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07-22-2009 , 11:00 AM
just looked in hard disk drives... (c) has 95.7gb free of 136gb
AND (D)1.69gb of 12.2 gb left on it.
07-22-2009 , 11:03 AM
oops that message wasnt for me? sorry lol.
07-22-2009 , 01:32 PM
Originally Posted by pokerlover1
Is a shame really would like to see a graph with my rakeback aswell, as shows my total winnings.
Im not expert with pt only had one month lol.
So alot of what u have said is chinese to me lol :P
You can't yet configure what is shown in the graphs, but the graphing functionality will be updated in the future and should allow this kind of thing.

Originally Posted by pokerlover1
i have version 5 yes i been doing house keeping every day aswell, a friend showed me i only have 10k hands on here at the moment as i had to reinstall when i had to do a system restore.
Also on the hud the stats come out on wrong players i do move them and save layout, but before they used to sort them selves out.
Annoying when u play 8 tables, especially when they move again after u have saved them.
Im not sure the size my hard disk is but is new fairly new pc so assume plenty of space on it.
Oh yes and im a women so do i get away with saying im blonde? thanks again!!
If you are using preferred seating in the microgaming software you need to configure it in PT3 too.
Tutorial: Preferred Seating
07-22-2009 , 04:24 PM
Ok i see now thanks again!! is on 10 seat maybe thats why lol
07-22-2009 , 05:43 PM
Originally Posted by WhiteRider
Do you have Build 5.1 of PT3?

You need to have auto import running for the HUD to work.
Did you import a lot of hand histories or are you starting from an empty database?
If you have a lot of existing hands did you run housekeeping on your database after you imported them so that the cache is up to date?
What size and speed is your hard disk? Is there plenty of free space on it? Have you defragmented it recently?
Database Management & Maintenance Guide
Yes I did import a lot of HH to the databage. I did the housekeeping right before I ran the HUD for the first time. I am running on 3GB RAM and 2.4GH processor w/ 355/450 free on my HD. No I have not defragment recently.
07-23-2009 , 04:17 AM

Do you have Build 5.1?
Did the cache update complete OK?
Try defragmenting and if you still have problems submit a Bug Report so that we can check your config and investigate.
07-24-2009 , 10:10 AM
after trying to update my pt3 last week it wont work anymore. when i click on it doesnt open? it says logging enabled. how can i fix this?
07-24-2009 , 11:00 AM
Please reboot then re-run the Build 5.1 installer.

This will likely fix your problem, but if not try disabling your firewall temporarily while you start up - some firewalls prevent PT3 or postgres starting. If that helps then you should be able to add an exception in your firewall to allow PT3 access.
What firewall do you use?
07-24-2009 , 01:20 PM
so with the latest release, my PT3 now will take 5-8 minutes before it becomes fully functional (where I can start importing hands). It use to only take 1-2 minutes. I have run housekeeping twice and done some disk defrag/clean up and have plenty of space (~100GB fee). One thing that I did notice is that PT3 did not ask me to convert my DB with this install like you said it would, could that be the problem?

It works fine once its up and running, no problems besides the annoying start up time.
07-24-2009 , 03:06 PM
What version did you update from?
The database update wasn't introduced in Build 5 - it was introduced in one of the previous betas.

Please enable logging, restart PT3 and let it finish starting up then attach your log file to a support ticket.
Tutorial: Submitting a Bug Report
07-24-2009 , 03:10 PM
Originally Posted by WhiteRider
What version did you update from?
The database update wasn't introduced in Build 5 - it was introduced in one of the previous betas.

Please enable logging, restart PT3 and let it finish starting up then attach your log file to a support ticket.
Tutorial: Submitting a Bug Report
I have updated each time there has been a new release...

Will do.
07-24-2009 , 04:52 PM
I have a large multi-year database. Doing an unusual, complicated filter (like, alias 'Me', BB put in preflop greater than '5') over the entire range of hands can yield a wait time of almost 3 minutes. Trying to fill the individual hand listing pane with all 30k results can take multiples of that.

My PostgreSQL database folder is about 160gb, and is on a WD velociraptor. Can anyone guesstimate how performance would change if it were instead on a SSD? In other words, to what extent are operations like this CPU bound as opposed to disk-access bound?

How much writing is done by HEM while importing? While not importing? How will SSD's inherent nature with regards to wearing out due to writes affect the decision to put HEM on a SSD?

What strategies are available to me to shrink/compact/prune/defrag/tune-up my database? (For instance, ideally I'd have all hands I've ever played available for anything for all time, but I'm fine expunging/expiring observed hands after a year.)

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07-24-2009 , 05:41 PM
Sorry, wrong thread!
07-24-2009 , 11:09 PM
Bought the full version of PT3. Just tried to download the newest version of PT3. When installing I get an error message.

Error opening file for writing: C:\Program Files\PokerTracker 3\PokerTracker.exe

I meant to click on Abort after clicking on Retry a few times. instead I clicked on Ignore and now I can't open PT3.

can anybody help me out?
07-25-2009 , 04:20 AM
You need to close PT3 down before you run the installer so that it can update the files.
The safest way is to reboot before you run the installer.
07-25-2009 , 12:24 PM
Thank you WhiteRider, you're a lifesaver
07-25-2009 , 02:19 PM
Originally Posted by TheDespot
My apologies if this has been asked/addressed already but is there a way to have different default HUD setups for different databases? I have a 6max database for cash and MTTs and then also a HU database for cash and SNGs. When I try creating a different default HU cash HUD it also applies these features to the 6max cash HUD and likewise for the tournaments. Is this a feature being worked on/addressed?
- Posted on 01-22-2009, 11:16 AM

Originally Posted by TheDespot
Any timetable for adding additional sites' support (ex. UB, Bodog, etc.)?

I know it's been said multiple times it's tough to state a timeframe for programming and I understand that. I'm not trying to sound demanding and PT3 has been working quite well for me. Just curious if there's any estimate about additional sites' support. Thanks.
- Posted on 12-10-2008, 12:25 AM

Update on these two things? About site support I'm curious about Bodog in particular.
07-25-2009 , 02:34 PM
1 - you can now have a different default HUD profile for each site and table size combination.
Please see the Tutorial: Managing HUD Profiles

2 - Bodog support will be in the next Beta release. I don't know exactly when this will be yet.
07-26-2009 , 10:58 AM
Sounds good. Thanks for responding.
07-26-2009 , 07:09 PM
Is poker tracker 3 banned on any sites?
07-26-2009 , 08:00 PM
Just so I'm sure about the stuff, if I buy PT3 a HUD is included and I don't have to buy the PokerAce HUD, right? This is confusing.

Also, I would need to buy PT Omaha so the HUD would work on Omaha tables? Or would I have to buy a different HUD for Omaha?

This stuff makes me feel stupid. Any help is appreciated.
07-27-2009 , 05:15 AM
Originally Posted by Calighis
Is poker tracker 3 banned on any sites?
No. PT3 is allowed at all sites it supports, and only supports sites it is allowed at.

Originally Posted by CRUDEFINDER
Just so I'm sure about the stuff, if I buy PT3 a HUD is included and I don't have to buy the PokerAce HUD, right? This is confusing.

Also, I would need to buy PT Omaha so the HUD would work on Omaha tables? Or would I have to buy a different HUD for Omaha?
PT3 has a built in HUD so you do not need PAHud separately.

However, PT3 does not yet have Omaha support so you would also need PT2:Omaha to import your hands.
When you buy PT3 you get a free license for PAHud, though, and this will work with PT2:O.
07-27-2009 , 11:02 AM
OK - i am using HEM at the moment for the free trial, another great option i found (the first one was the option of stats appearing right away at the table even if i am not playing!) was the fact that the vpp from stars are calculated in the program - does PT3 also have it?
07-27-2009 , 12:04 PM
This is not built in to PT3 but is available as a custom statistic from our Repository.
07-28-2009 , 01:35 PM
Hi there,

Forgive me if any of the following has been mentioned elsewhere, but the thread is colossal and I haven't been following from the outset.

I've been using PT3 for a few months now and I have some questions regarding its usage and possibly a couple of feature requests.

Firstly, to clarify, I am using PT3 to keep record of and analyse 9 man STTs on Stars.

One thing I often like to do is check up how well I fare vs other regulars in the games, but my "vs player" tab contains thousands of different players, and so far I haven't found a way to be able to quickly get to the player I am interested in. Is there a way of searching this list quickly by player name? Secondly, the results it gives can be initially misleading to me because it also includes hands where I only concede an ante or a blind in the pot, but the player in question ends up winning a 25bb pot vs another player. Is it possible to filter these results so that I only see hands where both myself and the player in question vpip=true?

Regarding the "mark hand for review" function in the HUD in-game options menu. I may play 80-100 games a day and then want to go back and review hands at the end of the day. I'm finding it really awkward to quickly find these marked hands, as if I look in the "hands" tab I have to go through and click each starting hand value and then look down at the lower pane for a list of those hands to see if any have been marked, which is really time consuming. Alternatively, I have to click on each individual game in the "tournaments" tab and scroll through the list of hands played each game looking for the marked hands. I've searched through the filter but I can't find a way of quickly accessing these marked hands. Am I missing something really obvious? Also, is it possible to retroactively mark hands for review after the game, within PT3?

Finally, a HUD request. There are a number of times in-game where I would find it really useful to know how my stats would appear to a given villain at the table, so I have a pretty good idea of my image in their eyes. If I'm playing with someone for the first time, this is fairly straightforward, as I include my own session stats on the table and given that this is the only time we've played together I know exactly how they would look to someone else who happens to be using a HUD. However, if I'm up against someone who I have maybe 800 hands on, and therefore assume they have the same on me, I can't be sure exactly what reads they have on me. With this in mind, would it be possible to have some sort of dropdown option over my own stats called something like "view as......". When I clicked it, it would present me with a list of all other players at the table. By clicking one of their names, it would filter my stats to cover every hand I've played when they've been at the same table, which would give me a really clear idea of how many times i've been seen to 3bet, c/r flop, double barrel then fold river etc. I don't know how popular this feature would be but I can think of a number of occasions where personally I feel it would be really useful.