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Micro-Small Stakes Limit Discussions about micro-small stakes Texas Hold'em (all stakes up to around 15/30)

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Re: 8/16 - AKo. Best play OTF?

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Aaron W.
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Re: 8/16 - AKo. Best play OTF?

Originally Posted by BobC View Post
Any two cards.
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Re: 8/16 - AKo. Best play OTF?

Originally Posted by Aaron W. View Post
And, of course, two players is the hard case. But one drawback to this line of thinking is if your 3 betting range is narrow and you only ever checked your no pair (or no pair/no draw) hands then your play is going to be too transparent. If you have a wider 3-betting range*, you might have enough hands in there for a reasonable mix of flop checks. Or (as I had suggested before), if you're disciplined enough to check big hands sometimes to create that balance you could also take that route.
Sure. This is live 8/16, so I'm not really concerned about people reading my ranges. It is way fun to talk GT, but you're never getting frequency based owned by these folks. The ones who try will over-adjust based on one hand and then do something obvious and bad. Again, this is a general "all 8/16 players are bad in this way" reasoning. I'd start with the "am I betting for value or as a bluff" decide that I don't have enough value and that my bluff is never working, and go from there vs. these opponents. Print the monies.

I could check everything on this flop. If people had stoves I could steal, maybe our RvR equity says this is a checking texture 3 ways? Not sure. It depends on how aggressive you think our opponents are, so is the c/c flop c/r decent turn a good line? I doubt it in a live game, but you have those options. I hate thinking about mixed frequency strategies in small stakes poker. Your opponents know a great deal about the drink servers and have little memory of how you played certain spots.

Think about your range as it narrows. JJ+, AKo, AQs+ is about 50% over pairs or better to this board. QQ+, AKs is 9:2 overpairs. Put in a wider 3 betting range and you'll start to have board coverage with top pairs. Nitty 3 bettors don't have issues with checking too often on these boards because they just have so many silly overpairs.

Sure, maybe you can construct really good ranges for some expert checking of monsters. Of course, your only real monster is top set on a wet board... This just seems like so much work to do. If you have to do this in the 30/60 game here, you're at the wrong table. It is an awkward flop, pick the best strategy you can with this hand, and move on. By the time you tie yourself in knots deciding how to expertly check some % of AA and top set, you'll probably screw it up somehow. Play 6m on Stars, understand it inside and out.
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