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05-13-2007 , 01:33 PM
Is there a way to add multiple names to the list? and also, I'd like a way for the software to show when you're on the waiting list for a table, so you dont have to always go to it.

Also, PP scans for me take like 15 sec, while FT scans take a couple min
05-13-2007 , 03:58 PM
4 Minutes sounds not bad.

It may take a second until the PartPoker client delivers the playerlist of a table and then again 1-3 seconds to search your database for the statistics of the players.
So to scan a table may take 1-5 seconds (or more if your database is realy big).
Now you can compute how long a FullScan may take if there are 20-30 tables available...

In fact the first scan should be always the slowest,
but later scans should be a lot faster, because the data from the first scan is "reused"...

The only way i can think of what is causing your "later" scans to be much longer is, that the data from the first scans is compromising your CPU too much.
05-13-2007 , 04:04 PM
Sorry didn't get the context.
Add multiple names to what list?

Showing the tables, where one is on the waiting list is no that easy.
My fear is that this can not be done reliably.
I do not get any feedback by the client if one has successfully joined the waitinglist, or if one has left the waiting list...

Regarding speed on FT in contrast to PP:
Do you use for both sites the same database?
05-14-2007 , 03:16 AM
is it recomended to have a seperate database for observed hands? Right now I have only one database with ~350K hands I have played combined with observed hands from partypoker and fulltilt.. these are from various limits..
05-14-2007 , 05:15 AM
yes, I do use both sites same database.
05-14-2007 , 05:19 PM
Seperating observed and own hands makes no difference for SpadeEye.
What should be helpfull is seperating between pokerrooms.

What kind of database do you have (Pokertracker Access or PostgreSQL, or PokerOffice)?
05-14-2007 , 05:25 PM
If you are using the same database on both sites then im a bit clueless.

-Can you think of any reason for the difference?
I mean you can partition the "Scan" into two parts:
1. Get the table/playernames
2. Get the statistics from the database
Can you think of where you loose the time, in step 1 or 2?
-Maybe you observed something strange while scanning?
For examlpe the way SpadeEye moves through the tablelist of the pokerclient?
-What stakes are you trying to scan?
05-14-2007 , 09:32 PM
I dunno, it just moves from table to table slower, it seems. I use PostgreSQL. My # of hands on one site is significantly less than on the other - maybe that's why?
06-19-2007 , 11:54 PM
Did the latest Party upgrade break SpadeEye for anyone else?
06-21-2007 , 04:36 PM
OOPs my mistake.
07-19-2007 , 02:39 AM
Latest version 2.23 is my next attempt to add a PokerStars support:

More info can be found here:

So it would be nice to get some feedback if it is somehow working at other people than me.
08-07-2007 , 10:08 PM
is there any way to make SpadeEye close if the tables VPIP gets too low....I really don't want to datamine a bunch of TAGs beating each other up

if not, that's a feature request
08-07-2007 , 10:27 PM
Currently this is not possible.

This feature is already on my todo list and will be available in combination with Holdem Manager databases.

Besides: Version 2.33 of SpadeEye has now been released.
Added: SpadeEye now remembers its window position.
Added: One can now filter the playerlist window, by:
- "Is on my Buddylist"
- "Is losing player"
- VPIP, PFR and AF
08-08-2007 , 01:27 AM

Good to se you are still working on this. Do you have time to upgrade the scanfilter anytime soon? Are you familiar with SixthSense's filtering, primarily Custom Scoring? That's near perfect, I'd like to see something like that. I can build a profile for each type of player using stats like number of hands (which will guarantee that the stats used are valid), WSD, VPIP, PFR, Chip Stack in BB (very important), W$SD and then assign a score to each profile. Then each player at the table is profiled, the scores added together and table given a custom score. I use this custom score when picking my tables.

Another nice feature would be to setup a table filter with AND/OR parsing and be able to use Average Pot, Number of Players on the waiting list and Number of Players with Data (as well as an option to set what constitutes minimum number of hands for a player with data) as table filtering criteria.

If that's not going to happen anytime soon, just adding WSD, W$SD and ChipStackinBB to advance table filter and Average Pot, Number of Players on the waiting list and Number of Players with Data to the overall table filter would be a big improvement.
08-09-2007 , 05:06 AM
A first step is made with version 2.34:

I added some more options to the advanced tablefilter.
More will come soon...

A fishscore will not be available that soon...
08-23-2007 , 09:38 PM
snood, i am getting this problem when trying to do a "scan all tables" for full tilt:

spadeeye recognizes my database as postgre and can retrieve players names/avg pot size from the FTP client, etc, but no reads are coming up from my database.
08-23-2007 , 10:04 PM
It seems that your database is not properly configured with SpadeEye. I guess you typed in the wrong databasename.

A small tutorial on this can be seen here:

If this doesn't help then please email me a screenshot:
- of your SpadeEye "Main"->"Options"->"Databases" dialog
- of your Pokertracker "File"->"Maintain database names" dialog
08-24-2007 , 03:47 AM
I have no idea why, but after I got my new comp with Vista and scanned only from my HoldEmManager database, it takes probably 20 seconds to scan all 400NL and 200NL tables. Pretty damn quick.
08-24-2007 , 06:10 AM
Yes, as i said before.
SpadeEye should run much faster with HoldemManager databases.
That is in cause of the structure of HoldemManagers database.
It has some kind of build-in aggregator .
09-10-2007 , 10:49 AM
Happy birthday SpadeEye.

I made the first post exactly 1 year ago
09-10-2007 , 11:42 AM
HB to Sven's baby. Nice delivery
09-14-2007 , 09:24 AM
Hey, I just warn you that SpadeEye doesn't detect the party poker client if you installed the french version.
I reinstalled the original version, so no problem for me.
09-15-2007 , 06:32 PM

Is there any way to tell from the table list in the main display which tables are currently open? If not, would it be possible to add such a feature, e.g., by having the names of open tables in bold, or with an asterisk after them?

(I sometimes will browse the open tables to find one where I have the most reads on players, to watch and try to put them on hands).

Cheers, Carl.
09-16-2007 , 12:01 PM
There is no way to tell if a table is open.

I will add a feature to mark the open tables with an asterisk,
but it may take some time.
First i need to add some missing Pokeroffice statistics and fix the broken "datamining by hands" feature.
09-17-2007 , 05:29 PM
Hey Sven.
I was using an old version (2.14c) until today and it was working fine and I never got errors.
Today I downloaded 2.40 and got this error while datamining partypoker:
I receive it time by time, my database is linked correctly and it worked on version 2.14c!
Best regards, I still love your prog and think it's a MUST have!