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New Tableselection Software: SpadeEye New Tableselection Software: SpadeEye

10-18-2006 , 03:55 PM
wow sounds sweet!
10-18-2006 , 04:25 PM
disable the animation for minimizing and restoring windows in WindowsXP
how do you do this?

is this it?

- Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\desktop\WindowMetrics
- Create the string value MinAnimate. Set it to 0 (off) or 1 (on)
10-18-2006 , 04:27 PM
Can you please add a filter, so that just buddies with x or more hands will be imported from the DB.
10-18-2006 , 04:32 PM
Press "Start"->"Settings" and open the "Control Panel".
Go to "System"->"Advanced".
Under "Performance" press "Settings" and uncheck the animations.
10-18-2006 , 04:34 PM
The filter for the buddyimport will be done next .

Now im tired and need to get some sleep... gn8
10-18-2006 , 04:37 PM
Press "Start"->"Settings" and open the "Control Panel".
Go to "System"->"Advanced".
Under "Performance" press "Settings" and uncheck the animations.

Just tried to run the scan and got:

Error 1b
Init failed. Table window not found.

Thanks for all the hard work
10-18-2006 , 05:55 PM
Mr Snood - you are the best!
Thank you for your quick updates, implementing suggestions, and your excellent customer support!
Your work is really appreciated.
10-18-2006 , 07:49 PM
I am using v1.67, the client I have selected is Paradise. I full scan gets me a list of what looks like all the real money tables (cannot/do not know how to filter by limits). Spadeye shows the limit, number of players and average pot, but no other stats. It shows a list of players at the table does not show stats for any of them.

10-18-2006 , 09:56 PM
Mr Snood,

Can you please add Went to Showdown and Stack Size to the player filters and Avg. Pot Size and number of Players with Data to the table filters for the next version?
10-19-2006 , 11:57 AM
There's somekind of problem with scanning on version 1.67 on FTP. It shows i have reads on only a few players, and does'nt even notice one player who i have over 500 hands on.

Database is set correctly etc.
10-19-2006 , 12:39 PM
Apparently rebooting PT helped, so there was some problem with the DB.
10-19-2006 , 12:45 PM
Hmmm. Do you have checked "display statistics for current limit only" in the "Options"->"General" tab?
Or is there something special about the playername
(very long, or special keys in ...)?
10-19-2006 , 12:47 PM
If you are sure you database is configured properly with SpadeEye, then maybe you have checked "display statistics for current limit only" in the "Options"->"General" tab?
Today i found out, that there might be some bug in, which can cause this behaviour.

Also i should add a Filter for struct/stake at Paradise.
Up to now i had no time to do so...
10-19-2006 , 12:50 PM
Will be added
10-19-2006 , 05:27 PM
i have a laptop over my network datamining on FullTilt. I have spadeeye on my host computer where i play. i attempted to add the database over the network, it added it, but is NOT accessing it. even if i delete ALL of my listed databases in the "database" tab it still reads out of a ghost database and has reads on players, somehow. what am i doing wrong, or is this a FT compatability issue?

this is a pokertracker access database, and i get no errors when adding it.
10-19-2006 , 06:56 PM
awesome work snood, how about a intern handgrabber for ftp ? pt needs pretty much ressources.

keep up the good work
10-19-2006 , 07:01 PM
does the buddy list take into account capitalization? this seems to be the case - do i have to rename all my buddies?
10-19-2006 , 09:43 PM
it looks like this one my computer (and doesnt work)

any ideas?
10-20-2006 , 09:46 AM
Any chance at being able to apply a filter to the full table scan (with any site)?
Any chance we'll be able to automatically open and close PS tables without actually mining any data (don't want the program to get banned...)?

Thanks. Love it so far...
10-20-2006 , 10:26 AM
The buddylist is casesensitive...
10-20-2006 , 10:30 AM
When you remove databases from the options you may need to restart SpadeEye, because SpadeEye has cached the data...

Actually i don't know if accessing databases through network is possible. I have no network where i can try this...
10-20-2006 , 10:34 AM
From the screen i guess you use some special Windows Theme/skin?
Most buttons are disabled because you set SpadeEye to work with Stars?
Is the SpadeEye menu disabled, too?
Can't figure out from the screen, but it looks like...
Do you get any error popups?
On which pokerroom you tried SpadeEye?
10-20-2006 , 10:39 AM
A filter for any site will be added.
It is no problem, just work

A tableopener for Stars would also be possible,
but i need to get some feedback if the scanning at Stars is working at someone else, except me .
Because a opener would use the same method, and i don't want to spend time in something, that doesn't work for most people...
10-20-2006 , 10:53 AM
yea i'm an idiot, it worked for full tilt, it just doesnt work for stars, it says "Init Failed, table window not found"
10-20-2006 , 12:01 PM
stars scanning is working here