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03-09-2009 , 04:52 AM
Originally Posted by MelissaVLok
Hi Kraada, have a little problem after housekeeping today..
unable to populate session by time, only data available is player's name and icon.
Thought there was an issue with PostgreSQL so i reinstalled PostgreSQL but to no help.
It just says "Populating...."

Advise please.
could it be daylight saving?
This problem has been resolved. Please see this thread.
03-09-2009 , 10:41 AM
Originally Posted by Peligroso
This problem has been resolved. Please see this thread.
03-12-2009 , 10:46 AM
how do I export hand histories with a filter? I only want to export particular limits.
03-12-2009 , 11:07 AM
When are Cryptologic hands going to be supported? I bought PT3 when it first came out with the intention of soon being able to look at a lifetime career graph, and I'm very disappointed that it's nearly a quarter way through 2009 and I still can't do that (I have somewhere between 50K-100K hands from Crypto, which is about 10%-20% of my career).
03-12-2009 , 12:18 PM
Prima/Microgaming and B2B/Entraction are going to be supported in the next Beta version. We're going to keep adding sites according to their popularity on PokerScout. According to the list, Crypto is 4th of the remaining list, so it is getting there, and things have been moving more quickly lately, especially since we hired another developer recently. I would expect us to continue adding a site or two with each beta, so it shouldn't be that much longer before Crypto is supported.
03-14-2009 , 07:57 AM
Any way to add rakeback to graphs and total won?
03-14-2009 , 09:59 AM
Not to graphs at this point; there is a planned graphing overhaul at which point you should be able to graph essentially any stat you'd like. Unfortunately I don't know when that will be possible.

But you can create a "Total Won" stat that includes rakeback as a custom stat. In fact, if you go to the repository and search for Total, you can find two stats there to download, one for cash and one for tournament, that will do this for you straight away. (If your rakeback percentage is different you can then modify the stats as needed.)
03-25-2009 , 09:28 AM
Beta 26 Released

  • New Site: MicroGaming
  • New Site: Entraction
  • New Graph: Expected Value - All-In Performance
  • Replayer: Win percentages
  • Optimized startup routine
  • Hud: Lockup detection and correction
  • PostgreSQL: Default service password changed to be compliant with strict Windows password policies
  • Hud: Players with slashes (\) in their name
  • Hud: Cereus tables not being recognized
  • Hud: Import problem with tournament profiles
  • Hud: Last X Hands filter for tournaments
  • Hud: Pure virtual call error messages/crashes
  • Replayer: Hud not working when replaying the same hands repeatedly
  • Replayer: Hud losing chosen profile when moving back and forth between hands
  • Report: Sessions - Details BB/100 fixed to use the actual hand count for the day
  • Report: Sessions - Details Standard Deviation statistic
  • Report: Custom report filter validation
  • Import: OnGame hands exported from PT2 without chip counts
  • Import: Party tournament summary email not importing placement information
  • Import: Antes placing a player all-in caused import errors
  • Import: iPoker all-in database flags
  • Import: Unexpected end of hand history for Pacific auto import
  • Import: Everest 6 max tables not being recognized as such
  • Import: Pacific hands importing limit as "$0.1" instead of "$0.10"
  • Export: Tournament summaries not exporting with certain filter configurations
  • PostgreSQL: Startup attempt failing due to slow startup time
  • Cache: Adding an alias not combining cached values until the cache was rebuilt

The biggest change in this release is the addition of two new sites: MicroGaming and Entraction. One thing to note is that while PT3 imports both cash and tournament hands from each network, MicroGaming tournament tables offer no way to uniquely identify the tables. For now, the Hud won't work on MicroGaming tournament tables.

Another highly requested feature has been added: the all-in equity graph. This graph shows your actual winnings as well as your expected winnings. It determines this by calculating your EV (expected value) against the hands you went all-in against. If you went all-in against someone and at the time of the all-in you were an 80% favorite, then the expected winnings line treats that hand as if you won 80% of the pot regardless of your actual results. This gives you an idea of how good your all-in calls/bets were. If the actual winnings line is higher than the expected winnings line, then you ran well. This is just the start of the equity functionality that will be added to PT3. Also important to note is that the equity values are not currently stored in the database. The all-in equities are calculated on the fly as the report is run.

Also added in this release is win percentages to the replayer. Next to the player's name in the replayer it shows their chances of winning the pot if all the players currently in the pot went to showdown. It uses card information only if it is shown on the table. That means if you have all known hole cards shown, then the percentages will reflect that. If you have the known cards hidden, then random hands are assumed.

A large number of bugs were fixed for this release as well. Most notably being the (hopeful) elimination of the "pure virtual call" error message that causes PT3 to crash. Very few people experience this particular problem, but hopefully now nobody will. Also, a few people experience the Hud locking up (not updating, not allowing interaction with the poker window). While we continue to search for the elusive cause of this, we've added measures that let PT3 detect this and automatically terminate and restart the Hud process. While we certainly want to fix the underlying cause of the problem, this workaround should prove useful to those patiently waiting for us to find it.

Another common complaint was the long startup times for PT3. Some work went into optimizing the startup routine for this release. Because PT3 is so dynamic (custom stats and reports), it has to build everything on the fly at startup. That means startup times will likely never be instant. However, we were able to cut startup time in half on my computer so hopefully those of you experiencing long startup times will see an improvement.

Thanks to those of you who have submitted hands to us, but we still need more. We need hands from the following sites:
  • Betfair
  • Bodog
  • Cryptologic
  • Tain Network
  • Tribeca
  • *Old* Ultimate Bet
  • World Poker Exchange
We need hand histories in all formats and both cash and tournament hands. For sites that use database files or single xml files or whatever, we need those as well as any datamining formats and PT2 exported formats. The more hand histories we get, the easier and faster it will be for us to get support added for the site. The sites above are not listed in the order we will be adding them. We have been going by and adding the sites by size. We may continue to do this or we may skip around now that the unsupported sites are pretty similar in size. To submit your hand histories, please follow this link.
04-02-2009 , 03:08 PM
What's unfortunate is that most of those against PT3 haven't used it in a very long time and aren't aware of all the new features and bug fixes and progress that has been made in PT3. They keep misleading people who don't know any better. Fortunately there are a few PT3 users who try to clear the misconceptions.

From that thread:
This is what happens in EVERY business...
When you take your Customers for granted...
And fall waaaaaay behind the curve technologically.

A random genius comes out of the woodwork...
And takes > 50% of your market share in 12 months.

RIP PT... HEM rules.
This is pretty much what I am referring to. PT3 is far from being behind the curve. We have different features, but in some of the most important features, we're way WAY ahead of the curve. Custom stats and reports come to mind. They are extremely powerful and flexible and allow you to do nearly anything with your data. AFAIK, none of our competition even comes close to being able to offer what PT3 can do in that category.

The market share remark is so far off it actually made me chuckle. PT3 sales (and PT2 + PAH sales before it) have not suffered any drop because of new competition. We experience growth and expect it to continue as we improve and expand our product.
04-02-2009 , 06:50 PM
If I start up a new database. Will I still have the stats of other players on my hud? Or does a new database start completley from scratch.
04-03-2009 , 04:25 AM
The new database will start from scratch, but you can use both databases in the HUD (to see combined stats) - configure the databases you want the HUD to use in the HUD Options tab.
Advanced HUD Guide

Alternatively if you want to start a new database and just use that, you can re-import your hand histories - either from the originals or by exporting first.
Tutorial: Selective Export
04-04-2009 , 05:08 AM
I got question - how can I filter my all-in data using PT3 ?
04-04-2009 , 05:49 AM
Click the Filters button then on the Actions and Facing tabs there are All-In filters.
Note that you need to add these individually and then select them on the right and 'OR' them. If you select all-in filters for multiple streets and 'add selected to filters' all at once they will be AND'd together and of course you can't go all in preflop AND on the flop.
04-13-2009 , 08:41 AM
for people who are using pt3 are the bugs worked out or still issues
04-13-2009 , 12:25 PM
Originally Posted by scorer
for people who are using pt3 are the bugs worked out or still issues
I've been 18-24 tabling on Stars with a laptop and haven't had any issues for a long time.
04-13-2009 , 01:30 PM
Originally Posted by scorer
for people who are using pt3 are the bugs worked out or still issues
I've had some issues with importing/HUD/PokerStars (not sure who the main culprit is) 12+ tabling. I'm getting freezing/lagging after ~20-30 minutes which forces me to close down PT3 to avoid timing out. I've also had some issues 12+ tabling w/o PT3 running although they're not as bad (i.e. bad enough to time me out), hence the possibility it's my computer or PS.

FWIW, I downloaded the trial of HEM and had the same kind of issues.

With fewer tables or for everything else, PT3 has worked fine. I don't have much experience with HEM so that may be part of the bias, but I like PT3's interface better as I think it's more intuitive and cleaner. HEM does have a few extra features I like (and hope PT3 might eventually incorporate), but not enough to switch completely.

HUD issues are the most important thing IMO and again, it's only for 12+ tabling. If I didn't have the same issue with HEM, I might really consider switching.
04-13-2009 , 01:58 PM
quick question:
How do we find the hands we marked for review?
04-13-2009 , 02:29 PM

Try defragging your hard drive then running a full Housekeeping if you haven't done so recently, as that can speed things up a lot.


Please see the Tutorial: Marking Hands for Review.
04-13-2009 , 02:37 PM
Originally Posted by Kraada

Try defragging your hard drive then running a full Housekeeping if you haven't done so recently, as that can speed things up a lot.
Yeah, I've had a couple posts within the last week or two where I've tried to get it figured out. I initially was having trouble 10+ tabling, but defragging allowed me to get up to probably 14+ tabling before I start having issues. It's better, definitely. I just wish I could get it to perfect. (Seems like running the HUD off of an existing DB w/o requiring auto-import is a good way to go... I think in response to one of my other posts, you or whiterider mentioned it had been considered, but nothing definitive had been decided. I'm hereby lobbying for it again).
04-14-2009 , 02:16 PM
Can TableTracker perform client-side searches yet (i.e. free, without connecting to the PT3 servers)? If so, how?
04-15-2009 , 10:59 AM
Originally Posted by DMoogle
Can TableTracker perform client-side searches yet (i.e. free, without connecting to the PT3 servers)? If so, how?
TableTracker is a server based service. We have no plans on changing it to be a client side service, as we believe the server-based solution is far superior.
04-16-2009 , 10:50 AM
Is it possible to add to the hud:

villians call all in %
villian push all in %

04-16-2009 , 12:08 PM
Originally Posted by two2brains
Is it possible to add to the hud:

villians call all in %
villian push all in %

sorry i want this for pre flop %'s
04-16-2009 , 12:16 PM
I see Kraada answered your question in our sponsored forum. Please try to post only in one place or the other, not both.