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Micro-Small Stakes Limit Discussions about micro-small stakes Texas Hold'em (all stakes up to around 15/30)

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Mastering HU limit

I am a winning player at six-max online FLH. However, my heads-up game is not great. I usually avoid HU and leave the table instead.
I played thousands of practice HU hands against Poker Genius (PG has two fairly good HU bots.) and Cleverpiggy. I wonder if this practice helped. If you practice blackjack or video poker on a computer, the software notifies you of your errors. PG and Cleverpiggy do not notify me of my errors. I have also played some hands against Cepheus, but I dislike its layout.
I have also studied The Intelligent Poker Player by Philip Newall.
My problem may be that my tight preflop style is very different from the dynamics of HU play. Tight preflop play gets the money with 6 or more players, but certainly not HU. Because I follow the HU preflop guidelines of Cepheus, I am not too tight preflop. But maybe I am folding too much postflop.
How can I best develop and improve my HU game?
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Re: Mastering HU limit

I think the best way to start to fine-tune your game is to plug hands into Cepheus's strategy interface. It is pretty unintuitive but fairly easy once you get used to how it works. Think you're folding too much? Plug in some hands where you think you may have wrongly folded and confirm. You can also see how Cepheus plays its whole range there, so you can start to develop a sense of what hands should be continues vs. folds.

You can also just start by playing around with some board textures in your most common spots, e.g. out of position vs a flop bet, in position facing a check-raise, and in position vs a pre-flop 3-bet facing a flop bet. You can probably learn a lot just from examining some archetypal boards.

As an immediate, practical piece of advice, I'd say play a bit tighter, especially OOP, than Cepheus would. This is especially true if you're playing too weak-tight post. The weakest hands really depend upon you eking out as much equity as you can post-flop, and even then they're really marginal. You can lop a lot off the worst offsuit hands off your BB defense range and you'll be just fine, i.e. hands like J2, T3/2, 93.
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Re: Mastering HU limit

I think adjusting gears is great. However, I'd play some HUHU when game gets to it.

Bryce, Oink, DeathDonkey videos still applicable in my biased opinion based on concepts if you wanted addition material.

Would encourage playing HU SNG while trying to get experience. Used to always do that online if I only had 1-2 LHE games going online.
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