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1/2 Did I play these rivers too passively?

Hero: Early 20s, new to table, never played with V.

Hand 1: Starting Stack: $300, V covers.

Hero limps in EP with 66, one limp, OMC in HJ raises to 15, V calls on BTN, I call, limper calls.

Flop($63): QJ6r
Checks through

Turn($63): 7d, brings flush draw
Hero bets 40, V raises to 85, hero calls.

River($223): 8s
Hero checks, V bets 55, hero calls.

Thought process was that I thought the only hand that would call a jam would be QJ and he'd likely want to bet that on the flop.

V shows KJ, we scoop. I know it's not good to show results but his info is needed for hand 2.

Hand 2:

Same Villain as before, though now we are sitting about 520, and he is sitting on around the same, maybe slightly less. it is now clear that V plays 70+ percent of hands but raises into pots not much more than the average 1/2 player. He calls raises a lot.

V opens to 10 from MP, HJ calls, I 3-bet to 40 from BTN with AcKs, V calls, HJ folds.

Flop$93): K32r
Check, Hero bets 30, V calls.

Turn$153): 6h, brings heart draw
Check, hero bets 80, V calls

River($313): Th
Check, hero has $300 behind and checks back.

I thought about betting $100, but I think I may have seen some monsters in the closet like KT or back door flush and didn't want to have to call off my stack with one pair on the river, especially since I was not going to bet/fold that river against a player who just recently turned second pair into a bluff versus a single turn bet.
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Re: 1/2 Did I play these rivers too passively?

Yeah I would bet 100 on the second hand. I can't really put him on a heart backdoor draw on the flop there.

Also, people don't understand downbets at all at 1/2. Make it 50 or 60 on the flop.

On hand one, sure it's dry but if you don't bet you don't get $ into a pot on your big hands--just my opinion--but i say lead out for 30 and start building a pot.
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Re: 1/2 Did I play these rivers too passively?

Both rivers are slam dunk bets.
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Re: 1/2 Did I play these rivers too passively?

I'd say just too passively overall, how do you not bet the flop against 4 preflop limp callers there is beyond me.
At 1/2 people are so passive it often checks around robbing you of your planned ckeck raise.

In hand 2 I'd bet a lot more in general, this sets up an easier normal size river shove.
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