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Premium Poker Tools

Hi guys, I'm developing Premium Poker Tools. It's a free web app that is similar to Flopzilla and Equilab.

Feedback is super, super, super important to me. Product and design sense can only get you so far. Feedback and iteration is necessary for anyone who wants to build a good product.

I go into more detail on my feedback page, but here are some types of feedback that I'm particularly interested in:
  • The most useful thing to me is to be able to watch people use the app in real time. Eg. by studying hands. I live in Vegas so if any of you are in town I'd love to buy you lunch or coffee while we go over some hands. Otherwise, we can always Skype. I'm a pretty solid poker player and should be able to be a useful coach/study buddy, especially if you're weak with your poker math.
  • What do you think of the guided analyses? I initially built them because people were confused about how to use the app, and I think they've helped solve that problem, but I'm starting to think that they're a better option even for more experienced users.
  • Do you like whatever other software you're using more than Premium Poker Tools? Why?
  • Do you like Premium Poker Tools more than whatever other software you're using? Why?
  • Are you confused about how to study poker with these sorts of apps? If so, that's a failure on my end, not yours. I want a beginner to be able to open the app, skim through the YouTube videos and help sections, and think "wow, I'm going to be unstoppable after I mess around with this for a few weeks", not "this seems cool, and I'm sure that it can really improve your game, but I'm just not really understanding what to do with it". I'd love it if you could let me know what is confusing you. Or better yet, if we can meet or Skype so that I can watch you in real time and see what's going on (and help you too, of course).
  • What sort of "power tools" do you want to see?
Those are just some examples though. I'm interested in literally anything you have to say.

What makes Premium Poker Tools unique?
Here are some things that Premium Poker Tools does that no/few other apps do:
  • Sharable URLs. Suppose you want to discuss with a friend whether or not you should have bluffed the turn. With Premium Poker Tools, you can analyze the hand and then post a link like this. Your friend can visit it and adjust the ranges that you assigned your opponent preflop, on the flop, and what they'd continue with on the turn. I think that this makes discussing hands way easier.
  • Guided analyses. Right now I have one for addressing the question "Should I call?" and another for addressing the question of "Should I bluff?". I plan on having one for "How much should I value bet?" by 2019. These pages basically walk you through things step-by-step. They were originally aimed at beginners who don't really understand how to use poker software, but I'm starting to think that these pages might also be preferable for experienced users as well.
  • See how multiple opponents hit the board. If you want to know whether you can bluff, you have to know how hard your opponent hits the board. Apps like Flopzilla let you do this, but most seem to only let you see how one opponent hits the board. What if you're against two or three opponents and want to know whether you can bluff profitably? Premium Poker Tools lets you see how each opponent hits the board.
  • Setting the weight of a specific combo. Imagine if the board is KcJc5h. You may want to say that 5c4c has a weight of 75%, whereas 5s4s and 5d4d only have a weight of 25%, because the former makes a flush draw along with the pair and the latter doesn't. From what I can tell, other poker software doesn't actually let you do this. With Premium Poker Tools, you can.
  • Manually adding/removing a specific combo. Suppose the board is Kc5c2c and you want to know how often your opponent will continue versus a cbet. Will they continue with pocket pairs under top pair, QQ-66? Against some opponents the answer will be "only the stronger ones like 99+, and only when they have a club". In that situation you can't just check off the pocket pair under top pair checkbox, you have to manually add the hands you want, because clicking the checkbox will add all combos QQ-66. Other apps do let you manually add/remove hands, but they don't let you manually add/remove specific combos, like 9c9s, just the more general hand of 99.
  • Insights. See the images below.

  • Log double slider. Some apps have a double slider that let you say "add the top 30% of hands, and then remove the top 4%". The option to remove the top 4% is great if, say, they flat called preflop and you think they would have 3bet the top 4% of hands. To make it easier to select 4%, I spaced things out according to a log scale. Check it out:
  • Smart set checks to default. Say you want to analyze whether you can profitably bluff a Qh7h6s board. You set the range you think your opponent has entering the flop, and you simulate to see how they hit the flop, but you don't actually know what they'd continue with. Do they continue with middle pair? A weak pair? Gutshots? Premium Poker Tools has a feature that let's you say, "check things off that a tight/straightforward/loose" opponent would continue with. These sensible defaults should be a good starting point to get you going. This feature is "smart" in the sense that on a scary board like KcTc9s even a loose opponent probably wouldn't continue with their gutshots, but on a dry board like 9c6s2h, they would, so the app takes into account the board texture in determining what to check off. But it is only "smart" on the flop; on the turn and river there are just too many board textures. You can also create your own "set checks to" options.
  • Comprehensive board texture selector. See below:
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Re: Premium Poker Tools

i dig it, i like how it shows how often the range hits.

What i think is missing is the ability to input board cards so that we can see how often hands that we flopped will hold up or improve.

suit selection isn't intuitive enough. make it so that so can suit select individual hands or groups of hands. And also make it visible that suit have been selected.

If you do include streets, then you might want to include removal effect.

Other than that nice work.
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