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Cash Game Poker Coach Listings This forum consists of threads by poker coaches who have paid for the privilege of beginning a thread with their details. All users are welcome to participate in these threads.

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BluffTheSpot CFP -> Top Coaching by HS Pros


Why should I join a CFP?

In order to compete in today’s poker climate, you will undoubtedly need to study the game.
Recently there has been a massive influx of training material available online from training sites, equilibrium solvers, books ect.. but it can be hard to discern what information you can trust and what may be out of date or just plain bad information.

With the structure of our CFP (coaching for profits), we are invested in you as a player. We only make money when you win and therefore it is in our best interest to provide the absolute best coaching we can offer.
We have long term deals with all of our students, we learn their strengths and weaknesses and create customized coaching plans to best improve their game.

Who are we?

It's important to know who your coaches are and how they perform in today’s games. We are all long term proven winners playing up to the highest stakes online.

Mixgrill / MMA on PS

Professional poker player from the Netherlands, who plays anywhere from 500 Zoom up to 40kNL on Pokerstars, and 2kNL+ on a variety of other sites.

You can follow his blog


Ex-PGA golf professional who successfully converted to poker, playing professionally now for over 6 years.
His experience in professional sports gives him special insight for mental performance and coaching expertise. Svansa can be seen playing mid-high stakes on many major sites, playing up to 40kNL on Pokerstars.


Poker professional from Austria, Elite Runitonce coach and former coach. Fixed limit and game theory specialist, playing up to 200/400 FL.
Due to the limited action in FL he has partially transitioned to No Limit and plays mostly 500-5Knl nowadays.

RIO Videos


A former student of BluffTheSpot, Show0fForce moved up from 100NL to 5kNL in just 18 months, and he wants to teach new students how to follow in his footsteps.


With over 100K lifetime winnings at low stakes, Gazzy will help the microstakes students to move up as quick as possible to NL50

What you will learn in the program?

We customize our coaching plans to improve the student as quickly and effectively as we can.
For our students who are closer to a beginners level, we also have a program with a softer structure, wherein they can develop their game from the ground up.
Starting with a database analysis and footage review, we move onto improving pre-flop play, then develop a post-flop game plan that fits the stakes you play.
Once you are comfortable with the fundamentals, we will move on to intermediate/advanced theory, bet sizing, frequencies, and how to approach post-flop range construction, adaptations versus weaker players.

What does our program offers?
  • 1-on-1 Coaching by HS pros
  • Private forum and skype groups
  • Video library, containing over 300 hours of recorded coaching sessions
  • Top Mindset videos exclusive for BTS
  • Software discounts
  • Group coaching (hand history reviews, leak finders, PIO solver coaching, theory etc.)
  • Access to a professional mental game coach (former Ivey League Coach)
  • PIO solution cloud
  • Pre-flop bible
  • A community of serious poker professionals
  • Potential to visit the BluffTheSpot grindhouse in Malta

The BluffTheSpot grindhouse

We rent a flat in a prime location in Malta and give students the opportunity to visit and experience Malta, as well as the life of a professional poker player.
Students are invited to come to Malta, meet the coaches, and explore the island for a month or two.
For students who are close to becoming full time pros, this will present them a very low risk trial of the lifestyle they may want to pursue.

Testimonials and Graphs of former/current students

Here are some graphs of students who joined BluffTheSpot in the last 12 months.

>>More Testimonials<<

What we expect from our students

We want our students to take poker as seriously as we do our coaching, and are willing to put forth the effort and commitment it takes to become a strong player in today’s games.


Is there a deposit?
- Yes, there is a small deposit, which will be refunded upon completion of the contract

Is there a minimum stake or volume in order to apply?
-No, we accept off all stakes who are willing to put in the effort to move up.

Do you accept US players?
- Yes

Am I allowed to sell my own coaching while under contract?
- No, whilst under contract, students are not allowed to share any information with anyone outside of the program for their own monetary gain.

Do you offer staking?
- No, we do not offer staking at this point in time.

Do you offer hourly coaching?
- No, we believe a coaching for profits structure is more effective, because of the long term commitment to the student. We also want to give the student a chance to build up his bankroll.

What happens after I send in my application?
- Our support staff will review your application and contact you as soon as possible, If we believe we can come to an agreement, we will set up a skype call and discuss the details further.


If you are interested to join, please click the application link below and fill out the form.

>>Click Here<<

Social Media

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Re: BluffTheSpot CFP -> Top Coaching by HS Pros

Hi everyone,

I'm a current student for BTS who started my contract back in December 2016, so I'm just about finished. I cannot vouch for all of these guys enough. When I started the contract I was relatively broke, and barely beating 100/200 NL. Today, I'm beating 200NL for over 5bb's and 500 NL for +3EVBB and even playing upto 2kNL in good lineups.

I've worked mostly with MMA and there's no alternate than getting coaching from one of the premiere NLH players in the world, even 11 months into the program I am still learning/improving at a rapid pace with every coaching session. I've had a few coaches (all great) but these guys are the best I've had by far. All of them have been willing to go out of their way to help out.

The community is laid back and not super regimented which fits me well. In summation, if you put the work in it will be worth it as the info these guys give is invaluable.

At the end of my deal I expect to owe over $25,000 and I can happily say it was absolutely worth it and I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

Here's updated results (600NL and below)

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Re: BluffTheSpot CFP -> Top Coaching by HS Pros

Until 1 year ago, I was struggling at 100nl being breakeven there after big downswing (read not played good enough). I tried to fix my game but nothing worked so I decided to join BTS as obviusly, I needed a guide. First, I started playing NL50, working on my game with BTS coaches. After every session, I learned something new or become aware of some mistakes that I was not aware of before.. That gave me additional motivation and I was looking forward to every coaching session as I knew my game will be improved after. Coaches found several major game/mental leaks which we fixed and along with a new learned stuff, after few months my game improved a lot which brought results. I feel much more confident about my decisions and not being lost in spots like before.
At the moment I am beating nl100/200 and hope to start playing nl400 soon.
I've worked group and 1on1 sessions mostly with MMASherdog and ShowOfForce, had few hours with RunLikePanda and Svansa and the team is great! They will help you for sure and there is something to learn from everyone!!
They also have support which will help you with anything, not just coaching. Community is good and students also like to help each other.

Here are my results since I started to play NL100+ again:

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Re: BluffTheSpot CFP -> Top Coaching by HS Pros

As a Micro Player I have been trying to keep raising the levels, but every time i was doing shots on higher limits "luck" was not on my side.

800k hands on NL10 with an almost brake-even result... I decided to search for some help/coaches.

Coaches are imposible to pay in NL10 so CFP was the solution for me.

I have been with BluffTheSpot since June 2017 (5 months).
Looking back to my game i have no idea how i did not bust my bankroll (maybe rakeback helped a bit ).
The approach that BTS has provided to my game has not only changed the way i perceive the game, but also helped me to understand that without discipline and application of the new knowledge I could not improve.

Honestly I could not believe how before I was loosing money vs so many regular players.

Inside BTS I have had experiences on coaching groups, leak-finders and a few 1 on 1 coachings (even with High Stakes players)

But in my opinion the aspect that i appreciate the most is that even being at a low stake i do not find anyone making me feel stupid. If i have a doubt on a subject i am sure it will be answered, if it's not by a coach, a player with more knowledge on the subject will help.

I have to admit I am not living of poker being a Micro Player, but i do not expect to stay there longer.
Hopefully at the end of the next month i will be making my first serious shots on the next level

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Re: BluffTheSpot CFP -> Top Coaching by HS Pros

Any graphs for showofforce & Gazzy?
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Re: BluffTheSpot CFP -> Top Coaching by HS Pros

Filled up an application.
Looking forward to hear from you guys...
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Re: BluffTheSpot CFP -> Top Coaching by HS Pros

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Re: BluffTheSpot CFP -> Top Coaching by HS Pros

Originally Posted by Mohsen View Post
Filled up an application.
Looking forward to hear from you guys...
Guys it's been 5 days...
How much does it normally take to answer ?
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See my coaching listing
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Re: BluffTheSpot CFP -> Top Coaching by HS Pros

Usually it doesn't take that long, 2-3 days max. But we had around 30 applications this week and we want to review every application individually and in detail. Sorry again for that slightly longer waiting time, you should have an responds by tomorrow.
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See my coaching listing
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Location: Malta
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Re: BluffTheSpot CFP -> Top Coaching by HS Pros

Originally Posted by samcx View Post
Any graphs for showofforce & Gazzy?
We will update the first post again in the near future and then include those 2 graphs.
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