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01-19-2021 , 04:27 PM
hello, just tried trial, do you plan to add dark theme? white is bad for eyes when studying in dark room, also can you add support for copying hands from simple postflop? when working with solver i would like to quickly check range composition for both players but it doesnt take simple postflop format (flopzilla take it)
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01-19-2021 , 04:39 PM
Hello magorko,

yes, we are planning on adding a dark theme, it is on our todo list. In fact, on macOS, the operating system itself offers a dark theme but not all parts of PokerRanger react to it at the moment. But we will adjust this (and of course also offer for Windows).

Can you give us an example on how the post flop format of Solver looks like? PokerRanger2 does indeed support the format like:

but you mean something else right? Just drop us an example or a Google search title (not sure if links are allowed by 2+2), and we will check and integrate it. If it is simple enough, we can probably do it with our next patch version (2.0.2).

Thank you very much for your feedback!! Looking forward to more input!

All the best,
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01-19-2021 , 06:50 PM
hello, here is sample of simple postflop output i would like to paste to poker ranger 2
[0.01]AdAh, AsAh, AcAh, AsAd, AcAd, AcAs[/0.01], [1.06]Jh3h, Jd3d, Js3s, Jc3c[/1.06], [6.02]Ad7h, As7h, Ac7h, Ah7d, As7d, Ac7d, Ah7s, Ad7s, Ac7s, Ah7c, Ad7c, As7c[/6.02], [10.39]Qd9h, Qs9h, Qc9h, Qh9d, Qs9d, Qc9d, Qh9s, Qd9s, Qc9s, Qh9c, Qd9c, Qs9c[/10.39]
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01-20-2021 , 02:21 AM
Hi magorko,

ah, I see! Well, the general format is accepted by PokerRanger, but we limit it to one decimal point (and spaces and commas outside of [] are not accepted at the moment). So, 0.01 would mean 0.01% of weight (while [100.0]AA[/100.0] would be full weight)?

If this is necessary output, we will increase precision and accept these extra tokens, of course.

All the best,
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01-20-2021 , 03:09 AM
I checked once more. Actually, it is only two decimal point precision that is an issue at the moment (because we figured, who distinguishes between 0.01% and 0.02%?). So, if solver allows to lower precision to one decimal place, it already works, e.g.:

[0.1]AdAh, AsAh, AcAh, AsAd, AcAd, AcAs[/0.1], [1.1]Jh3h, Jd3d, Js3s, Jc3c[/1.1], [6.0]Ad7h, As7h, Ac7h, Ah7d, As7d, Ac7d, Ah7s, Ad7s, Ac7s, Ah7c, Ad7c, As7c[/6.0], [10.4]Qd9h, Qs9h, Qc9h, Qh9d, Qs9d, Qc9d, Qh9s, Qd9s, Qc9s, Qh9c, Qd9c, Qs9c[/10.4]

PokerRanger summarises it neatly, though, because this can also just be written as:


We could now offer automatic rounding (bad for 0.01%, though) or just increase the precision (and introduce rounding for yet more decimal points).

Maybe some input on which precision you think is necessary and whether output precision can be changed in Solver from you would be really helpful!
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01-20-2021 , 04:39 AM
By the way, we have created two new articles for range management. At least, it covers suits and selectors for now, but we will add more content in the next days, probably going over weights to the color groups. I will announce changes here, too, to keep you up-to-date.
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01-20-2021 , 02:50 PM
automatic rounding should be fine, that 0.01 is just how i copy range from preflop solver, so it just didnt converge to 0 yet, i would like to use poker ranger2 as range composition tool to see two ranges for both players in one window and to add better understading to my study with solvers, thx a lot for quick replies and trying to improve software
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01-20-2021 , 05:13 PM
Ah, I see! Okay, then we will go with just rounding to values similar to the ones above.

Maybe, in the future, we will also add simple solver functionality to PokerRanger. But we will have a different focus so far. Thank you very much for your input again!

And if you have other ideas, let us know all time long. We have summarised many features of other tools in PokerRanger1 already and will try to go many further steps both in usability and features with PokerRanger2. This is only the start!

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01-21-2021 , 03:51 AM
We have now finally created the article on how to use groups / colors to subdivide ranges in PokerRanger2. For example, you can create a 4-Bet/Call range, a 4-Bet/Fold range, a fold range, and automagically create the calling range as a remainder of all these ranges. This even works, if you mark some hands with 25% of weights, some with 50% of weights, and so on.

We are truly content with our result here and believe this is a good step towards greater, more intuitive and clear range management with weights. But if you have objections, feel that we have potential to improve more, add more features, or help you in any other way, please let us know!

The tutorial can be found clicking on "Features" on our homepage and then navigating into any article for "range management".

As always, let us know of any feedback you have!
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01-22-2021 , 03:10 PM
We have just published a short article about weighting ranges/groups. It can be used quite nicely when combined with groups. Adding the remainder is very useful, too: If you have split your range into a raising part and a calling part, there using weights, you can just let the folding range be auto-generated as remainder. It will also take existing weights into account, filling them up to have 100% for all hands of the parent range.
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01-23-2021 , 04:05 AM
It is now online: the article about managing custom ranges.

This completes our article series about using the hand range manipulation window. All articles use many screenshots and should have clear click-by-click instructions. Further articles and material will follow.

Please let us also know if you prefer videos or any other material.
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01-24-2021 , 11:40 AM
Hello again @magorko,

one further question: For dark mode, do you already use your operating system's dark mode? For example, macOS has this and, as far as I know, Windows has support for it as well. It's a little different to just use the ones that the operating systems provide from enabling dark mode even when the operating system does not.

So, your input as someone who likes to use dark mode in many applications would be helpful here (although we will probably anyways offer to have dark mode customisable later anyways, just maybe not with the first update).

All the best,
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02-04-2021 , 04:00 AM
Dark mode.

Hi again,

we have released 2.0.2 with a potential dark mode. Screenshots can be found by testing, on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and in our newsletter. I hope, it's eye-soothing. @magorko, I really hope you like it!

Also, PokerRanger accepts more decimals now: [0.123456]AA[/0.123456] works fine. It will automatically be rounded to [0.1]AA[/0.1]

Let us know what you think of this update!

At your service,
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02-06-2021 , 10:46 AM
We have also updated our homepage, the release notes are now always viewable there and a small screenshot of the dark mode can be seen there, too!
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02-07-2021 , 08:19 AM
does PR1 still available for purchase?
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02-07-2021 , 08:34 AM
We can make exceptions, but why would you go for PR1 if PR2 is superior in almost any way? We are going to provide more articles, videos, and updates within the next weeks. From our current users, we only hear that it is easier to use and more powerful, so if you have specific feedback, please let us know!

You showed some interest a few pages ago (which is also a long time ago). Have you expected/desired anything in addition that you could not find? We are certain that we can integrate it.

All the best,
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02-07-2021 , 11:55 AM
Hello again,

by the way, DeuceOTR, I looked a bit through use-cases that you would like to analyze (might have changed now, of course). And luckily, I can tell you that PokerRanger2 helps you with all these.

1) Narrowing down a range through multiple streets works fine with groups:

2) You can indeed analyze multi-way multi-street EV/FE scenarios:


3) Hitting of a range on a random flop/turn/river (or partly flop/turn/river) works fine (and you can create groups automatically from it)

(Well in this last screenshot, these new random flop/turn/river buttons will come with 2.0.3, our next version, but for users (also of trial), it will be a free update) And all features are multiway. This is only a small excerpt from all the features. Weighted ranges, for example, work, too.

Here, by the way, also a small screenshot from the dark mode:

Please let us know what else you would need? Range balancing is one of the future features, too.

All the best,
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02-11-2021 , 12:51 PM
Just a short reminder that our early bird discount only holds until 14 Feb, Sunday! So, be sure to take this deal
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02-14-2021 , 03:22 PM
We provided release 2.0.3 now, are on Discord now (see on our website in the footer the link), and our early bird deal only lasts a few more hours!

Always note that you can use the deal now and get all updates later, too. So, if you think, PokerRanger2 is only 90% great but you would like to have this other feature... let us know! You will get it.

So, for this update, we have improved a few usability and stability things:
– Changed buttons in board hit evaluation view to show actual board/random cards evaluated

– Removed redundant board cards from board card widget

– Fixed rare issue that license would need activation at each PokerRanger start

– Fixed bug that PokerRanger would sometimes crash on specific layouts

– Accept more weighted ranges, mixing weights and no weightes, e.g.: [50]AA[/50]KK[50]QQ[/50] resulting in [100]KK[/100][50]QQ,AA[/50] automatically

– Make history view better readable in Windows dark mode

We hope that you like it.
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02-23-2021 , 03:09 AM
Hi again,

today you can win a free license and we offer a live coaching at 8PM CET with the great coach Lemon and me. Find the link at our homepage in the footer.

Also we release v2.0.4 of PokerRanger with many usability improvements and bug fixes. Just to name a few:
– Added support to import more ranges from other software via text, e.g. full Simple Postflop support
– Board hit evaluation tab has now more stable range hovers that keep staying open
– Added close button for tabs directly into the tab title
– Cards/hands can be deselected by using the left mouse button
– Made some texts clearer in board hit evaluation tab and equity evolution tab
– Fixed a bug that sometimes equity tables would not show results for specific positions
– Fixed a bug that sometimes suit hovers would not show colors of other groups
– Let PokerRanger close again when equity evolution/graph evaluation is still running
– Fixed a bug that custom sum / selected hands in board hit evaluation tab would not always show the correct number when in equity mode
– Fixed a bug that few gutshot draws were sometimes not acknowledged as such

Again, make sure to join our free live coaching and win a free 3-month license!

All the best,
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04-19-2021 , 12:45 PM
Hi guys,

we have released PokerRanger2.1.0 now. We have sped up equity calculations HU on the flop by factor 20, so that almost any HU situation will give you results now instantly for equity matrices, board hits and more.

Also, PokerRanger now supports the infamous auto-grouping: Just enter a range for a player (or two) and get all hands automatically grouped into very strong hands, strong hands, etc. You can reuse these groups to also create subgroups and continue your analysis easily with right-clicks.

What makes PokerRanger way better than Flopzilla here: No need to define groups yourself AND if you put two players and activate "equity evaluation", you will see the equity of each group against the other player's range. Thus, you get a full-fledged overview of which groups exist and how strong they really are.

We also fixed issues with graphical devices drivers that could lead to PokerRanger not starting on some devices (including all AWS work machines).

This is only a small excerpt from all features. Please have a look on our site to read all release notes, and try it out yourself.

Also, if you have no trial days anymore, just let me know via some of our contact possibilities and we can gladly offer you a second chance.

Any suggestions or questions? Please let me know all time long!

All the best,
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06-02-2021 , 11:01 AM
Hello again,

this release is small, but it puts a lot of groundwork to new feature like online range viewers and equity graphs with groups. These two features will be truly groundbreaking, but this is mostly work on another branch.

But what comes here is custom board hit schemas! Design your own schemas and switch between them very fast. For board hits, it allows you to have a reliable way to switch to different analyses depending on board and situation.

We might add the functionality to also export/import them to share with your friends if you are interested.

As always, gladly let us know what you think or what other feature you might really, REALLY want.

Enjoy the summer (if you have one) and stay healthy!

All the best,
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07-21-2021 , 02:17 AM
Hello guys,

I discovered this new Bunny Ranger here by a high stakes player.
Any feedback on it?

Thank you
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07-21-2021 , 02:27 AM
Hello GFX,

judging by the video alone, it barely has much functionality. It does not seem to generate equity graphs, analyses for board hit evaluations, equity matrices, equity evolutions. The potential to create ranges is not clear at all and probably very limited as opposed to PokerRanger. Also, it seems to be bound to only two players. The UI does not seem flexible enough to customise it to your needs either.

It seems to give some strategic input to players. But it seems that there are no ways to create custom EV trees and it also does not seem to be a solver.

So, while maybe providing some useful input based on already existing analyses/tools, it does not seem to be an analytical tool to improve your game as PokerRanger does. If you have a look at our feature section on our homepage or try out the software yourself (21 days for free), it should be easy to see that this is an unequal comparison.

Thanks for your interest in our software! I'm positive that you will find it very useful to improve your game!

All the best,
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07-25-2021 , 11:19 AM
Hello everybody,

we have just published the brand-new feature: Equity graph groups. All the hands are color-clustered into hand types (very strong hands, strong hands, draws, and so on). Per cluster, the equities are plotted and sorted by equity. Also, you get some nice statistics on top of that.

No other tool on the market offers this and we know from our customers that the feature is in high demand and very needed.

HU-performance for equity graphs has improved, too, and takes now no time anymore.

We have improved many other things that you can find in the release notes in our homepage (or in PokerRanger2 itself).

Make sure to try out the latest update. As always, you can test 21 days for free!

If you have any questions, feedback, or wishes, do not hesitate to ask us/me anytime.

All the best,
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