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Re: Coaching For Profits. From $50 to $100k in 9months. Publicly Documen

Originally Posted by Stay View Post
For your micro 6 max program what’s your usual coaching schedule time zone wise? I’m in Vietnam. Are there study groups we can access any time we have questions?

If I sign up for micro and want to move onto the crusher when capable and it’s before completing 5k does this mean I need to pay micro contract on top of the crusher or do you just switch to 30k target?


Currently most Micro 6-max sessions are done either on weekends around 12-13h CET, or afternoon-evening CET on weekdays.

We have a big upgrade for the Micro on the way in the coming weeks where you will be able to join a session more or less every day at different times (currently 3-4 per week), have your hands reviewed on-demand by a coach, and more.

As far as study groups go, those are available for the players who are regularly active. Not everybody in the Micro program is, since many are hobby players looking to stop losing or just have a profitable hobby, and not actually go pro. So you will not be put into a group by default; however when you join you will have a welcome session with one of the coaches or staff members, where you can explain your plans and if you want to be in a study group or not.

We also have a general skype group where you can chat with other Micro students and get help on many thing that way.

Upgrading is possible at any time within the same program, your contract is changed (not added on top). So Micro + Crusher in that case is not 35k, but 30k.
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Re: Coaching For Profits. From $50 to $100k in 9months. Publicly Documen

Hey guys,

Short weekly update from the BPC Camp:

Live rankings show that Drago, our "March player of the month" looks well set to take down the rankings this month as well:

€9053 I guess is not a bad score for 2 weeks of playing - while technically still learning the game in our program

(Read our recent interview with him here)

The rest of the top five guys seem all on course for 5-10k months, and spread across different programs.

We are launching MAJOR updates in the next days and weeks, starting with the 6-max programs this week, and rolling them across all other programs as well.

Daily coaching sessions, every hand you post on the forum answered in video format by our coaches, small study groups, and more. All this on top of the systems that we already have in place - which are producing the results you see above.

So, even more is coming, and we are taking our programs to the next level once again - already being 3 levels ahead of everyone else just isn't enough for BPC

Watch this space in the coming days for more details.

Or just stop wasting time, click here and join now!

Or, start by checking out some of our recent articles on our blog here.
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