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Micro-Small Stakes Limit Discussions about micro-small stakes Texas Hold'em (all stakes up to around 15/30)

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Re: 2017 ustakes NC, where the steaks are wafer thin (Low Content Thread)

Not sure what I'd do. I let a lot of stuff slide because it's unlikely that they're actually pulling an angle. You'll probably win more bets long term by keeping everyone happy than by trying to enforce this call. If they do it frequently, then of course you have to stand up for yourself. Probably unlikely to happen frequently though, since the dealer will see it and say it's a call.

If it were me, my cards would probably already be face up the second he comes forward with chips. In that case, I'm definitely asking for the floor.

Also, forward motion rule is definitely the best for limit games. You go forward a reasonable amount, and it's a bet or call, and there's no question about how much the bet is. Action can continue to the next player, even if they have trouble counting to eight. Only issue is when facing a bet, some players will come forward with enough chips for two bets and then only leave one bet out. I think this is often an angle too, and I've seen it work plenty of times. This could probably be ruled as a raise, but I've never seen that.

Originally Posted by DougL View Post
Not being from a "forward motion means a bet" card room, maybe I'm missing the true issue with this angle? Around here, people go forward with chips all the time. It isn't a bet until they release it, iirc. I think in our rooms having calling chips in your hand in the middle, looking at the board, and then pulling them back and folding would just be fine.
I can't think of any reason to do this other than to angle someone or try to get a reaction. Totally unnecessary.
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