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07-06-2009 , 01:00 AM
Still great program but there are quite a few problems with betscript ... sometimes it bets absolutely wrong Dunno if it's just me or if it's general problem ...

Today it raised for 12BB's from UTG1 with AKo looked pretty crazy.
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07-06-2009 , 07:13 PM
Yes I know that there is a problem with multifunction script. But I already fixed that (I hope). In the version this problem exists no longer:

apart from that, you can use multiple DBs for scanning in the same time!

Please tell me if this version fix your problem.
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07-11-2009 , 09:04 AM
tabblescanner worked, but has now ceased to work does not scan tables on partypoker, I have sent a log nick ILUTOO22 answer please

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07-11-2009 , 04:55 PM
hey, try this:

can you scan tables now?
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07-11-2009 , 07:36 PM
Hey, PartyTools 2.8 is now out and has some new great functions. Here is the complete list:
  • SnG Functions: this is new! PartyTools now supports some SnG specific things. It can click popups for you and close finished SnGs. AutoBuyin for SnG games is also available. See new "SnG Functions" tab
  • Table Scanner: you can use multiple databases for scanning at the same time now
  • Table Scanner: the column sorting (for example Avg. Vpip) will keep even if you start a new scan
  • Multi Table Setups: there is a new mode 4. It behaves like mode 2 but 'holes' get filled with the last table. This means if you play 8 tables for example and you close table #3, PartyTools will move table #8 to table #3 position
  • Table joiner: there is a new option which allows you to manually buy in when you click on 'seat open'. PartyTools will fill the buy-in window with your predifined settings
  • Main: the tray icon in the down right corner of your taskbar has now a menu. Rightclick will open that menu and it contains 'Exit' and 'Open TableScanner'
  • Betscript: You can now define the BB / Limper to raise for yourself.
  • Betscript: In 3bet options you have to define in which streets 3betting is active
  • Betscript: a nasty bug which caused the multiscript to bet wrong is hopyfully now fixed.

You see there is now some support for SnG games. I will add very soon more functions for the SnG players. If you have whishes or suggestions please post them ! Here is a screen from the new SnG Tab:

If you already use PartyTools it will update itself otherwise download it from the homepage:

If you have questions or problems don't hesitate to post here!
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07-12-2009 , 05:58 PM
nope didn't work, i dont know what has happened, i think its a problem with the database, because he is scanning tables only without database, dont want to scan with, maybe you know how to fix it?
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07-12-2009 , 07:45 PM
don't understand what you mean with "because he is scanning tables only without database, dont want to scan with". Without Database connection it should not be possible to open the scanner.

Can you send logfile again please?

What Database are you using? Holdem Manager?
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07-12-2009 , 10:18 PM
send logfile nick ILUTOO
i use pt3
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07-13-2009 , 07:52 AM
I think there is a problem with the database settings in PartyTools. Please delete the folder "settings" in the PartyTools folder and then restart PartyTools. You will have to make your settings again but I think this could work.

Tell me then if this worked.
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07-13-2009 , 09:19 AM
nope, it is not work. i'am trying to reinstall partypoker and partytools too, but anyway tablescanner didn't work
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07-14-2009 , 09:11 AM
ok, do you see the amount of hands in your database, when you add your db to partytools? Have you selected the right kind of database (poker tracker 3) in the dropdown menu?

Was there a update from PokerTracker 3 ?

It is a problem between PartyTools and PokerTracker 3 database. PartyPoker software is not involved.
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09-29-2009 , 08:00 PM
What numbers should i insert in betscript aba, in order the script bets :

3.5bb + 1bb p/ limper pf
3/4 pot flop
2/3 pot turn
1/2 pot river


Ive tried with operation " bet potsize * <value> [streets]" and "Multifunction script" without sucess

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10-07-2009 , 11:56 AM

use the Multifunction Script.
Enter for 3/4 pot = "0.75" , 2/3 = "0.66", 1/2 = "0.5"
In the first field for preflop enter "3.5"

U need FreePHG running and conifgured correctly. That means FreePHG must create .live files in the live folder. (normally the subfolder "HandHistory" in the installation folder of FreePHG). Define this folder in PartyTools FreePHG options.

And PartyTools need admin rights when you use Vista or Windows 7. Read here:
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10-16-2009 , 12:34 PM
i got problems with bet script, works time to time... op system a windows7
maybe you know how to fix it ?
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10-26-2009 , 09:58 PM
hmm.. please send your logfile "Options -> SendLogfile".

This can have many reasons, please describe what excactly you use in PartyTools and what PartyPoker layout you use. "Classic" or "New Layout"?
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11-02-2009 , 08:52 PM

At all SnG players, great news!
PartyTools now has got a SnG Session Manager. You can define several Setups and the manager will do all the work for you to find the suited tables you defined in the setup, opens them and closes finished SnGs and many more. Here are some screens:

There are still a beta test for these new functions, so you can download and test it even if your trial time is already over.
And all other functions of PartyTools are available in this testversion.

Download here:

Would be great if you could give some feedback / Improvements suggestions.

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11-04-2009 , 01:53 AM
in Party Tools v3.1 and testversion 10.0 dont work - misc\global table functions\ deal me out when less then "X" players sitting on the table.
also in multi tabling\table setups open tible in minimum size and make save and close - a table becomes anymore minimum size - how i saved his.
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11-12-2009 , 10:37 AM
mb stupid question. but is this programm allowed on party? i rly like it, but since i started to use it im getting code verifications windows like every hour, and before had it mb once a week.
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11-12-2009 , 05:04 PM
@Trush: use new Options "Send problemreport" in testversion. Options -> Sendproblemreport.

yes, it's allowed. As long as you play yourself and the program doesn't play for you (bot) its' allowed. The code verifications are normal, Party can't distinguish between bots and other programs, so they use this verification.
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11-20-2009 , 01:23 PM
Betscript not found when i use hud manager
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11-26-2009 , 01:00 PM
Can you please give more details of your problem?
Do you use Version 3.1 or the testversion?
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11-26-2009 , 03:35 PM
I use testversion.
When I active hud manager betscript blocked.
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11-27-2009 , 10:54 PM
Please go to "Options" and then "Send Problemreport".

Do you mean HoldemManager HUD ?
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11-28-2009 , 12:49 PM
Yes, holdemmanager hud.
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11-28-2009 , 10:54 PM
don't have a solution for this atm.

Are you sure that PartyTools have administrator rights in windows?
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