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Cash Game Poker Coach Listings This forum consists of threads by poker coaches who have paid for the privilege of beginning a thread with their details. All users are welcome to participate in these threads.

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You are falling behind...

There is no stagnation. You either move forward or you go backwards.

In poker we make money from our opponents. If you don't take action in investing in your poker career, and others do, they are the ones taking your money!

Our members are moving forward, because they invested in their careers by enrolling into the Mechanics of Poker program.

So, now it's up to you.

Don't take action and go backwards. Or invest in yourself and move forward, so you increase your share of the money at the tables!

Claim your seat in our program straight away >>>

Many players realize this, but they can't seem to find a program that matches their needs.

This is what one of our members said:

''I didn't want to get into a CFP, because of the long-term commitment. Also, I don't like the quality of the mainstream products that are made for the majority, which are the recreational / semi-pro players. Therefore, these products are indeed cheaper, but don't provide me with information that I don't already know. So, this program was a nice leeway that'll hopefully propel me towards midstakes or higher''.

So, no long-term commitment ánd proven information with which our coaches, and later also our CFP students, have worked there way up to high stakes 📈

Are you going to be next?

This is What You Will Get:

✅ Access to the full Mechanics of Poker program
✅ The best of our proven CFP program, without long-term commitment
✅ No profit cuts as CFP students (for a minimum of 12 months) - worth 21.000 euros per year
✅ No monthly CFP coaching fees (for a minimum of 12 months) - worth 5.400 euros per year
✅ 1x per month a Technical Live Q&A by TheWakko - worth 400 euros
✅ 1x per month a Mindset & Performance Live Q&A by Adam Carmichael- worth 400 euros
✅ Access to our exclusive Mechanics Community - priceless 😉
✅ BONUS - discount on our Cash Masterclasses
Total value: 27.200 euros

The regular price for our program is 3.997 euros.

As you are showing your true dedication to improve in your poker career, we will reward you with an early bird discount.
This means that the Mechanics of Poker program (worth 27.200 euros) is now available for you for only 3.449 euros.

On top of that, we added an extra BONUS especially for you!
If you enroll now, for a limited amount of time, you will get free 1-1 coaching sessions with both TheWakko and Adam (worth another 800 euros). For these 1-1 sessions there is only a limited amount of slots available, so you have to act fast!

So, are you going to claim your piece of the money flying around at the tables? Or are you gonna let our members get away with it?

Enroll Now and get FREE 1-1 coaching sessions!
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