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Micro-Small Stakes Limit Discussions about micro-small stakes Texas Hold'em (all stakes up to around 15/30)

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Re: AQ WA/WB spot on turn

Originally Posted by AlanBostick View Post
In the SB I raise 100% of my playing range against a single opener.
Originally Posted by chmuah View Post
Followed by a c-bet 100% of the time?
It depends. If the villain is too foldy on the flop, I am c-betting 100%. If the big blind decides to come along for the ride, I am much less likely to c-bet.

And in a hand like this, where the villain four-bets preflop heads up, I'm going to see the flop and almost certainly checking to them and evaluating.
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Aaron W.
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Re: AQ WA/WB spot on turn

Originally Posted by jdr0317 View Post
Actually my statement would suggest the exact opposite (in that just because someone may have preflop spew, doesn't mean they aren't as nutted as average when they take this line).

If he's spazzy enough to put the 3 bet in with AK here, he's spazzy enough to 4 bet pre w/ A5.
If P then Q:
P = Spazzy postflop
Q = Spazzy preflop

Postflop spaz = preflop spaz
This should technically read "Postflop spaz -> preflop spaz." And so that error makes you correct in saying that I'm not stating it properly. I'd object that this is the "exact opposite" (which would be that preflop spaz necessarily implies NOT postflop spaz), because that's also not what's being said.


I consider the 5x preflop spaz possibility a wash with postflop spaz. I'm not saying that one implies the other. I'm just saying that the noise of the unknowns is large enough for me to lead me to not worry about that specifically. And it makes a difference that I'm thinking about 5x hands instead of 8x hands.

How often in your history does someone take this line w/ AK? Live and online, it's been rare for me.
I don't know. But what I do know is that there are exactly two hands stronger than yours that are in a normal capping range. It seems to me to be putting too narrow of a hand range to assume that you can narrow your opponent down to exactly those two hands. So the next hand in the range that might play this way is AK.

As I've stated before, I'm putting in the extra bets here based solely on the absolute strength of the hand. I don't know at what percentile the first hand with a 5 in it shows up, but it's low enough that those hands are pretty much not there. We have the third best hand from among the probable hand ranges.

I can understand the argument that the optimal line with AK doesn't put in the third bet on the turn. But I'll tell you that I'm capping turn and river with QQ and not fearing the AA cooler in that spot, so pulling up two bets short of that with AQ (4 on the turn + 2 on the river) seems more reasonable than pulling up four bets short (3 on the turn + 1 on the river).
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Re: AQ WA/WB spot on turn

I think cap and xcall the river is pretty good
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Re: AQ WA/WB spot on turn

i would prefer to 4bet flop and lead turn without a very specific note/stats indicating that villain never does any sort of free card or cheap showdown play
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