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01-21-2009 , 11:04 AM

I'm glad to hear that cleared up for you. I'm not exactly sure what happened, but I'll run some filter testing later to see if I can replicate your issue myself.


Right now we're close to a Beta 24 release which will be a big bug-fix release (including HUD query optimization and cluster logic improvements). Build 4 should come out not too long thereafter once we've made sure on a wider scale that Beta 24 is indeed stable.

After Build 4 we'll go back to site support and new features, and I believe the improved HUD Configuration interface is fairly high up on our list of new features to add, but it's difficult to say exactly when it will be available. But that's the current road map as far as I'm aware.
01-21-2009 , 11:12 AM
Originally Posted by DMoogle
Any idea how long it's going to be until the HUD has an interface like PAHUD?

Last edited by fozzy71; 01-21-2009 at 11:13 AM. Reason: It's PT3 not PAHUD2
01-21-2009 , 03:26 PM
Originally Posted by Kraada
The actual hands are moved from your hand history folder to the C:\Program Files\PokerTracker 3\Processed directory by default once the hands are imported to keep PT3 from importing them repeatedly. Once you click the Refresh button on the Texas Holdem tab the hands should be displayed there.
I tryed it and get nothing, played a couple of hands today just to see if I had the same problem and I do..................
01-21-2009 , 04:53 PM

Try clicking Clear and then Refresh on the Texas Holdem tab one more time just to make sure there's no filter set, and then if there isn't and you still don't see the data, then enable logging (Configure --> Options --> Logging Enabled and restart PT3) and attempt to import while playing for one full orbit then attach the C:\Program Files\PokerTracker 3\PokerTracker.log and C:\Program Files\PokerTracker 3\PokerTrackerHud.log files to a support ticket and we'll look into what could be causing this for you.
01-21-2009 , 05:26 PM
I did it again, changed the folders and the few hands that I played today are showing, but yesterdays are lost, your help is appreciated
01-21-2009 , 05:36 PM
Beta 24 Released

  • Database: Changed schema to support built-in Cluster
  • Hud: Improved query performance
  • Hud: Popup and Table queries combined
  • Hud: In configuration window, when adding a stat, new stat appears under the currently highlighted stat
  • Email imports now save a backup if move processed files is enabled
  • PokerStars import problem with players with colons in their name
  • PostgreSQL startup (makes sure directories exist and is deleted)
  • PostgreSQL lockups
  • PT2 Conversion: PokerStars tournament hands not converting correctly
  • Import: Exported tournament summaries now import the player count correctly
  • Import: Cereus import dead blinds and jackpot rake
  • Import: Boss Media dealer seat problem
  • Import: OnGame bug when posting the blind puts a player all-in
  • Import: OnGame bug when db file has multiple hands with the same ID
  • Import: OnGame bug when only one blind is posted
  • Import: ATS stat when an inactive player is in the button or cutoff position
  • Reports: Player names that start with a "{" now display properly
  • Tourney Results "Only Tournaments Needing Results" filter
  • Hud: Now works on Boss Media heads up tables
  • Hud: Now works on Party Speed Rebuy tables
  • Hud: Eliminated several sources of freezing
  • Hud: Problem with player icons and multiple databases
  • Filter: Facing Raise Preflop will account for limp/fold instances
  • Filter: Made Hand Two Pair on Flop, Board Paired, Low Pair

This version, as expected, contains mostly bug fixes. A large number of bugs were fixed, including bugs in the PostgreSQL connection and startup code and Hud freezing problems. We've also made great effort in reducing performance problems by improving some database indexes as well as optimizing some of the Hud queries. We've had confirmed success of lag elimination by some users who were still experiencing lag, although the changes should improve performance for everyone.

If there aren't any major problems with this beta, we expect to release build 4 shortly. The beta releases following build 4 will contain more site support, as well as some highly requested features, such as the Hud on the replayer, selective export, and many more. We hope to increase the speed of development and bug fixes with the addition of new developers, which we are still interviewing for. See this post for more information.

Thanks to those of you who have submitted hands to us, but we still need more. We need hands from the following sites:
  • B2B
  • Betfair
  • Bodog
  • Cryptologic
  • Microgaming Network
  • Pacific Poker
  • Tain Network
  • Tribeca
  • *Old* Ultimate Bet
  • World Poker Exchange
We need hand histories in all formats and both cash and tournament hands. For sites that use database files or single xml files or whatever, we need those as well as any datamining formats and PT2 exported formats. The more hand histories we get, the easier and faster it will be for us to get support added for the site. The sites above are not listed in the order we will be adding them. We have been going by and adding the sites by size. We may continue to do this or we may skip around now that the unsupported sites are pretty similar in size. To submit your hand histories, please follow this link.
01-22-2009 , 12:25 PM
att. to steal blinds stat is showing N/A for heads up in the new Beta version...
01-22-2009 , 02:16 PM
My apologies if this has been asked/addressed already but is there a way to have different default HUD setups for different databases? I have a 6max database for cash and MTTs and then also a HU database for cash and SNGs. When I try creating a different default HU cash HUD it also applies these features to the 6max cash HUD and likewise for the tournaments. Is this a feature being worked on/addressed?
01-22-2009 , 02:47 PM

This is the first I've heard of that particular issue but we'll definitely do some investigating.

Can you attach a hand that should have imported as an attempt to steal but did not to a support ticket? That will help us in our investigation.


There isn't a way to do that at this point in time, but it is something we have planned. I can't say for certain when it will be available but I'd suspect an improved layout manager isn't too far down the line of new features to add (though it's a fairly intensive project so it won't happen instantaneously).
01-23-2009 , 01:24 AM
is there any way to apply the filters to player summary and not just player stats? i want to see my winrate with different filters applied
01-23-2009 , 10:56 AM
The only filters that can apply to the player summary are filters that affect whole sessions (like date filters).

If you're just looking for winrate though, if you go to the Hands tab all of your filters will apply, and if you click the little wrench at the top right of the big hands report you can add $/100 and the summary tab at the bottom will summarize it for all hands in the report.
01-23-2009 , 04:39 PM
^^thanks Kraada

another question: is there any way to get the stats "donk flop" and "3bet preflop" on the hud?
01-23-2009 , 04:54 PM
3Bet Preflop is already there as a default statistic. Configure --> Hud, pick the group you want the stat in, go to the stats tab, double click 3Bet Preflop on the left to add it. See the How To: HUD Configuration for more on how to configure your HUD.

Donk Flop isn't a default statistic, but you can download and import it from the stat block available in the How To: Advanced HUD Configuration.

Note to a mod: Could we please have the title updated to reflect Beta 24's release? Thanks.
01-26-2009 , 01:28 PM
Using V3.00 beta 23.
During the process of housekeeping this pop up....

Can someone help please?
01-26-2009 , 01:43 PM

I'd recommend trying to reinstall PostgreSQL as explained in this guide as that should help fix this for you (and if you follow the guide, it won't damage your data at all).

Also, I recommend upgrading to Beta 24.
01-28-2009 , 09:45 PM
prob a stupid question but where i can set my "favorite seat" for ftp for the hud? the stats are always off because i never sit right in the center
01-29-2009 , 08:09 AM
What happened to my filters? You promised them back in November:

then in december:
01-29-2009 , 10:18 AM

PM me your e-mail address and I'll see what I can do for you, I've been working on a big update that will come all at once but I should be able to get you Open Opportunity without too much more delay.

Things got sidetracked recently as the Beta 24 release created quite a bit of extra work on the support side of things and I only get time to work on the filters when other things are caught up. I've also been putting more time into a tournament version of the Advanced HUD (see here), though I'm hoping that'll be done sometime next week, then I'll get back to the filters.
01-29-2009 , 10:23 AM
Hi, since I installed this software I have been having this problem that all the texts are gone. I am wandering if anyone has this problem, or if anyone has any solution to this. Thank you

01-29-2009 , 10:48 AM
How long will it take until the bug with the focus on Everest tables is fixed?
01-29-2009 , 01:12 PM

PT3 shouldn't be causing that sort of problem; I'd recommend reinstalling your Full Tilt client and see if that helps.


I haven't heard anything specifically about that bug, so I'm unable to give you a time frame at this point.
01-29-2009 , 03:43 PM
Version 3.00 Build 4 Released

There are many new features in this release since build 3. Here is a list of some of the major changes:
  • New Sites: Boss Media and the new Cereus Network
  • Selective purging of sessions/tournaments
  • Tournament result entry improvements
  • New stats and filters
  • Further improvements to performance, particularly Hud performance
For a complete list of changes, see the PT3 Build History / Release Notes thread.

We've started adding new sites with this release. One of our top priorities right now is to add new site support at a more rapid pace. We expect our next beta release to contain support for two new sites with more following in future beta releases. We also plan on adding more of the highly requested features. Keep your eye on our Development Roadmap for more information on where future development is heading.

It would seem that most of the performance and stability problems are behind us now. For those of you who experienced them and worked with us to resolve them, we extend our gratitude. We know it's frustrating dealing with problems in software you use. We share your frustration, but we also share your excitement when the problem is finally resolved. Anyone who still experiences problem, we will continue to work with you to resolve them to the best of our ability.

Thanks again for your support. Please let us know if you have any problems, questions or comments regarding the new release.
01-29-2009 , 05:10 PM
Originally Posted by Kraada


I haven't heard anything specifically about that bug, so I'm unable to give you a time frame at this point.
But do you know, which bug I mean?
01-29-2009 , 05:23 PM
I haven't heard anything recently about table focusing bugs with Everest, but I'd recommend you try Build 4 either way and see if it fixes things for you.

If it doesn't, please update your ticket to let the developer know that Build 4 didn't fix your problem either (that way when he starts working on the problem he can be sure it's a current one not an old one that never got closed).
01-29-2009 , 07:32 PM
So I tried using the selective purge feature in Build 4 to delete a particular tournament from my DB. It was successful but now none of the tournaments appear in the DB. However, when I click on "Enter tournament results" all of the tournaments and the results are all still there saved, but they just don't appear in the main DB. Even all of the players still appear, but when I click on the players they all have empty summary pages and it says they've all played 0 tournaments which is obviously wrong. Do I have to re-import all of these tournaments somehow?