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09-27-2011 , 09:01 AM
This is the support thread for OpenTool, which is software for OPR (

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09-29-2011 , 05:38 AM
Short video about program.
Later will be available features to copy statistics to the clipboard.
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10-04-2011 , 05:07 PM
opentool is amazing...doubt im ever going to play without it
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10-08-2011 , 08:52 AM
Thx. Demo not work now. If there is interest in it, i will make the opportunity to try the program again.

Currently working on a version in which will be the opportunity copy the stats.
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10-08-2011 , 01:38 PM
This program is what i need. Would be good to have a HUD to display the info of the player (total profit, roi, configurable other stats), and have colors and conditions: if total profit > 100k then red.

RankExplorer was something similar, but is not available now i guess. Tournament Shark too, but i dont like how they display the info, you cannot configure the stats you want (in super HUD) or uses space outside the table (not good for multi-tabling).
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10-09-2011 , 01:19 PM
Thx for comment. I really will think about it. Now i wanna create a simple program that will quickly do a search of the OPR.

Can anyone tell what stats are needed from OPR. You can take a screenshot and mark them right there.
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10-10-2011 , 01:48 AM
Most important are: Total profit and ROI (Full tracking).
Then: Tournaments played and Average Buy-In (Full tracking).

Good Luck, if you need help you can ask, i have programming experience.
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10-10-2011 , 12:24 PM
Tnanks. Everyone uses full tracking? Mb guy win one MTT some years ago, and stats not correctly. Or it not important?!

And I updated trial to 14 oct. Download from this page
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10-12-2011 , 12:27 AM
Maybe that tourney wasnt tracked. But the goal is to have a global idea, no need to be 100% accurate.
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10-13-2011 , 08:27 PM

Screenshot from new version of program.
if you want to test the software and give me feedback here, write to skype(Evilloneliness).
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10-14-2011 , 02:06 AM
It looks nice, try to make the hud as small as posible, and configurable. Example: if i want to see only total profit, roi, abi and t. played without labels then the hud should display: 31.935 - 310% - 4.34 - 2.378 (i have the HEM HUD too)

The name of the player you can show only the first 3 characters to save space (or make it configurable).

Assigning colors would be nice, but not necessary.
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10-14-2011 , 05:05 AM
Thx. You can configure hud, and display only that you need. In "name's" place 3 buttons, copy stats, open in opr and close window (UPD Top left corner, 3 button in hud replaced name).

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10-14-2011 , 03:36 PM
Good work, is important to get approval from Pokerstars too.
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10-14-2011 , 04:46 PM
Thx. About stars. Program used only OPR. the OPR is legal. Program is legal. No? =)
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10-14-2011 , 06:30 PM
Updated demo. You can download it from link in first post.
Enjoy, and leave feedback.
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10-14-2011 , 08:32 PM
I think its legal, but being in the stars approved list is good marketing. Some customers will not be sure if not (considering the fact that some of your other programs are not legal there)
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10-18-2011 , 11:37 AM
Yeah. I received a response from Stars. They said that program looks like legal, but need check it yourself. I will send program, but not now because it have a some bugs now. I don't wanna send the program with bugs. I need some days.

Demo version not work now (UPD worked, but with some errors. If program just closed, redownload from website ). It will available when i fixed errors.

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10-19-2011 , 12:35 PM
Fixed some errors. Updated program.
Added 2 new options. Open in browser (mb someone don't wanna use hud) and "Full tracking" filter (click again "log-in" in settings, if u changed this filter).
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10-22-2011 , 04:17 PM
Available a new version of program.

If u use old version, u need to delete opentool.config or set options to default.

Added color to stats. Red to negative and green to positive.

Available more options

- Added able to change hotkey
- Added checkbox for turn off autohide for HUD.
- Added some action for click to HUD (close HUD, open opr, nothing).

Now program will detect poker-rooms automatically, so placed only in tray.

Leave feedback in this thread or in skype. If u need add to program another stats, pls let me know.

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10-26-2011 , 01:14 PM
Update demo version. Some stats not displayed.

Began selling the complete version.

In last update was added stats for SNG, MT 45, 180 tournaments.

Good luck.
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10-27-2011 , 07:34 PM
New short video.
Don't use OPR in browser =)

Forgot to add, that all stats copying to clipboard after search (or after click to icon "copy"). so you can paste it to notes and close HUD.

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10-30-2011 , 12:06 PM
Received email from the Stars about the legality of the program.

The program permitted for use on PS.


Thank you for your email.

A program which simply shows data from a third party site which is itself permitted is fine for use at PokerStars, whether that it is in HUD format or something else.


Mark W.
PokerStars Game Security
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11-01-2011 , 04:01 PM
Just checked with PokerStars today

Q: Can you give some examples of tools and services which are prohibited?
A: The following are examples of tools and services which are prohibited at all times:

3. FishInterceptor

So does this mean, all 3 softwares are forbidden?
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11-01-2011 , 04:28 PM
Thx for information.
This is clearly a misunderstanding. PokerRatings and ColoringTool are forbidden, because it used PTR (PTR in this list).
OpenTool used OPR and i post their answer here.

I'll write that they have added the names of programs, rather than a site.
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11-01-2011 , 05:22 PM
Originally Posted by IamAlone
I'll write that they have added the names of programs, rather than a site.
done. will see

Anyway, OpenTool is permitted to use. I did send them a program and a complete description. And I received a reply (post here, at the top).
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