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Re: 888/Party/StarsCaption

Originally Posted by LikeAA View Post
Hi, PaulyJames200x
1. Sorry, I don't know what can be a reason of these issues with partypoker lobby.
2. Send me your settings of StarsCaption with these SnG registrator setting (you can export them via Options / Save settings backup) and screenshot of PokerStars lobby at the moment when it doesn't work.

With starscaption and sng registrator... this is what i have shown 11 nl holdem turbo bounty builder turbo, 1k gtd, on demand (90 seats) 3.30 nl holdem turbo bounty builder turbo, 1k gtd, on demand (90 seats) 3.50+r nl holdem turbo 180 players (180 seats)

For the 1st 2 bounty builder, i have 3 max sng of this type and 3 max of simulateous registered sngs of this type. Register if already enrolled from
0-36 with the 11 bb on demand... 0-90 with the 3.30 bb on demand. I have 10 sngs to keep playing. The max sng to play and max time is unchecked.

For the 3.50+r ... same exact settings as the bb and the register if already enrolled from 0 to 180.

I can only reg the 3.50+r but not the bb on demands. So Im confused why this is the case? Do i need to click on update tourney types every single time i open stars or something?
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Re: 888/Party/StarsCaption

PaulyJames200x, I can try to help you, but please send me a file with your settings and lobby screenshot as described.
The textual description of the settings is fine, but I need complete information so that I can try to reproduce your problem for myself.
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