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$1/2/3 - 3 Hands from the night

Hi guys,

Going to post 3 short hands.

Table: Was overall a tough table. Pretty much everyone played a tight and aggressive game. I played at the table for 6-7 hours and we did not have a single person bust or leave the table. Very weird... should have tabled changed.

Image: Should be fairly tight and clean.

Hand 1:
Hero (~$350) SB: AKo
Villain 1 (~$300) BB - Saw him run a bluff on his GF I think.... (that has to be -EV in life); Villain plays pretty tight and almost never limps; solid player from what I saw

Preflop: 1 limper in LP; Hero raises to $15; Villain 1 calls in BB and limper folds
Flop: K84r (~$30)
Hero checks; Villain 1 checks

Turn: K84 2 (~$30)
Hero bets $20, villain 1 calls

River: 6 (~$70)
Hero bets $40; villain 1 raises to $90

Is checking the flop just ludicrous? Hoping to induce a bluff and under rep my hand, hoping to get value from worse K (but worse K prob calls anyway), but also from PP? When villain calls my raise from the BB, he does not do it as lightly as most LLSNL players. Put him on broadway/PP. As played, villain is not value raising worse hands, but I underrepped and he is a thinking player - so just call to bluff catch since I chose to check flop for deception?

Hand 2:

Hero (~$250) BB: JJ
Villain 2 (~$250) HJ: Villain 2 busted once, but he also plays fairly tight preflop and does not limp much. Thinking player, talks strategy with people on the table and sounds fairly knowledgeable.

Preflop: 1 Limper EP, villain 2 makes it $18. Hero thinks about 3-bet or call and opts to call; I think a high percentage of the time villain might shove if I 3-bet given his stack size and not sure want to GII with JJ. Hero calls, limper calls. 3 way

Flop (~$50): 2 4 6r
Cool. Great flop for JJ. Hero checks, limper checks, V bets $40. Hero calls, Limper folds.

Turn (~$130) 246r 10
Villain shoves for about another ~$190ish putting hero virtually all in

Hero? thoughts on all streets?

Hand 3:
Same villain as hand 1.

Hero (~$200) KJo in BB
Villain 1 covers and is UTG and raises to $15. Should have a strong UTG opening range.
SB calls, Hero calls.

Flop( ~$45): KQ4r
Hero checks. Villain bets $25, SB folds, Hero calls

Turn (~$95) KQ4r K
Hero checks. Villain bets $45, Hero calls

River (~$185) KQ4K 3
Hero checks. Villain bets $45 again.

Hero? Is pre-flop a fold vs a tight player's UTG raise of $15?

Thanks all.

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old hand
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Re: $1/2/3 - 3 Hands from the night

hand 1: bet flop. as played, call since we've seen him bluff before and it's a tiny raise, but expect to lose more often than not

hand 2: fold turn

hand 3: Preflop is really bad. snap fold pre. as played, I would probably shove river. stack sizes are small and his sizing doesn't indicate huge strength.
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Re: $1/2/3 - 3 Hands from the night

Hand 1: You have under repped your hand to the point you need to call river unless you are sure you are beat. Expect to lose a lot but it's $50 to win $200 so you don't have to be right very often. Checking the super dry flop isn't absurd but you need to be betting this 90%+ of the time.

Hand 2: Fold turn.

Hand 3: Easy fold preflop. Calling with an easily dominated hand OP is just bad. I would call flop and fold turn. Villain continuing when another K hits is strong. River is a tough spot because there is no way to tell if this is a blocking bet or a suck bet.
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