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HUD for BetOnline

Mods, please move this thread if it is in the wrong place. Thank you.

I live in the US and play on BetOnline. I have tried two different HUD's that supposedly are compatible by BetOnline. I tried Poker Indicator (which is supposed to work on its own) and another one called "BetOnline Card Catcher" (which works by converting your hand history into a format compatible with Poker Tracker 4).

Neither one works. "Card Catcher" launches and then just doesn't do anything. "Holdem indicator" launches and then attaches itself to whichever table I have open, but then doesn't do anything after that. It just stays blank and doesn't copy down any hands. I paid $99.50 for Holdem Indicator. They do not have a customer service number, only an email address. When I emailed them, they emailed me back with a set of instructions that I couldn't understand.

What should I do?
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Re: HUD for BetOnline

You're in the wrong place, but try this:
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Re: HUD for BetOnline

We have card catcher support, and it works fine w/ PT or HM.

There's also Drivehud that works w/ BOL... and both you can find support for in the commercial software forum.
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