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Micro-Small Stakes Limit Discussions about micro-small stakes Texas Hold'em (all stakes up to around 15/30)

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Carpal \'Tunnel
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Re: 2018 NC/LC - Misteaks Were Made

Originally Posted by AKQJ10 View Post
Ed Miller's stuff is good -- The Course reduces beating 1-3 to three fundamental points (a big one being don't pay off big bets because big bets mean they have it, at those stakes). Jonathan Little's NLHE cash games are very good, and he has a little half-size book aimed at small stakes.

I haven't read the Janda book suggested above but the "For Advanced Players" makes me think it's not the right starting point.

Biggest single move from LHE is to learn to reevaluate hands based on implied odds and context. Against someone who's been folding hands waiting to flop that elusive set, unimproved AA is not a stacking off hand. Against someone who'll pay off three streets with worse, it's definitely a bet-three-streets-and-get-stacks-in hand (and many aspiring NL sharps don't realize that). Learn to tell the difference.
The other thing is that effective stack sizes are super-important. ("Effective" stack size means the lower of your size or your opponent's-- that's the maximum that either of you can win in the hand.)

NLHE is two different games depending on stack sizes. When effective stack sizes are short, you are basically looking to get your chips in with a big hand which beats your opponent, and maybe every once in awhile scare an opponent by forcing them to make a decision for their whole stack. In that game, premium hands go way up in value and anything that requires a multi-way pot and big calls on the turn on the river, like 87 suited, goes way down.

In contrast, when effective stack sizes are deep, you are looking to make a strong hand that forces your opponent to stack off and lose, and you also have opportunities to engage in more elaborate bluffing rather than simply just shoving and hoping they fold. In that situation, the strongest starting hands go down somewhat in value, because it is very hard to get 3 streets of value from them, and the speculative hands like suited connectors and small pocket pairs that can make monster hands like straights, flushes, and sets (or can pretend to have them) go up in value.
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Carpal \'Tunnel
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Re: 2018 NC/LC - Misteaks Were Made

Actually, very few hands are stack offs >75bb deep. The trick with premium hands is to get two streets of value vs strong players, and knowing which two streets to get that value on. You can bet flop and turn then check river. You can bet flop check turn bet river. You can check flop bet turn bet river.

Knowing when to take which line is very helpful. I have a very tough opponent that I have a lot of history against in both cashgames and tourneys. He used to bet the flop with anything decent, but I began abusing his flop check range. So he started slowplaying more flops and going for the late street value line. The other day I 3 bet AA from the big blind vs his late position raise and he called; the flop was QQ3r. I checked, hoping to get the two late streets of value instead of letting him off the hook with stuff like 98s that might pair up and pay off. He checked back. Turn 4o and I though I could win stacks with a check raise vs a lot of hands, and given his now strong flop checking range, I checked the flop. He bet 2/3 pot and I shoved. He snap called with TT.

Flame away.
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Re: 2018 NC/LC - Misteaks Were Made

Don’t ask me why but yesterday a group of really terrible players decided to conver the 20 game into a 40 game. Of course I ran terribly, but man if only everyday was yesterday.
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Re: 2018 NC/LC - Misteaks Were Made

LOL one of the vloggers felts a guy in a Trump shirt, then asks if he wants coaching and gives him a business card
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Re: 2018 NC/LC THREAD - name TBD

Originally Posted by pig4bill View Post
The city [San Jose] does not allow casino comps. It considers them to be unfair enticement of players to gamble more than they want to. No comp system, no need for Bravo.
You really think that's the reason Bay 101 is not on Bravo? Lucky Chances, Artichoke Joe's, and the Oaks all have promotions galore, and none of them is on Bravo either.

I had a conversation with the Oaks GM about this a few years ago. He implied that he and the other Bay Area card room GMs had discussed this among themselves and collectively agreed not to join the Bravo system. He told me he doesn't want customers checking an app and then deciding not to come in because their preferred game isn't going. He wants them to come in and play in one of the games that is going when they arrive.
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