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THINK ABOUT HUD | Powerful HUD for Hand2Note (FREE forever)

Hi guys! Immediately I want to apologize for my English, because I use a google translator

My name is Artem, I'm from Ukraine. And I play poker (well, of course)))

Here I am for the first time, but is known on another Internet resource GipsyTeam

Okay, enough about me. Why am I here?

I came here to share with you a free HUD for Hand2Note, which i created.

No subscriptions, no payments or purchases. Just download the pack and send me your email from your Hand2Note account.

The pack was developed for the Pokermaster, so HUD and pop-ups support the straddle! But you can use it in any room.

The pack includes 2 static HUDs (regular and with a cutout for the pokermaster) and 12 popups with a lot of stats.

So the cutout HUD looks like at the Pokermaster table:

*Sorry, I do not know how to hide the picture under the spoiler(

Cut out the window for the action, so that it can be seen, the opponent folded or still in the hand:

HUD without a cut is almost the same, just 2 stats are added instead of a cut.
In the pack there will be two HUDs, you just need to select one of them in the settings.

In the HUD added general stats (NOT positional), such as total cbet flop / turn / river or total 3bet, or total limp etc. Because many rooms have banned the use of positional and dynamic HUDs, so the statistical must have)). In addition, you will often not get a reliable sample, and if you have a sufficient sample, the pop-ups will help you.

12 incredibly informative popups are available in the pack (separately for 6max and 9max):


Single Raised Pots as Raised:

Single Raised Pots as Called:


3Bet Pots as Raised:

vs 3Bet:

3Bet Pots as Called:


vs Steal:

Check as Raised:

Blind vs Blind:

Graph and winrate (stock popup h2n):

HUDs include such stats:

Postflop stats:

Pop-ups are made in soothing colors with minimal colors.
All stats are divided into 3 groups of colors according to the type of traffic light:
-Red - danger (raises, 3bets, etc.)
-Yellow - attention (calls)
-Green - you can act (fold)

To work from HUD, you are required to have a subscription to x2h ever purchased (not necessarily current, even if you bought it a year ago). This applies to any created HUD.

If there was no subscription, you can purchase the simplest BEGINNER subscription or a subscription for a Pokermaster.

When subscribing, you can use the promotion code H2N10SO, which gives a 10% discount.
Total the easiest subscription will cost you only $8.99.

HUD is distributed FREE forever, full version, without any restrictions.
Just leave a "plus" in this thread and write your email from your account h2n.

If you use my HUD, do not be lazy, write a review in this thread or thread on GipsyTeam -
And if there is a desire, you can thank me donat, I will be glad.

My contacts:
Skype: artembudanov

Good luck to all!

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Re: THINK ABOUT HUD | Powerful HUD for Hand2Note (FREE forever)

Friends, if you want to use this HUD, you need to give me your mail from your account h2n.
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Re: THINK ABOUT HUD | Powerful HUD for Hand2Note (FREE forever)

+1 very nice

Sorry, this promo code is declined <- when i buy 10$ sub
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