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New Tableselection Software: SpadeEye New Tableselection Software: SpadeEye

11-05-2007 , 07:03 PM
1) Will be added.

2) Will be added, too
11-05-2007 , 07:06 PM
I would love this feature too, but how to realize that?

A player can leave the waitinglist, or get kicked off the list and SpadeEye will not be able to notice this.
Or what if you got the seat?
Again SpadeEye does not know that you got the seat or rejected it...

So it's a big hassle to realize it reliably.
11-06-2007 , 06:19 AM
Many thanks for ignoring my idea about having three buddy lists. I think the idea about rankings and points was a whole heap better.

Am thinking about searching db and setting up say 10rules RE pfr, vpip and af, and using the -bb/100 hands as the points. Then use the buddy list as the tags, ie vp10-20%,pfr>10

Then, i can see how many whales fish and sharks are on the table.

Anyone got any thoughts on this idea?
11-06-2007 , 09:25 AM
When the 'mailing list' feature is going to come? Thanks again.
11-06-2007 , 10:44 AM
Anyone mind sharing their scoring system that's working for them?
11-06-2007 , 11:01 AM
Anyone mind sharing their scoring system that's working for them?
I have a really simple one of 1 point for VPIP 30+, 1 point for PFR 0-10, and 1 point for stack size 75bb+, I'm certain it's not the best though.
11-07-2007 , 12:16 AM
I apologize if this has been asked before-

Am I able to use Spadeeye on two different computers if I pay my $40? Thanks in advance.
11-07-2007 , 12:51 AM

Am I able to use Spadeeye on two different computers if I pay my $40? Thanks in advance.

11-07-2007 , 01:06 AM
Mr Snood,

I think the amount of hands a player has played needs to be taken into acount for the scoring system. The Stacksizes criteria should be eliminated as that is addressed in the shortstack column, and a blanket rule of "number of hands to qualify a player" needs to be added. This could be entered manually or set as a default of 50 if it is a problem. Looks like being a great feature, I've tried this so far-

11-07-2007 , 01:57 AM
I am currently not sure what i coded last 2 weeks when starting to implement the scoring system, but i think a player gets only scored if you have a minimum amount of hands from him in your database(s).
You can set this minimum amount under "main"->"options"->"profile".

I think the Stacksize criteria should not be removed.
Some people like to give shortstack players a negative score. Thats easier than taking a look in the "#Shortstacks" column...
11-07-2007 , 02:16 AM
I was more looking at the stacksize feature being removed if the number of hands is an issue, if only players that are activated are counted, then I agree it should be there
11-07-2007 , 11:49 PM
Getting this situation in add/remove programmes- only two programmes in the list that do this. I notice that one of each is a considerably larger file, would these be the latest versions?

11-08-2007 , 01:17 AM
i noticed that today also..
11-08-2007 , 01:52 PM
What are you guys using for table scoring full ring? I'd love some discussion on this for what scores are meaningful.

11-09-2007 , 03:26 PM
I'm trying out SpadeEye and wish to say thanks for the great job done.
I wish to adress a concern about Pokerstar support: as I know, you developped a specific table selection for PS and the tool is officially authorised by PS.
Now, as I know, Telescope was released because it was too difficult to support PS in spadeEye, and SpadeEye do not permit datamining w/ PS.
so my question is: why spadeEye is still in the PS blacklist? no it is impossible to play FT and PS table in the same time w/ SpadeEye opened (this was explicitly confirmed by PS' support)
Would it be possible to prove to PS that SpadeEye is useless with their tables?


FR: forgive my weak english
11-09-2007 , 08:14 PM
The Setup is kind of crappy...
I will create another one for the future...
11-09-2007 , 08:23 PM
I am cooperating with the PokerStars gaming commission.
And i sent PokerStars all information they need to test my tools for approval.
In one of the previous SpadeEye versions i tried to integrate a serverside PokerStars support (for tableselection only, no datamining).
Unfortunately PokerStars did not like this version and i had to remove the PokerStars support.
So my last information about that is that PokerStars does not like the old SpadeEye version, but will not take any action against a player that uses todays SpadeEye version e.g. on Party while playing on Stars, too...

I will contact PokerStars support again to clear this misunderstanding.
11-10-2007 , 12:29 AM
Hi mr snood, i have a quick question

I love the scoring system, and need to get a dozen rules set up.

Unfortunatly, with the player filter in pt, i can only look at say vp>20 or vp<30, when i really need to look at players from vp 20-30, and then look at the total loss (from the thousand or so players all added up) in bb/100 hands

Is there any chance that on the filter down the bottom of spadeeye, you can have totals of the colums? ie a total of hands, won, and then convert all of the hands and winnings to bb/100 hands?

Ie, if i wanted to look at the 1million hands i have in pt, and then just filter those that have say, hands>100, vp from 25-30, pfr from 5-10, then i could get a total number of hands, and the bb/100hands won from all those players combined?

It would make my rules SOOOO much easier and accurate!

Thanks, and keep up the hard work
11-10-2007 , 12:08 PM
Will you still support this now you have other products being launched?
11-10-2007 , 03:55 PM
Sure, i will. SpadeEye (and the others) will never die
They have my full attention.
11-12-2007 , 08:20 AM
I am having a play around with the scoring system (unsuccessfully)

I have a bunch of rules, just on the vpip (keep it simple to start with)

ie 80-100, score 11
70-80, 10
60-70, 9
50-60, 8


Only problem is whenever it scans, it now scans half a dozen tables, then crashes.

Is it because some of my rules 'overlap'
I tried to change it,but it seems as if i can only create a new one, or delete an existing one.

Is it possible to change an existing rule slightly, or do i need to delete it and replace it with a new one?
11-12-2007 , 02:39 PM
snood, are you going to implement the user-defined column color to easily point out what tables have fish on them?
11-13-2007 , 03:01 AM
Overlapping rules should be no problem.
I guess the problem is somewhere else, but not sure where...

Currently you can only:
1) select an existing rule
2) modify this existing rule
3) add it as new rule
4) delete the old rule
11-13-2007 , 03:02 AM
User-defined column color?
How do you mean?

A colorcoding for the "score" column maybe?
11-13-2007 , 07:10 AM
Not sure why, but my scoring system is working fine now.

How do you modify and existing rule?