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01-05-2007 , 10:32 PM
Fixed the problem :"Full Scan option remains greyed out until restarted" in version 2.02 :
01-05-2007 , 10:32 PM
Added the "skip # of tables" in version 2.02 :
01-05-2007 , 10:43 PM
This should already be in.

When doing a "Scan" or "FullScan" the playernames are retrieved and also their stacksize.
Is this not the case at you?

With which pokerroom do you use SpadeEye?
01-05-2007 , 10:45 PM
I can add a window with a list of all up to now scanned players on the tables.

Would this suffice your needs?
01-06-2007 , 07:56 AM
Really appreciate you adding this.. it works great, Thank you very much.

01-06-2007 , 04:24 PM
This should already be in.

When doing a "Scan" or "FullScan" the playernames are retrieved and also their stacksize.
Is this not the case at you?

With which pokerroom do you use SpadeEye?
Oh wow, I swear I've looked 5 times and haven't seen it but today I saw it. Sorry for the problems :P
01-06-2007 , 06:16 PM
The little bugs...

Lets say you are scanning 2/4 6m NL tables and there is a player on four tables. On the first table scanned that player has a stack of $435, on the second $546, the third $347, the fourth $667. In the detail information for each tabled that this player is on, their stack size will be reported as $435 on each table.

The next one, is a little more important. From time to time, and frankly without a lot more investigating on my side I am not sure if it is all the time or only sometimes. Not all tables of a filtered limit are being scanned/listed. The way I found this was there have been a couple of times I have been on a table and wanted to buddy list someone on the table, only to find that the table was not in the list of tables. I force a full scan or two or three and the table eventually shows up in the list.

A thought for an improvement...

Have a way to populate the buddy list from a SQL query on your PT PSQL DB. Specifically what I want to do is populate the buddy list with players that have been auto-rated with a certain rating, e.g. x-loose or fish.

Thanks for the good work and support here on 2+2, keep up the good work.
01-08-2007 , 12:13 PM
Oooops the stacksize is indeed saved only once ^^.

The missing tables hm...
It's a bit bitchy to capture all because through an update by the pokerclient some may get lost.
To minimize this problem it is recommend to sort by name or stake of example, so that the list gets not resorted that much.
What also helps is to apply the pokerclient filter to minize the tablelist.

About the special buddy query:
I am not sure but isn't it possible to query the Database in Pokertracker itself and export this playerlist to a cvs-file?
You can import this csv-file into SpadeEye:
01-08-2007 , 02:13 PM
When will Doyles testing be finished?
01-10-2007 , 04:47 AM
any chance you will be adding support for Prima, UB, OnGame or Bodog?

I tried Tribeca for first time in about 2 months seems much better but still buggy.

For Tribeca it refreshes the correct level and number of tables at that level but the "FullScan" is buggy-missing data on most players at almost every table. It hasnt crashed on me once!

btw what is the official status of Tribeca and PokerStars? I guess Stars is a no go right.

for the Absolute Network could you possibly work on allowing access to VegasPoker 247-which is an Absolute skin-I tried to scan VegasPoker and the poker client was not recognized.
01-11-2007 , 10:08 PM
Unfortunately it is not possible to expand to other rooms.

The Stars support is also discarded.
The work on Tribeca will go on, but not in the next 3-4 weeks.

Didn't know that there exist Absolute skins.
I will add VegasPoker-247.
01-13-2007 , 04:45 PM
Sven, is SpadeEye compatible with Postgre 8.2? PokerTracker released an update which lets you download and use Postgre8.2 instead of the old 8.0, which is much faster. I can't add these new databases to SpadeEye though, it just gives me the "Database does not exist" error. Thank you.
01-13-2007 , 05:46 PM
Perhaps the problem is that you have to set the new Postgres to use a different port than the original?
01-14-2007 , 03:00 AM
I doubt that SpadeEye is compatible with PostgreSQL 8.2.
I got to take a look "if" and "how much" work would be needed to move to 8.2.
Besides is 8.2 downward compatible?
01-14-2007 , 01:03 PM
Mr Snood,

I'm in the same boat. PokerTracker released an update this week (2.16.00e) that has PostgreSQL 8.1 and 8.2 support. Many of us have already moved our databases over to the latest Postgre version; as they process the PokerTracker and PokerAceHUD queries in about 1/4 the time. The instructions on the PokerTracker forum say to use port 5433 on the install (instead of port 5432). PokerAceHUD instructed us to use the following registry entry to allow compatibility:


Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



SpadeEye is unable to connect to the databases at this point. There's no option to change for port 5433. Maybe allowing users to change the port number, or adding a registry entry like PAHUD did would be a solid work-around. At the moment, any of us who followed the PT instructions and updated PostgreSQL cannot run SpadeEye scans at all.

01-14-2007 , 04:09 PM
Humm, I upgraded my linux PSQL to 8.1.x (latest stable release) and set it up for default port 5432 and setup PT to use 5432 and have no problems. PT, SpadeEye, PAHUD all working fine without having to hack the registry. I read thru several of the PT forums posts and dont remember anything saying you have to run 8.1 or 8.2 on 5433. After all you can configure PT to use what ever port you want.

There really isn't any reason to run PSQL on 5433 unless you are retaining your 8.0.x server on port 5432 in addition to 8.1 or 8.2 server on another port. And you could change your 8.0 server to use 5433 by editing your postgresql.conf file too if you have to retain your 8.0 server instance.
01-14-2007 , 06:10 PM

Thanks for the information. I don't need to retain PGSQL 8.0, but I did set 8.2 up on 5433 as suggested in the PT forum.

Can you elaborate on how to change the port on 8.1/8.2 back to 5432? I've tried removing it from PT and re-adding it on 5432, then editing the ODBC data source settings, and finally changed the properties in PGAdminIII. PT didn't like those changes (DB errors came up) and I never tried changing the postgresql.conf file.

Any help would be appreciated before I attempt this again and possibly screw it up. Thanks.
01-14-2007 , 06:34 PM
Our House,

The postgresql.conf file is just a plain old text file. Open it in notepad, wordpad, etc then look for this section near the top...


# - Connection Settings -

listen_addresses = '' # what IP address(es) to listen on;
# comma-separated list of addresses;
# defaults to 'localhost', '*' = all
port = 5432
max_connections = 100

Then change the port from 5433 to 5432 and restart the PSQL service.
01-14-2007 , 11:02 PM
That worked, Perc. Thank you! I needed to take some of the other steps from my earlier post.

A few things to note (for others who need to do this):

- Stop the PostgreSQL service
- Change the port# to 5432 in the postgresql.conf file
- Remove the PostgreSQL settings in PokerTracker and add them again under port# 5432
- Go to the ODBC datasources (System DSN tab) and edit all of the unicode databases and the unicode test port so that they are also at port# 5432
- Enter the PGAdminIII tool from the start menu (under PostgreSQL) and change the properties of the 8.1/8.2 Database Server so it works from port# 5432
- Restart the PostgreSQL service

** If PokerAceHUD doesn't update stats correctly (mine didn't), then just close BOTH PAHUD and PokerTracker, run the registry editor from my above post, and reopen them.

That should do it.
01-14-2007 , 11:10 PM

It seems like the port was the issue. At the moment, SpadeEye requires the user to operate on port 5432. Adding a Databases Tab option to change ports would allow the users who have several versions of PostgreSQL to use SpadeEye on any of them.
01-15-2007 , 06:28 PM
Thanks guys, I;ve got it working now.
01-24-2007 , 12:13 AM
I'm using the trial version to check this out... but so far doesn't look best, I've probably missed something. Datamining is ok, it just doesnt recognize the players. Known players = 0 all the time. Players can have many hands in the DB (enough to be showed) but they all seem to have 0 hands on the list. The only info that is showed is actually Stack and Seat. Is this because it's trial version? I've added all my (PT Access) databases in the Options.

Is it possible to be something wrong with this version (2.03b)? It says I can datamine only 1000 hands (I think?), but it goes on and on after 5000. Like I said, DM is ok, I'd like to test table selection now.
01-24-2007 , 10:11 AM
Hi Snood, how do I get my autorate icons onto Spadeeye?

At the moment they just say 'no-'
01-25-2007 , 10:48 AM
Unfortunately with the many internal changes made in version 2.03b the Pokertracker Access support has been killed.

Please use the fixed version 2.03c:
01-25-2007 , 10:49 AM
I guess you are using Pokertracker Access databases?

There is a bug with the icons and Access databases.
I need to fix it...