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Micro-Small Stakes Limit Discussions about micro-small stakes Texas Hold'em (all stakes up to around 15/30)

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Re: What to "watch for" while playing live?

"SESSION REMINDERS" pasted from my iPhone notes which I look at prior to + throughout my sessions....

2. Keep eye contact to a minimum unless speaking to someone. In which case speak confidently, with a smile. Keep the conversation to a minimum w/ the men. Have fun with the ladies.
3. Look left! (Can usually pick up on telegraph patterns after 30min)
4. No shuffling or preloading chips. (Good poker is BORING)
5. As the community cards are dealt watch the players, not the cards (even hands not in)
6. Identify which players think of me as the Average Young Bully (80%), and those that view me as a Very Good Player (10%). Reinforce these views and + manipulate whenever possible
7. Identify players who are IPIFP (In for a penny, in for a pound) preflop)
8. Turn my poker face on once I put my initial chips in pot, and keep it until the hand is over.
9. Identify and "embrace uncertainty" vs. any LAGs
10. Don't show even the slightest sign of frustration when folding on a river that ruined my hand.
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