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09-07-2013 , 03:16 AM
Partytools Tablescanner is not working after the last update are you doing to fix it?
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11-05-2015 , 05:40 PM
I wonder if people can tell me how to get a better theme table for Party poker, I can not see my HUD on the 3 custom themes pre installed on party poker has the background is too light, any suggestions? thanks. I do have party caption if that helps, there is a theme section but i can not work it?!
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12-04-2015 , 03:39 PM
My favorite Partypoker Table:

Just replace the Table_Carpet.jpg file in the PartyGaming/Partypoker/Images/NewGameTable/ directory with this one.

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01-26-2016 , 03:50 AM
i have installed the program with no problems,

I play hu cash, how to i set party tools up so i can make my opening size 2.5 bb?

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02-24-2016 , 05:29 AM
Any chance to buy a software that could datamine on ?? PM if possible , thanks !
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02-25-2016 , 10:33 AM
i decided to download this for sexual indecency reasons.
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02-25-2016 , 01:22 PM

You need to have an extra tool installed which has been banned from party for a few years. If you have it you can set your betscript while not playing and remove it, then play.
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04-25-2016 , 09:12 AM
so is there any chance i can use partytools? i bought it years ago and now its seems like it has become a freeware ... is it working atm or not? (just need the right click fold option on the mouse for playing cash)

many thx.
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04-26-2016 , 04:43 AM
Yes works fine. I use it for fold hotkey to.
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04-26-2016 , 04:49 AM
Originally Posted by centebakkie
Yes works fine. I use it for fold hotkey to.
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04-26-2016 , 06:11 AM
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