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old hand
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Re: 1/2 56dd in the cutoff

Originally Posted by xSlingshot66 View Post
Your behind if it's called. Guaranteed. You like putting your stack in when your behind?

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Actually, we're crushed by Xd7d, but I'm perfectly fine putting my stack in here. If they have that is a cooler.

You put a range together of hands that will call a shove on this board. Your equity is insane against that range.
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Re: 1/2 56dd in the cutoff

I'd lead flop. Pfr's sizing is weak and seeing a checked thru flop 5 ways against a bunch of airy hands with this specific hand is very unfavorable relative to piling flop money.
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Re: 1/2 56dd in the cutoff

What's this about jamming winning only 50? jamming would win 55+ a bet of 35 and a call = 125 if Hero takes it down...

Even if outdrawn on the flush there are still 6 non-diamond outs for the straight. Standard as played.
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