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Re: PokerCruncher Mac

The shorter-term improvement above (2) is now live in version 10.9.1, but with a change: it's SHIFT+CMD+click/drag (the CMD key, not the OPT key). This multi-selects/unselects cells in the range grid (toggle behavior).

A note on general usage, I recommend using the "Filter" button/operation for the bulk of your range narrowing/filtering work going from street to street, and then doing any remaining small leftover editing work manually using e.g. SHIFT+CMD+click/drag to select/unselect exactly the cells you want to modify. The reason is that the Filter button/operation is automatic and does a lot of work fast and is error-free, whereas manual edits made by just eyeballing the range can be tedious and error-prone. And as you make your range narrowings, you can save each iteration into the 100 range slots so you can study them later (e.g. their # of hand combos) and go back and forth if needed.

Edit: Just an fyi here's a link to the tutorial section for the filter range feature.

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