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A simple, free and open-source poker HUD - easyPokerHUD

Hey everyone,

I developed and released a free and open source poker HUD for PokerStars and 888 Poker. It works on Windows 10 (and every version upwards of that) and is incredibly easy to use. It shows VPIP, PFR, AFq and hands played.

This is the official website:

How to use?
1. Visit and download it.
2. Install
3. Start playing on PokerStars or 888 Poker (easyPokerHUD uses the default directories for the hand histories)

Check the website :-)

Is it really free?
Yes! No upsells, no freemium, no monetization. I do accept donations to cover the server costs but apart from that, there are no payments involved.

Is this alpha software?
No! It is considered to be 'done' at this point. I haven't received a bug report in months from the couple of thousand users.

Why did you code a new HUD?
Because I wanted a simple, easy-to-use and free poker HUD out there. Online poker is very competitive and especially beginners suffer from regulars and professionals using sophisticated software. easyPokerHUD enables every person to use a HUD, regardless of whether they can afford one or not.

What programming language did you use?
The HUD is written in C# and uses an SQLite database to store everything locally. The full code can be found here:

Are you looking for contributors?
Yes, absolutely! Just fork the code and start hacking away. I'd love for someone to submit a push-request with a few improvements or new features at some point.

In case you have any more questions, feel free to ask them. I will reply as soon as possible.


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Old 01-18-2019, 10:20 AM   #2
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Re: A simple, free and open-source poker HUD - easyPokerHUD

Nice job dude, but i think fpdb is much better. You need atleast add some setting like way to HHs
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Re: A simple, free and open-source poker HUD - easyPokerHUD

$15 in bitcoin or paypal if you can get it to work with swc poker!
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