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Re: $4/$8LHE Winstar QTo makes 2 pair

+1 overlimp pre, don't think it's close. If you're at a 4/8 table where folding QTo in a limped pot is correct, I'd 100% look for a table change.

Reads also help a lot here. If you see a lot of guys that like open-limping AQ/KQ-type hands, folding pre makes sense. But if you see these guys limping hands like 85o...yea, QTo is smashing that kind of range. Some players also won't bet with TP-bad kicker, opting to check-call to showdown.

How I play flop largely depends on estimates of bettor's range. Some players love firing a bet with just about anything: gutshot, 3rd pair, A-hi, etc. Against these kinds, raise and keep firing. The typical kind of LP usually play too loose pre but quite honest post; in that case, his range here is likely something like Q2s-Q7s, Q9o-AQo, 44/88.

Next thing to think about: how does this player respond to aggression with his top pair? Some will over-value and 3bet any Qx; others won't 3bet without at least 2pair or better. Lastly, what is your image? If he thinks you're FOS a lot, you need to get to showdown more often with TPGK.

It's a lot to grok. I typically raise flop and bet turn by default, then decide on the river.
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