can goose up the pot in the chances that he flops big. Further, with the small preflop raise, almost all suited cards are calling in the hopes of 'busting the punks aces', and hero can get paid off if he hits the flush. Further, hero can disguise his hand at the same time, as players at my local hall think that any preflop raise must be QQ+, because they never ever raise pre without QQ, KK, or AA. Hero isn't gonna put a lot of $ in with a single ace, ldo, but is really looking to flop a disguised flush or str8.

Anyway, hero gets 4 callers behind him, including Villian in LP, and the BB, which is exactly what Hero expected and wanted .
Pot = $25

442 rainbow.

Yahtzee!! Checked to hero who bets $13.
Hero's hand is more disguised, imo, by leading here rather than checking, as hero would take a stab at the pot with just about any hand here .
Only villian calls.

Pot: $51


442 3

Hero leads out $50. Thoughts?

Villian calls. Pot $151


44 2 3 9

Hero thinks and counts out some chips. Before betting, hero looks over at villian. Villian had been counting out chips to call hero, and hero realizes that villian is 95% calling whatever bet hero makes. Knowing that villian is 95% going to call whatever bet hero makes....

Hero Shoves ~$233?! Thoughts?

Thanks in advance!!
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Re: 1-2 Flopped trips and I end up shoving River. Donk or hero?

Preflop is kinda hilarious. Don't do that. Unless you are raising to $4 with all of your raising hands (which would be terrible). Anybody who is paying attention is going to be able to range you properly based on your raise size preflop.

After that, looks good.
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