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Re: 1/2 - AJo, TPTK facing turn overbet shove

The first hand that pops into my head is 89. The super small dock bet looks like he has a draw and wants a cheap turn, then he hits a pair and doesn't want to call w a pair and straight draw so he just shoves. If he has pulled of some big bluffs before then I am calling here.
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Originally Posted by Neutrogena View Post
Oh wait, aren't you the one to suggest if you have TPTK to bet 1.5x the pot with draws on the board to price opponents out of draws, and slowplay if you have better than TPTK?

God, you are just so bad!
I've actually seen players who play in a manner similar to this.. the funny thing is they DO get paid!! Game selection ftw

I don't think that this is the most profitable style in most situations.. unless you have villains who DO play that predictably and bad.. and if you do find villains that bad then this style will be + ev

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Re: 1/2 - AJo, TPTK facing turn overbet shove

In most games/against most villains you can raise more pre and still get called by a ridiculously wide range. If that is the case you are burning EV by not exploiting it.

As played on the flop I'd take expect the $5 to be a draw more often than any hand and O random jack next most. I'd be looking to get all the money in by the turn v these hands (particularly the draw) so I'd raise almost pot to 30 and expect these hands to call and I'd shove all non spade turns. Trying to keep the pot small here is really bad against the ranges I see typically in this spot. Our hand = the nuts.

As played I'd call the turn shove. I think you see plenty hands that don't want to c/call turn (cause they know the don't have odds etc) but randomly sluff spazz shove instead.
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Re: 1/2 - AJo, TPTK facing turn overbet shove

Normally just treat a small donk like this as if your opponent checked, and just play the hand out how you would have if he had not donked out a lol sized bet.

Just flatting the 5 for pot control, like anyone itt really knows what they mean when they say this and are realistically just repeating a generic guideline they heard once to help fish from going broke as often, is pretty terrible.

I say normally bc sometimes the small donk lead can be meant to induce, but that's too rare to even consider without history.
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