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Micro-Small Stakes Limit Discussions about micro-small stakes Texas Hold'em (all stakes up to around 15/30)

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old hand
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8/16 line check.

Playing 8/16 at Commerce, standard game filled with gambooooooooool Asians, with the "one time" mentality, with"one time" meaning I'll call you to the river.

table is 9 handed, utg limps and starts a limp fest. I look down on the button with 78hh I obv raise. everyone calls, including the blinds.

flop: 6-9h-10h GIN! bb: donks, utg: calls, utg+1 calls mid position: raise. hero:3bet. everyone calls, but sb

turn: black 10 everyone checks I bet. get to the river 4way.

River: Kh everyone checks mid position donks. I was pegging him for a bigger flush draw that gets there... hero?

Call > raise? fold is obviously out of the question.

I think I played every street correctly, just not sure about river.
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Re: 8/16 line check.

call the river (hoping for an overcall) and it's a NH.
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Carpal \'Tunnel
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Re: 8/16 line check.

yeah just call river, rest is good. and stop using colons.
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Carpal \'Tunnel
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Re: 8/16 line check.

Flop raise is up to you. It isn't as obvious a play as PokerStove might make it seem, because you actually price yourself in for a lot of marginal draws. But it's fine. It's also perfectly fine (and probably a bit more +EV) to just call.

Flop and turn are fine.

On the river, you obviously can't fold for one bet, and you obviously can't raise because several hearts just got there, so you want to call. If someone behind you check-raises, I think it's time to say sayonara.
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