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Dry board

Villain is super loose pre. He plays about 75% of hands.. He has a positionally appropriate raising range. He seems to peel the flop always. I've seen him bluff raise on boards similar to this on the turn. He can be induced to bluff river.

Villian limps in EP, HJ calls, I raise KdKs, blinds call.

8cAc8h...Checked to me and I bet and only EP calls.

8cAc8h2s...checked to me.

I'm not sure how he would play a flush draw here. He could potentially have all club combos absent the ones he would raise pre with. I could get 3 streets of value from 22-77's or any picked up pair on the turn or river. If I bet the turn I would have to call because I can't trust him to play nice even though he probably has me crushed.

I'm thinking maybe check back this turn and try to induce bluffs and bet turns like T's, J's, Q's which are more likely to hit his limp range.

Without the flush draw I think checking to induce would be the play.

How do you play this?

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Re: Dry board

Without the flush draw, checking is way more correct than with the flush draw.

Can you work out yhe combos for his turn check raising range? Like you say he's super loose, is he check raising all of his flush draws? What aces does he have?
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Re: Dry board

You've already given a bunch of assumptions so crank through the math and figure out which line has the higher EV: "bet-and-stuff" or "check-and-stuff."

Or are you uncomfortable setting this up?
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Re: Dry board

Checking back turn seems fine here. All you did is raise pre and continue. You'll probably have some unpaired hands that just give up here. Flop caller seems to be in a good spot to try to take the pot away on the river with his non-showdown hands. So KK will be the least vulnerable made hand to play defense/induce with. Getting 3 streets of value from a worse hand seems dicey here since you'll pay off 3 bets when C/R and Ax might just c/c three times.
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