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07-29-2021 , 04:45 AM
Hi again,

we have added documentation about the board hit evaluations now. Create custom schemas to categorise "Very strong hands", "Draws", etc. These groups are also in use in the new equity graph feature now.

Just visit our homepage, click "Features / Docs" and click on the documentation link or directly go to detail articles by clicking on the links below the screenshots.

All the best,
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09-05-2021 , 11:00 AM
Hey guys,

we have just now released v2.2.1. We have mainly fixed tons of bugs like layouts not being memorised, discounted combinations not being shown understandably, cut-off of the range matrix, and many more (check our change log, it also automatically appears if you just load the update).

However, we have also put in combinations to the board hit evaluation tab. This shows discounted combinations in an even clearer way. For example, if one player has AA,KK and you have a range of 22+, then KK,AA within 22+ is extremely discounted.

This effect is usually not captured by other tools.

So, again, we add to the range of unique features.

If you have any ideas, feedback, or questions, let us know anytime!

Thanks for your great support and input (maybe not in this thread at the moment, but we get a lot of feedback in other ways).

All the best,
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11-07-2021 , 04:10 PM
Hi Michael

I bought your product a couple of weeks ago. I actually wanted PR1 because I follow a video course that uses that program. Can I get PR1 as a PR2 user?
Also. It seems like PR2 has lot some major bug. For example if i look at equity tables in this spot

It shows that A8(top 2p) has 33% of equity and K9 which is just K-high has 36%. If i switch positions it seems to work correctly.

But OTOH same ranges you get this

new photo hd com

Also program just randomly will crash sometimes. Pls send me PM. I might not see if you respond here.
Sorry just relized you can not see equity. In same range vs same range situation it shows that same hands have different equity, for example in one range 88 has 81% of equity in other 95%.

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11-08-2021 , 03:51 AM
Hi Haizemberg93,

most probably not a bug.

Maybe, the usage is not entirely clear to you here. The 1st and 2nd screenshots are not the same thing. If you select a group this means equity calculation is also done via this group. In your first screenshot, more hands are greyed out than in your second screenshot, so you have an entirely different equity calculation.

The third takes much wider ranges into account still.

This might explain why your results differ. Please before stating that there are "bugs" make sure to have a full understanding of how the software works. For all questions in more detail, we can also contacted via Discord, Skype etc., if you cannot read answers here (links are on at the bottom, we are not allowed to post links here).

As for the crashes, we might need details. I'll send a PM to you, so that we can dig deeper.

Best regards,
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12-05-2021 , 02:15 PM
Hi again guys,

so we have checked more thoroughly into Haizemberg93's bug reports and we are able to find some special cases for equity tables and general equity calculation. In the case of flop equity calculations for two players, when weights are involved, there were some small miscalculations in some specific cases, so indeed a bug and we are very thankful that Heisemberg found them. It is now fixed in interim update 2.2.2, while we are actually working on our new preflop trainer (included in the subscription).

We also improved our quality assurance system to cover these and similar cases to make sure that all is fine and will be more stable in the future, too.

We also gave a large cashback to Heisemberg for his help that we are very thankful for!

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12-07-2021 , 08:23 AM
Developers were very quick with bug-fixing and refunded me almost the entire subscription. The program now works without any problems!
I would recommend it to anyone who is a serious player.
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03-29-2022 , 12:45 PM
We offer the brand-new preflop trainer
Thank your for your patience! In the last months, we worked on a feature that was on the wish list of some of our customers for a long time: A preflop trainer that solves problems other trainers have.

It sounds simple but each Poker player needs it. You might use your favourite solver to get the best ranges or rely on the poker site to provide you good starting hand charts. But you still need to get them into your brain to play the table optimally.

And it was never easier to train these ranges than now.

Use the usual, comfortable ways of putting your ranges into PokerRanger, create your trainings, and start training with some handy keyboard shortcuts for raise, call, or fold. This is not limited to these actions, you can also train 3-bet spots, 4-bet spots, and even squeeze spots. You can define ranges against one limper, multiple limpers, or whatever specific setup you want. You can then also limit the range to train because AA might anyways be a no-brainer.

And PokerRanger is the only tool that lets you specify different 3-bet ranges depending on the raise size.

rack how you have trained your ranges over time. Have you some trouble hands? Have you some specific positions / spots that are harder than others? How has your success rate developed over time?

You can answer all of these questions easily with visual reports.

Also, PokerRanger comes with built-in ranges from our partner Upswingpoker for 6-max opening ranges. So you can try it out even without putting your ranges in. And - it's fun!

Let us know what you think and what you would like to see improved. More reports? More options? Ask us and consider it done.

All the best,
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