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Micro-Small Stakes Limit Discussions about micro-small stakes Texas Hold'em (all stakes up to around 15/30)

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Online 6max.

(A) Hero opens UTG. Folded to the BB, who calls. 4.5 SB in the pot. Hero's range is something like {55+, A7s+, K9s+, QTs+, J9s+, T9s, 98s, A9o+, KQo}[1]. BB's is fairly wide.

Suppose we are trying to play optimally. The argument I recall from Phil Newall's books is that our range is likely sufficiently stronger than BB's range that we may as well bet 100%, regardless of the flop, because we have a large enough percentage of value hands that our value range and bluffing range merge together.

Note however that we have no cards in our hand lower than a 5, and nothing lower than a 7 if we don't have a pocket pair. A wide BB defending range is going to have at least some cards in it of every rank. If the flop comes with two or three small cards and we have nothing but a pair draw the likelihood that we are behind has gone up by some amount.

(B) Same situation, but hero is on BTN instead. Hero's range is something like {22+, A2s+, K2s+, Q5s+, J7s+, T8s+, 97s+, 86s+, 75s+, 65s, A3o+, K9o+, Q9o+, J9o+, T8o+, 98o}

Now our range is a lot wider, and it includes cards of every rank. But there are a lot more hands that are not far ahead of BB's range, and many more ways to miss the flop. BB's range is wider than ours, and will contain more ways to hit a small-card flop than ours.

We probably ought to have a check-back range between our betting and (presumably small) bluffing range.

But let's step away from GTO and try to think exploitably for a moment.

If there are 4.5 small bets in the pot and we c-bet, some of the time the BB will fold. If they fold more than 18.18% of the time, then we turn a profit every time we bet. I see some players online with FtCB% of 30 or 40%. With these players the argument for checking back goes out the window: we should bet 100% of our range with them.

The thing to watch out for here, though is that the FtCB% stat is aggregated over all situations, including against EP openers and in multiway pots. A better number to use would be one calibrated to the opener's position. Someone who folds a lot versus a UTG opener but peels liberally versus a BTN stealer is going to look like a target when they really aren't.

So: discuss c-betting strategy. What sort of FtCB% do you see as meaning bet 100% of our range? How does flop texture affect your decision to c-bet?
What sort of check-back range do you use, and how does the BB's tendencies affect that?

[1] That's the WINNING IN TOUGH HOLDEM GAMES recommended opening range for the lowjack seat.
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Re: C-Betting

I've come to realize that check please is the correct title for this thread.


There are too many factors for me to list here that affect the most profitable cbetting range. I tried before, twice:

What sort of FtCB% do you see as meaning bet 100% of our range?
some under value showdown equity, while others under value draws. Depending on which mistake they make, and with a big enough sample that you have some real reads to go on; because you only play one or two tables, I'd cbet more haphazardly vs those that under value showdown value; pretty much whenever given the opportunity. Vs those that undervalue draws* I think we should bluff more from the very bottom of our range because they are in effect turning the board more static. Vs those that make both mistakes? Cbet 100% easy game.
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Re: C-Betting

I think their flop c/r % is hugely important here, and I don't even know what half of the stats you are quoting means.

But I don't see you mentioning it, and it's probably the most relevant stat IMO.
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