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EZAnalyzer (Free Open Beta) - Structured Hand Analysis Studio

EZAnalyzer helps you construct an analysis scenario for a hand, by defining ranges for hero and villain and narrowing these ranges for each of their actions throughout the hand.
Analyzing your hand is made easy:
  1. Find a hand in PT/HM and copy the hand details to clipboard.
  2. In EZAnalyzer, import hand from clipboard.
  3. View the hand details and replay the hand.
  4. Click an action to open a range editor to assign ranges.
  5. Add notes explaining your ranging.
  6. Save the analysis for later.
  7. Export the analysis summary to HTML.

EZAnalyzer Beta is available for free here:

In addition, EZAnalyzer provided helpful automations just as they are needed:
  • Auto-assignment of preflop ranges according to your rules.
  • Auto-narrowing of postflop defense ranges, using either pot-odds or using balanced unexploitable frequencies, and ranking combos by equity vs. adjusted attack range.
  • More power features on the future roadmap (via auto-updates!).

__________________________________________________ ___

Before EZAnalyzer (Manual Hand Analysis):
  • Correct hand analysis process might be difficult and slow.
  • Requires mastery and coordination of different software tools (Word-Processor, Range-Editor, Snapshot-Capturer, Equity-Calculator, Arithmetic-Calculator, ...)
  • No orderly way for saving all the different ranges throughout the hand for later.
  • No clear way of summarizing the analysis.

Enter EZAnalyzer:
  • Structures and streamlines the hand analysis process, and forces you to think in ranges.
  • All-in-one!*
  • One click to save the analyzed scenario, refine the ranges later.
  • One click to export a summary of your analyzed scenario.

*All-in-one Example: Suppose we want to range a flop cbet call vs. a competent reg.
Before today, we would use a calculator to find the Min-Defense-Frequency, and the matching number of combos to defend (possibly adjusted). Then, we would open a Range Editor and manually fill what we think are the best combos to defend until we reach this number. Then, we would take a screenshot of the Range and paste it in a Word document, and add a note explaining our ranging. We could save the document, but if we later want to change a range we will have to start rebuilding that range from scratch...
With EZAnalyzer it is, well… easy!: Navigate to flop cbet call, click on the call action, Range Editor opens, and is auto populated with the correct number of combos to defend according to MDF (the selection of specific combos is also auto-optimized per street and SPR!). Write your notes in the editor, save it, open it later and change only one combo if you like…

__________________________________________________ ___
EZAnalyzer requires a desktop/laptop computer (PC, Mac, Linux, …), and supports No-limit Hold’em cash game hand histories converted by PokerTracker 4 or HoldermManager 2, where the action went heads-up between hero and villain postflop.
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