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Cash Game Poker Coach Listings This forum consists of threads by poker coaches who have paid for the privilege of beginning a thread with their details. All users are welcome to participate in these threads.

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See my coaching listing
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LIVE NO LIMIT HOLDEM CASH GAME COACHING 1/2, 2/5, 5/10 Blind. Online 6max too.

"This notice is to inform new potential students browsing this thread: Bill "Ain't No Limit" Hubbard passed away on May 10th, 2015. He was beloved by his many students and contributed a lot to the poker and 2+2 community. 2+2 feels it is appropriate to leave open this thread indefinitely, as a kind of memorial to Mr. Hubbard. We wanted to post this notice simply to help make newcomers to this thread aware of the situation."

LIVE NO LIMIT HOLDEM CASH GAME COACHING 1/2, 2/5, 5/10 Blind. Online 6max also.

I (Bill Hubbard – AintNoLimit / ANL) offer a structured No Limit Holdem coaching program with syllabus, which has endured the test of time. (5 years so far) My program has been successful at taking well over 100 players from break even, slight losing or winning at 1-2 blind upwards to $20 and $30 per hour for timeframes of 800+ hours and higher. A significant group has excelled upward thru 2-5 at $40 to $60 per hour and a smaller sample of players making to to $80 and $100 at 5-10 including a WSOP bracelet winner. I am a professional No Limit Holdem coach. This is what I do. I spent countless hours tweaking my online winning strategy in order to exploit the live players hand ranges and tendencies. I am able to employ very unconventional "unbalanced" strategies which do in fact exploit live players optimally. (Both good players and weak players alike) I play still, both live and online however my focus is on coaching these days as well as continually developing new cutting edge strategy. My skill at the tables has increased immensely in the last 5 years due to the sheer intensity required when having to explain as well as prove various strategies and their benefit.

Helping my students achieve their poker goals is my main focus on a daily basis. (7 days per week for the most part) Having a win/win business approach is my method and has worked extremely well so far. When you receive the training that you seek, you win, and when you win, I win. The reason players come back to me (paying very good money) week after week is for but one reason. They obtain results! You can too.


[B]Maybe, maybe not. I would guess that simply being here looking for a coach suggests you may need one.[/1b]

1- Have you been very successful studying books, videos on your own? Are you satisfied with your overall performance?

2- How comfortable are you at the table? Are you in total control or are you tense, anxious and indecisive often at the table? You do not ever need to be.

3-Would you like to "know" that you are the best player at the table? How would that feel? It is well within your reach my friend.

4- Are you able to find good information regarding other than the very basic topics at NLH on the internet? If so, does it bother you that you cannot ask questions, or have complex concepts explained to you with discussion as well as to be quizzed and evaluated on your skill? This can be provided only by a great poker coach.

3- Are certain players able to rise in skill without a coach? Yes, but only a very few. Most will only rise to a level of winning mediocrity, and you see this every day. Look at the 1-2, 1-3, 2-5 players in your local card room. Have over 90% of them been at the same level for years upon years? Of course they have. Online players who receive online coaching do not usually. Online players very often rise from 25nl to 400nl and 600nl with one to two years, which is a dramatic indication of how coaching alone will boost your game skill. Online players seek coaching right away, where live players generally dismiss coaching as a waste of money. lol

4- Is poker coaching expensive? Hardly. ANLpoker is one of the least expensive established coaching platforms. (See pricing below) Most of my students within 8 to 12 sessions start making enough extra earn per week to make the coaching pay for itself. (if they play 15 hours per week at least). I take most players from break even 1-2 to winning 25-30/hr at 1-2 within 4.5 to 6 months, one session weekly. This is a very low tuition fee that will give a job that can be worked up to 80 hours per week if desired, earning 25+ per hour. You will not find that low tuition at any college today for the same paying job. Almost every live coach who has been coaching long enough to have students that can display before and after results (over maybe 1+ years) is charging $200 per hour and up. I charge $100/hr for the quiz sessions and only $120 per hour for 1-2 and 1-3 levels of play. I give multiple session discounts. I give money back guarantees thus I believe there is no comparison.

5- I urge you to take the Introductory quiz for $15 and just get a glimpse into poker that you may not have been aware of. You will quickly see what you are missing. If you cannot easily answer the questions, then there you know right away that you need to get on board so that you can be confident when going to play, rather than apprehensive. I give a money back guarantee so what could you possibly lose?


In my opinion, the key to transforming a break even player into a high level thinking/winning NLH player is a combination of…

a. Razor sharp strategy which is both conventional as well as unconventional (focusing on reciprocal edges that most other players are totally unaware of or elect to dismiss lol). Many of my strategies are not found in print anywhere to date. How else could you dominate other grinders if you play out of the same playbook? My strategies cover exploiting excellent players as well as the most extensive exploitation of weak players IMO.

b. Structured plan of study (Syllabus) with proper goals in place. My Syllabus is listed below.

c. Apprenticeship (A mentor/cornerman who will walk the journey with you until your goals are met). I take each player under my wing personally.

d. Relentless hand quizzing on each topic resulting in total comfort when playing in real time. (I make the analogy that this quizzing is like a flight simulator where you can crash and burn 1000 times on paper, until you get it right).

e. Having a coach who has extensive experience with students located all over the world. (from Australia to Denmark as well as Edmonton Canada down to Costa Rica, every state in the USA and many others). Being able to adjust and coach for your particular area is vital in my opinion as games are vastly different depending on your geographic location.


Below is the report from beginning to end of my protege student JUSTIN OLIVER. This person took me aside at the Bellagio approx. 4 years ago and told me that I "must" teach him poker. I asked why. He stated he came to US from Canada for several trips and watched me excel above the pack each and every time, playing "different" than all the others. He was right. My strategies many times break apart from conventional wisdom. They paper out just fine mathematically/logically, however do differ from the books and videos you may have studied. My strategies create tons of dissention from the conventional wisdom crowd. Oh well, It works and that is what counts.

I agreed to teach him. I taught him live strategy over skype, and sweated him online starting at 10nl 6max on pokerstars. His goal was to win a bracelet and become a solid crusher of live games 2-5 and 5-10 etc. This is a big mountain to climb for a self proclaimed losing 10 cent player online and break even at the 2-5 live game. We started with 6 sessions per week. (Money was no concern to him, but becoming a winning poker player was). we worked for 1.5 years this way and he rose from 10cent online to multi tabling 1000nl online in that 1.5 years with my help the entire way. This was a diligent struggle all the way through. His persistence and my guidance persevered and he excelled with my strategy as unconventional as it was.

Justin took my cash strategy and says he tweaked it to fit his idea of tournament strategy. He started playing tournaments as well as cash games. Very quickly Justin won in an online Pokerstars WCOOP tournament ($200,000) and within a year won his first bracelet at the WSOP for approx. $300,000. A year later he wins 2nd place at WSOP for $330,000.

Justin Oliver in my opinion is a full fledged World Class NLH player today. This all happened within 3 years. This type of accomplishment just does not happen every day. Justin in truly gifted in my honest opinion.

Below are where Justin pays tribute to his coach. Check out what he says of ANLpoker coaching.



Click on the interview button just below Justin Oliver's name to hear what Justin says of ANLpoker.


Justin won his first bracelet in what I believe was the toughest event of the series. (The 4-max)

Justin is now a World Class player in my opinion and travels all over the world playing cash games and tournaments as well. This was his goal and with my help he attained it. YOU can too!! (Justin allows his email to be used for new students to contact him as well. PM me for his email if you wish).
Check out the last 3 minutes of this interview if you want to see what ANLpoker can do for you.



Read my article on how we cultivate edges published in the Cardplayer magazine.


ANLpoker accepts a wide variety of student poker aspirations including...

1-Beginner No Limit Holdem course designed to help novice players understand the basic fundamentals. (Cost effective programs spoken of in the pricing section below.)

2- Intermediate level of intensity, targeting the play who wants to supplement income and play up to 20 hours per week on average.

3- Professional level, targeting full time crushing play.

I believe that most NLH players search for that “lightbulb moment” that is different, fresh and quickly can be seen to be effective. I give them the lightbulb moment needed. It's one thing to be a great player yourself, but it's quite another subject to be a great coach/teacher/mentor. It is not uncommon to see top players in any sport who cannot teach. When looking for a poker coach, make sure you find one that you are convinced is a GREAT COACH. I made all or most of my living for over 28 years as a player (And a very good living at that), however that fact alone says nothing of my coaching abilities. Make sure that you make this distinction when deciding on a coach.


Below is my structured plan regarding the full on No Limit Holdem course. I can make small packages for players who only want a brush up on their game, but this syllabus displays the entire program.




To my knowledge, ANLpoker is the only coaching site that offers full program sessions regarding deepstack No Limit Holdem strategy. With 5-5 $1000 buyin and uncapped games becoming popular, most of the player base playing these games are playing deep without any sort of deepstack plan. Here is where an astute player (armed with superb deepstack leverage strategy) can really take advantage of the lesser skilled players.



Visit my you tube channel for free videos at …


Check out my website homepage, enter your email address and receive your FREE Set Mining Essay.

Most live players do not seek a structured training program, which is why they stagnate at certain levels for years. We see this every day with so many players sitting at the same limits for years. Like Will Rogers said, "You can be on the right track, but if you just sit there you will get run over". He was correct.


I am personally committed to helping each student become the very best that they can be. I make myself available daily for my students through email/Skype, as I view myself as a mentor/cornerman who needs to be only an email away at all times.


See my reviews below and note just how satisfied my students are with ANLpoker. Many of my students allow new players to contact them via email to verify my claims here. Email and request several student email addresses if you desire verifying reviews. Personally, I rarely pay attention to reviews without being able to speak directly to the individuals writing them, and I think you should as well.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Keep in mind that this is a public forum and as such will have certain trollers, bashers, haters who are not students. I trust you will easily know how to sort between students and other folks who are merely messing around with their own personal agendas.


See below my pricing, and all the different ways that a player may choose to learn. I have an introductory quiz that I can assure will be mind-expanding for anyone at limits of 1-2, 1-3 and even 2-5.

My Introductory quiz is $15 only, and has been specially designed to alert you to fundamental leaks in your game. It is NOT easy by any means. It can be used for 1-2 through 2-5 players easily. In fact, no person has scored better than 75% on it as yet. I have given the quiz to over 820 players to date (1.29.15).

I now have many levels of instruction which are not listed on the website. They are personalized programs designed for the player who is not yet ready for full blown Skype sessions. In other words, if you are novice and in need of more cost effective starter mentoring I tailor programs on an individual basis to make this happen.

My Advanced quiz is just as it is named. The ANLpoker advanced quiz is a very advanced test indeed. I charge only $15 as well for the advanced quiz as well. Explore how well you may handle 3 betting/4 betting situations as well as deepstack play and other advanced topics.

As I stated above, every live coach (that I am aware of) who has been coaching long enough to have students that can display before and after results that matter (over maybe 1+ years) is charging $200 per hour and up. I charge $100/hr for the quiz sessions and only $120 per hour for 1-2 and 1-3 levels of play. $140 for 2-5 level and $160 for 5-10 level. I give multiple session discounts. I give money back guarantees as well as package discounts. There is no comparison in my own opinion.

Contact bill@anlpoker for online coaching and pricing. This pricing must be tailored personally.

At ANLpoker, I tailor your program to you specifically/personally directed to your particular game flow and structure. You may email me directly at for my program syllabus and any other questions as well.


I also coach online 6max from 10nl to 200nl.

Note: Email me at for sweat and replayer rates.

I started NLH play as an online multi-tabler for 400nl and 600nl 12-14 tabling online at Pokerstars and Full Tilt before Black Friday. Several players have urged me to coach them for online play. I now sweat and go through database stats approx. 25 hours per week for players ranging from 10nl to 1000nl online 6max for certain friends. Technically I coach 10nl through 200nl only.

I have a very unique style as my graph will show. 6.13 bb/100 playing almost exclusively 600nl and 1000nl is a very nice sampling.

My latest 2014 100k graph which was difficult to attain while coaching a fierce schedule is below.

Most importantly check out the red line. (Non showdown winning line) I have a style which allows me to destroy the competition in the ground "chipping up" game. Most pots at No Limit Holdem do not go to showdown, so getting the best of them in these pots is important in my opinion.

Therefore I will leave you with one of my top students reviews of my online coaching. (Post 268)


Bill has taken me from a .50/1 6max player online to a 2/4 and 3/6 6max regular. I have
been working with him since January of this year. I went to him because I was moving up to 5/10 and the stacks were going to be deeper than my 100bb games prior. His style and
approach at the poker table is the best I have ever been across. I have been on CardRunners (which was very good fwiw) and I've been on DC. I have abandoned both, committed to Bill and I'm destroying games. I'm destroying them. The approach that most poker players come with, whether you are a fish, pro, decent reg or whatever...Bill exploits the heck out of all em. It's beautiful, it truly is.

The man is a straight beast on the poker table and I'm very happy he decided to start coaching.


1- I have produced an entire stable of winning NLH players, (mostly beginning as break-even to moderately winning 1-2 players) and now optimally winning $30/hr at 1-2 on up to $45/hr at 2/5 and on up. I have multiple student emails who allow you to contact them to verify for your own due diligence.

2- Creating and tweaking to perfection the most comprehensive/structured "unconventional" No Limit Holdem program offered, which combined with the personal attention necessary allows any student dedicated to reach his goals in a timely manner. Email for personal emails of students who enjoy telling about their ANLpoker experience.

3- COACHING WSOP BRACELET WINNER 2013 Coaching Justin Oliver (My first student) from break even 2-5 NLH to Bracelet winner in one of the toughest events at the WSOP in 2013.

4- Now I have added my original love "Online 6max" to my coaching and successfully sweat and coach 14 players ranging from 25nl to several at 400nl and 600nl multitabling 6max online. Should you care to hear about my online coaching, once again email me at for their email addresses.


Early on (from mid 80s) I played 10-20, 20-40, 40-80 and 60-120 Blind Limit Holdem for 20 years for most or all of my final gross income. I then went on ( mid 2000) to play online full ring and 6max NLH rising to 14 tabling 400nl and 600nl 6max online for years as well. Once the UIGEA went into effect I then decided to venture into the live brick and mortar setting in the event that online poker would dry up altogether.

I spent ~5 months translating my online strategy to a new original thought live game strategy from ground up, (7 days a week) utilizing the knowledge I had gained from online play and transferring it to the live game. The hand ranges and tendencies of the live players were so different that it seemed many times like two totally separate games.

After the 5 month period of ramping up my live game, I pounded the games at the Bellagio for several years making sure that the strategy I created worked in practice. My life average at the 2/5 live game at the Bellagio was ~9 bb/hour and ~7 bb/hour at 5/10. This average consists of a great many hours played in daytime hours, including Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays when the games are slow. If any player restricts himself to Weds. nights thru Sunday nights, the average is always quite higher. i was grinding solid/daily, therefore I had to endure whatever the game pace was at the time. My latest online 6max average (2014 year) was over 6bb/100 at over 100k hand sample with a red line high into the positive (See below).

I ended up with what I believe to be one of the only "unbalanced", non conventional wisdom live (and online) strategies around. After 5 years of coaching and creating winners at the 1-2 thru 5-10 Blind levels, it is VERY obvious that my strategy has been proven time and time again. The students will tell you this themselves. You are free to PM them at will and ask.

After having been observed by several players as being head and shoulders above the average player, I had Justin Oliver ask me to teach him. His poker goal was to be a World class Player and bracelet winner. Quite a goal I would say. I accepted the challenge and voila, here I am today with a full blown coaching business due to the fact that my program works. How else?

I now structure myself to play different amounts of time weekly online, sweating approx. 25 hours of online play from 25nl to 1000nl 6max multitabling along with whatever live play I can squeeze in. I travel a reasonable amount and enjoy the lifestyle that Poker has offered me for a very long time. My schedule is daunting, but I love it. (I train only a select group of individuals over 200nl 6max)

Most players live by recent results which is an inaccurate way to keep score especially at live poker where it takes years for any live play data to even begin to converge. Have me (or any pro you trust) evaluate your game in order to get an accurate picture of where you stand. You might find that "lightbulb moment" that you have been searching for. With a money back guarantee, what is there to lose?

Finally I will add that 5 years of talking poker with 1-2 thru 5-10 players, 7 days a week, has given me dramatic insight on how to help players in most card rooms across the globe. If i only played in Vegas (or only discussed poker with players who played in this area only) then I could not begin to coach you if you live in Miami very well. It would take a big adjustment. Same if you live in the UK, France, Edmonton Canada, Australia and others. These games ALL play very differently from Nevada or California games. Having my finger on the pulse of these games around the world gives me a great edge and I have this database of knowledge because I have given the quiz to over 760 players from all over the world.


Check out and “Like” my facebook below


With ANLpoker at your side, find out what it feels like to transcend above your opponents in skill. There are very few light bulb moments in poker training in my opinion, and moments like these are just a session away from you at this time. Students who go the full ANLpoker program know exactly what they are doing from the time they leave home and arrive back later that night. They are confident preflop, and know exactly when to bet, why they bet, how much they should bet and what to do for every villain move after their back. Their hand plans are impeccable and their hourly earns are optimal.

My full program will normally take slightly winning 1-2 player to winning $35 to $60/hr within a year on average. This is the average among the group of players who stuck it out. Can a player do this on his own? Anything is possible, however I have never met the person who has done this feat inside of a year on his own. It just doesn't happen in real everyday life. Stu Unger and other prodigy folks can do it, yes, but us mere mortals "I doubt it". For me it seems that "The harder I work on my game, the luckier I seem to get" is the axiom that works for me in my life and all of the successful students I have worked with as well.

Don't waste another moment. If you are tired of struggling after reading many books and watching videos over and over, just come and see me. You have no idea just how easy teh NLH game can be once I put a new pair of glasses on you.

Note: Email me directly at for all other questions or concerns.

Bill "AintNoLimit" Hubbard
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LIVE NO LIMIT HOLDEM CASH GAME COACHING 1/2, 2/5, 5/10 Blind. Proven program over time.

Bill is great, and I highly recommend him to anyone considering coaching. As a lifelong student of the game, I strive to always improve my game and Bill has been very helpful in that pursuit.

He understands the game on a high level and better yet for us "learners" he is able to explain his thinking process clearly as he quickly zones in upon the listener's skill level to ensure good comprehension.

I spent an hour with him during this year's WSOP and his understanding of poker in general and player tendencies specifically is top-notch.

Since we poker players are always considering any given move's EV, i would attempt to do so here... I gave Bill $100 for our session together, during which time he helped me understand some of the differences between online and live players (night and day), and how not only to exploit them, but how to not accidentally exploit myself by trying fancy moves against unsophisticated opponents. I estimate I was going to lose ~$500-1000 gathering the information that Bill gave me so readily. Even if my estimate is twice as high as reality, that's still $250 for $100, not a bad deal ;-)

I am willing to be PM'd with questions about my experience if anyone wants to check Bill's references.

I am a top online tournament player fwiw...
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I am a student of Bill's and have been working with him for about two months now. My progress is impressive; as I was not a stranger to poker or a beginner at all. In fact I played so much online that I had been a supernova on Pokerstars at 50 nl level. I have all major books and a fairly good understanding of poker theory although my original background was in limit.

Live poker is a different animal. I was successful on my own to a decent extent and built up my bankroll to 10K grinding 1/2NL. Bill has been able to hugely improve my game and he does it by getting me to APPLY the theory that I had in my head. And to apply it at live games which is very different from online.

I really wanted someone who had been there, had seen it all live, and who could explain to me how to improve my game in practical ways. I guess the first most important result I had was to win a lot more that I did usually online from the same situations I faced online. This has a strong effect on my earnings. I am reluctant to tell my BB/hour but it is above generally accepted averages, of course I have good games in my home casino.

I am pleased to recommend Bill's services to anyone genuinely wanting to improve their game. I started by following all his posts but lessons are so much more.

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After Black Friday I decided to make the transition to live poker with the aspiration of playing professionally within five years time.

After quickly making 16k playing 1/2 and 3/5 I eventually went through a rough downswing.

That downswing was the best thing that could have happened to my "poker career" because it led me to seek coaching and eventually find Bill on 2+2.

After 2 sessions with Bill (I completed the intro quiz and we discussed over two skype sessions) I knew I had hit the jackpot. He is incredibly knowledgeable of the game on top of being an outstanding teacher.

I came to Bill with a pretty good understanding of live no limit being that I am reasonably intelligent (I'm a Certified Public Accountant in San Francisco with a Masters degree in taxation) and I have studied a ton of live strategy (Bart Hanson, Live at the Bike, Crush Live Poker, Pokerstove, HH review etc) and Bill still blew my mind during the first session we had discussing the intro quiz. I literally recorded the conversation and listened to it in detail at least four times over. There was just that much great information.

Trust me, Bill is an absolute gold mine if you are looking to work hard and take your game to a very competitive level.

My suggestion is to take the intro quiz and then go from there.

With that said, my new plan is to go pro in three years instead of five. With Bill at my back, this dream has never felt more attainable.
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I have been working with ANL a little bit lately and it's been worth every penny. His HH analysis is second to none and his 'feel' for the game is almost unbelievable.

If I had to surmise about what makes him different than other coaches, I'd say it's 'seat time.' The man literally has thousands of hours at the table and thousands more (working on his game) off of it. He is not some kid on a two year 'heater,' he's a man whose paid his bills (and his dues) playing poker.

Give him a try, I know I've already improved my game (and my bankroll) with his help and I plan to continue. It was a big step for me to look into coaching as I have been a pretty big winner over the last few years but I felt I could be better. Now I wish I would have acted sooner.
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If you are reading this, you are thinking about possibly obtaining the services of a “Poker Coach.” I would like to heartily recommend you take the quiz and do a quiz review with Bill Hubbard aka ANL. I will give you a little background on my situation.

I have played NLHE for more than 12 years. Yes, I played NLHE pre-Moneymaker. Since the boom, I have been playing as often as possible and poker has significantly supplemented my income for the last 7 years. I am good enough that I made the conscious decision to make poker my primary source of income several months ago. I knew my game had few leaks, but I have continued to beat the game for 8-9 bb’s/hr over the last 600 hours. Despite this decent success, I decided I wanted to take my game to the next level. A made a commitment to myself to take the quiz and spend a “buy-in” to do 3 sessions with Bill.

I have now completed that process and I have already recouped that investment AND made enough incremental profit to pay for another 2 months of sessions in advance. Bill was able to identify a couple different strategies that I used that were costing me $ in my first session. I have made adjustments that have me absolutely CRUSHING the game in my room. What is really amazing is that I am now also recognizing leaks in some of the few players I respected/avoided in my “home” casino. I anticipate that I will be working with Bill for a while. It is +EV

My past life included a role in training and I can tell you the materials Bill has created and the method he uses is very effective. He will identify where you are and work with you to get you where you want to go. If you put in the work with Bill, you will get there!

Cliff Notes: If you want to increase your bb/hr or move up in stakes, work with Bill…he knows his stuff. If you are a shark or shark bait, give Bill a try. I sincerely think you will benefit from the experience. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions.
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I had my first lesson with Bill this evening and I'm certainly looking forward to many, many more.

I've never been a mouthpiece for anyone or anything but I can honestly say that I learned quite a bit about my game, or lack thereof, the other evening while taking Bill's quiz and subsequently reviewing it with him this evening.

If you guys do nothing else, it's certainly well worth the $35 for the quiz and the $120 for the review session. That money is well spent and will easily be made back just from getting a good idea as to where your game truly is since it's human nature for most to think we're much better than we actually are.

I must admit that I haven't played poker in nearly 6y, so getting back into it has been challenging to say the least - especially since the game has changed drastically from '07-'08 until current.

To be frank, I was pretty apprehensive about this evening's session, especially since I felt like I knew nothing about the "new" game or my game for that matter. It truly felt like I'd have to learn to crawl, walk and run all over again after taking Bill's quiz, and I honestly felt like it was going to be a waste of my money and Bill's time to proceed with tonight's lesson.

Luckily, I make it a habit of not being a quitter and this was another case in which I'm glad that I forwent the easy road of grinding out a few $ for a few hours of fun and went down the path less traveled of working hard on being the best player that I can be, no matter what limit I ultimately end up playing.

Bill certainly opened my eyes this evening to a completely different way of looking at the game. His coaching style and excitement for the game are going to make for a very easy and mutually beneficial relationship moving forward, and I'm looking forward to picking his brain while climbing the limit ladder.

Yet another satisfied student. Well done, Bill. Well done!
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River G
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Re: LIVE NO LIMIT HOLDEM CASH GAME COACHING 1/2, 2/5, 5/10 Blind. Proven program over time. (

When I finally made the decision that poker coaching was worth a try, which was a big step in and of itself, choosing a coach had me scouring the internet for days hoping not to blow my hard earned money. I was new to 2+2, so I didn't at the time know the site's solid reputation. It was just one of many poker forums and sites I searched, trying to objectively and intelligently come up with candidates, then whittle them down to who I felt would be the "best bet" for my money.

I decided to give Bill a try for a number of reasons. I liked the idea of a structured course. I also liked the idea of an intro quiz, because I felt it was a logical way for him to understand where I stood as a player, and would give him an idea of what areas were in most need of urgent focus. This made me feel that Bill's objective was truly to offer a customized lesson plan, not just boilerplate "here's what you do here".

My first session with Bill was definitely eye opening. We dissected some plays that I considered standard, based on books and my fellow players' advise, yet the new ideas and ways of thinking Bill introduced me to immediately helped my game noticeably. After just a few weeks of Bill's coaching, I was getting complimented by the dealers I had come to know at my casino over the previous 2 years. "I really like your new game, it's good." "You're getting much better - you used to be a fish. It's cool." Those observations came within the first month of working with Bill.

I can tell you wholeheartedly that Bill is the best investment in my poker game I have ever made. I had read enough poker books over 2 years or so to stack them 3 feet high, intently watched countless videos, and spent a month or 2 learning all I could on the new forums I was discovering online. The reality is, even with all that, I was still lost in fishland. The concepts Bill teaches are not the "conventional wisdom" that I had come to know so well, and what a difference these distinctive ideas make!

Prior to working with Bill, I chatted with many excellent, consistently winning players about hands and poker theory. Often I left those conversations more confused than when they began. It is very apparent to me now that the ability to teach a concept is unquestionably a skill unto itself. Bill has that teaching ability, which is critical.

Bill emanates a genuine desire to help you improve, succeed, and realize your poker goals. He also has the tools, structure, and adaptability necessary to help effectively. The vast experience Bill has attained provides tremendous expertise not only in how to play optimally, but also how to look at poker as your business through employing sound bankroll management and regulating everyday expenses.

The mindset necessary to achieve success is also a crucial aspect of the game in which Bill provides advise and support. When the deck seems stacked against you, it’s imperative to have the correct thought processes in place in order to wade through those ever difficult periods of runbad - staying in the game, pushing through towards your ultimate goal. Bill helps you keep your eye on the prize, self-assess to keep tilt in check, and come to know the difference between true coolers and less than optimal play. He's in your corner rooting for you, eager to provide the guidance that will help you keep leveling up in proficiency, skill, and enjoyment of the game.

Just to throw one out there that I thought was particularly cool… Bill’s toolbox includes live, at the table dialogue you can utilize at certain times to help push an “on the fence” villain in the direction you desire within a hand. It’s fascinating how incorporating some table talk at the right time – the right words and phrases, delivered correctly, can actually improve your winrate substantially.

Without reservation I encourage anyone who is thinking about hiring a poker coach to take a leap of faith with Bill. It was with trepidation that I took mine, and thankfully it turned out to be a winning play.
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re: LIVE NO LIMIT HOLDEM CASH GAME COACHING 1/2, 2/5, 5/10 Blind. Online 6max too.

Here is the deal: I started with Bill in February of 2012. I was a small winning player live before I met Bill & a slightly losing player online before I met him (post Black Friday anyway). With a lot of responsibility at my full time job, I don't have as many hours logged as most of his students do I'm sure, but my improvements are as follows since I started taking lessons from Bill:

Live 1/2 NL:
Before Bill - win rate of approx 10-12/hr
After Bill - $29/hour ~ 200 hours

Before Bill - post Black Friday win rate of NEGATIVE $7/hr
After Bill - $38/hour ~ 360 hours (includes 13 hours at 2/5 NL)

It should be noted I'm just not a big multi-tabler online. I generally only play 2 tables at a time & have just recently stepped up from 200NL to 400NL & 600NL, but close to 75% of my play thus far has been at 200NL.

The biggest difference in my game is that I don't have to wait patiently for hands the way I used to. Bill will teach you numerous ways to exploit players without having great cards. My style is WAY more fun than my old grind it out style and WAY more profitable. I still have a lot more to learn from Bill & I know the sky is the limit to how much I can make with his strategies, but so far he has enabled me to build nearly a 20K bankroll playing part time & I can't thank him enough for it.

Jerry from Ohio
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re: LIVE NO LIMIT HOLDEM CASH GAME COACHING 1/2, 2/5, 5/10 Blind. Online 6max too.

Hi Bill, glad to see your new coaching thread is up and running. Wanted to stop by and give my thoughts.

Dear 2+2ers,

I feel lucky to have stumbled upon Bill's coaching ad; it's not an understatement to say that meeting him and working with him has been life-changing for me.

I completed and sent in his Intro Quiz around 07/23/2013 and have been taking lessons via Skype since then (usually one 1-hour session per week). As I’m writing this, today's date is 04/02/2014, by the way.

I know people like facts, so let's start there:

I keep accurate records. BEFORE I started coaching with Bill, I had played 1,142 hours of live poker, almost entirely 2/5 NLHE. During that time I made $17,090. And so my winrate was $14.96 per hour during that span.

AFTER I started getting coaching with Bill, I have played 928 hours of live poker, entirely 2/5 NLHE. During that time I have made $53,242. And so my winrate has been over $57 per hour during that span.

A quick step back in time...around July 2013, I got fed up with my level of play. I knew that I had a lot of potential to get better, and I knew that there were all kinds of moves I could be making that I simply wasn't aware of and that I didn't learn in the books I had read. I knew it's not just about "play tight, play good cards, be patient." I knew the importance of aggression, but I didn't know how to temper it and use it appropriately. Then I was extremely fortunate to decide to get coaching and find Bill...

In the approximately 8 months I've been studying with Bill, I have come to see the game of NLHE in a completely different way than before. Bill is showing me how to take control of my game, and not simply wait around for good hands/situations to arise.

I'm not just making more money, but I'm also enjoying the game a lot more. As a very competitive person, I'm not happy just waiting around hoping to get good cards. Instead, I want to put myself into situations where I can frequently outplay my opponents, get better and better at exploiting their weaknesses, etc. Bill is showing me how to do these things.

I still have a ton to learn and I still make mistakes - let’s face it, NLHE is a complex game with lots of variables, with the need to always be adjusting. But the difference now from where I was before meeting Bill is just night and day. I have way less confusion about my decisions at the table. I have much more confidence that when I choose a certain betsize, take an aggressive bluffing line, etc. that, whether I win or lose that particular hand, I know I'm playing mathematically/psychologically/logically correctly. Whether or not I'm in the hand with them at the time, I constantly notice mistakes that other players make...mistakes that I used to make and didn't even know were mistakes.

The biggest change to my game has been that I now play a much wider range of hands (especially in position) and I put a lot more pressure on my opponents, particularly with light 3-betting preflop and/or postflop creativity. I have greatly improved my ability to adjust my play based on things such as flop texture, type of opponent, my image, villain's image, etc. I have also radically changed my bet-sizing in various situations. Instead of before..."well, half-pot bet is I'll just do what's standard here I guess..." now I understand how choosing different bet sizes can make or save money, while also giving me more information, helping me to better read my opponents' hands.

Example scenario: Let’s imagine you’re at the table, someone has opened to $20 and he gets one caller before you. You’re in the cut-off and look down at AJ. Do you want to be like pretty much every other weak live player, who will say, “These cards are pretty good. I’ll just call and see the flop?” Well, that’s how I would’ve played that hand before meeting Bill. Weakly...passively...just another one of the MANY “trying to hit the flop or I’ll fold” type of players.

Another example: Now, imagine someone has opened to $20 and he gets one caller before you. You’re on the button and look down at...I don’t know...let’s say, K9s. I’ll raise to $80. Does that sound “wacky” to you? Does that sound “risky?” Would you normally have just folded this hand to the $20 raise? Well, a lot of times you’d be wrong to do that! This is just one simple, quick example of how you will come to radically change the whole way you look at the game of hold ‘em poker.

Does this sound exciting to you? To be the guy who’s being aggressive, making your opponents fear you? Learning to bluff with precision? And also getting paid off big when you have a good hand? Well, trust me, it’s very exciting, and very profitable!

Bill is a stellar coach, who has a really nice system and way of explaining concepts/hands/etc. He's also a good guy with a good attitude/sense of humor/etc., who makes it fun to learn. To anyone who decides to get going with a Skype coaching program with Bill, here's my best advice:

1. Put in the work! *Make sure you record the audio, go back through and take notes, review your notes regularly, etc. You might have to make certain mistakes over and over before certain things finally sink in.

2. Don't be scared to try concepts he's teaching you, even though they might make you uncomfortable at first. Sometimes you will try new things and fall flat on your face and lose a big pot. That's okay, 'cause that's part of learning. Once it all starts coming together, you will have several "lightbulb moments" where things just click, and you'll be like, "Ahhhh....NOW I understand how to do this and why this particular concept works!"

3. Don't be too hard on yourself after a losing streak. Conversely, don't get too over-confident after a winning streak. Poker will ALWAYS have variance, and anytime we think we're in control of this, we are simply fooling ourselves.

4. Try to make it your goal to MAKE CORRECT DECISIONS. At every point in the hand, on every street...every time you have to make a decision, really learn to think it through and pick the correct decision. Try to learn to separate yourself from the dollar figures. Beware of thoughts like, "well, he could be bluffing...he probably has me beat, but I guess I’ll call" even though he’s almost never bluffing in that particular situation, etc. Your goal when walking into the casino is to MAKE CORRECT DECISIONS...your goal is not “to win money today." Winning money is just a result, over the long run, of making correct decisions.

I could go on and on about all the stuff I've learned from Bill, but I've rambled enough already. In conclusion, meeting Bill has been amazing and becoming his student has been far and away the most plus EV poker move I've ever taken.

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re: LIVE NO LIMIT HOLDEM CASH GAME COACHING 1/2, 2/5, 5/10 Blind. Online 6max too.

Before I started working with Bill, I had a winning record at 1/2 and 2/5, but I knew I could be doing much better. Despite studying on my own for years, I knew there must be a different mindset and approach that I didn't have yet. After my first session with Bill to go over my quiz results, I could already tell that he has the information I was looking for and has the ability to identify exactly what my game is lacking and change it. I have had many sessions with Bill since, and my understanding of the game has grown tremendously, and my game is significantly improved.

I think his method of using Skype for the sessions is great because it allows you to record the material (as he recommends) and go over it later to make sure you really absorb everything. The best thing about his approach to me is that he doesn't just tell you want to do, but he makes sure you understand why so that you can think on the fly. Several times I tried to just memorize what to do in certain situations, but Bill resisted and instead taught me how to think about the board, my opponents, and the action that led up to it. I am much better at reading hands now because of it.

I am almost hesitant to give this feedback about Bill's coaching because I don't want to face more people out there with this knowledge, but he only has so much time, so he can't possibly coach everyone in the rooms I play! You can learn a lot in a few sessions, but you'll also see, as I did, that your game will continue to improve the more you work with him.
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re: LIVE NO LIMIT HOLDEM CASH GAME COACHING 1/2, 2/5, 5/10 Blind. Online 6max too.

I wanted to play against stronger opponents at higher levels. I found Bill in August of 2011. My poker life changed forever.

I went from a "frequent winning" player at 1/2 NL Live to playing 5/10 in some of San Diego's biggest games... And these were Deep Stacked. I could not find material or coaching for Deep Stack Poker... But Bill is a true expert at this and his 35 years of playing has proven his theories.

After 2 years I really felt confident against weaker and equal opponents, but could also sit in a 5/10 game with better and more experienced opponents. Bill gave me the tools to handle myself at a table where 500-600 BB deep was the norm, and the players were really good. Did not dominate yet at that level, but what a thrill to hold my own against some great players.

Some lessons I value: The Hammer, Mental Cataloging, Correct Bet Sizing (finally someone who knows correct sizing), and Pre Flop Play that really really works! (ANL Style) are all great... But details such as how much to tip and how your mood should be on the drive home are all part of his training and how he develops you into a complete poker player.

You have to do the work: Hand Analysis and then again 1000 times. But the results do follow. He picked me up if I was down, and he brought me down to earth if I was celebrating a session too much.

And I was so happy to see one of his players win a bracelet last year! I joined shortly after that player and I know he gives full credit to Bill.

I truly enjoyed "The Training" almost more than "Game Day"

Having a "Coach in your Corner" is awesome! You never feel alone at the table.
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I am a student of Bill's and have been playing professionally for about 3 years now. Before I started working with Bill, I was doing well, but as someone who is always looking to improve, I started getting lessons from him. I really thought I had the game of no limit hold em figured out about a year ago, but Bill has humbled me and showed me how much my game can improve. He executes hands with careful precision and can mathematically prove why a play is positive ev or not. Bill Hubbard is literally the greatest no limit player I have ever spoken to. If everyone got coaching from him, the live poker landscape would be a much more difficult place. It is not in my best interest to post this, but I owe Bill a lot for everything that he has done for my game. If you want a more detailed explanation of what Bill had taught me specifically feel free to pm me or email me at
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re: LIVE NO LIMIT HOLDEM CASH GAME COACHING 1/2, 2/5, 5/10 Blind. Online 6max too.

Yeah so initially I didn't intend to post a review 'cause hey, why would I advertise a great coach? But b/c Bill has helped me make mucho cash, it's the least I can do.

Before starting to work with Bill, I was a slight online looser (25nl / 50nl) , and a slight live winner (at 2/5), or at least I think I was (small sample). Because I enjoy live more than online and because I believe online is dying (getting tougher, bots etc...), I decided to go with his coaching.

Now before working with him, I had been playing casually (I have a job with long hours) for 4 years, read the books, spent time on 2+2, watched tons of vids etc, spent hours on my PT / HEM... and thought I already had a basic understanding of the game. Well turns out I was still a total, total fish. I think it was the massive amount of info out there, the diversity of teaching styles or maybe the overemphasis on stats/HUDs etc (my personal opinion here) that basically led me to drown in all of it, while deluding myself in thinking I was semi-good at this game.

Then, just after the first 2 or 3 sessions with Bill, those delusions where shattered. I was back in reality. Like wow, some of my thought processes were retarded.

In the next months I worked with Bill regularly, and for the first time ever I finally started building a simple, solid, straightforward foundation to my game. Bill is a non BS straight to the point guy with a ton of experience, so he is surgically precise when it comes to breaking down your thought process and correcting it. Furthermore, he has great methodology, just like a professional teacher would have, and it's basically a step by step trip to seriously improving your game.

At the end of the day, I've only started truly getting the strong foundations of the game thanks to Bill. Today I am starting to tackle 5/10 games with total confidence and this after only a bit over a year of 2/5, including 6 months full time (I was between jobs) and 2 months in Vegas (where I ran ridiculously well including in 5/10, I'll accept that).

One last thing to note if you are a beginner: Bill gave me in turn the solid foundations that I needed and the more advanced play needed to consistently win (as much as variance allows you to ofc). I now believe that a huge part of my edge comes from adapting to different types of players... from the clueless tourist, to the learning fish, to the bad reg through the expert crushing reg... You definitely don't play the same game against all these guys, and that's what makes poker fun for me.

So there you have it, I highly recommend him, even though of course... I would prefer you don't work with him. Or stay away from me at the tables.
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re: LIVE NO LIMIT HOLDEM CASH GAME COACHING 1/2, 2/5, 5/10 Blind. Online 6max too.

Before I found Bill, right here on twoplustwo, I was a small winner at live 1-2. I played what I thought was decent poker; hell I was winning. I knew to play tight, be aggressive, and mix in a few bluffs. When I decided to take the game more seriously, I decided to look for a coach. I had read 15 books, all the suggested reading, and felt a live cash coach was worth a shot

Billís approach of offering an introductory quiz intrigued me. I figured I would give it a try. What a great way for me to test out the service I was considering. It seemed like a great way for both of us to interview each other. Bill could evaluate where I stood as a player, and I could evaluate Bill.

In our first conversation I immediately knew Bill was going to be what I was looking for. Bill asked ME what I wanted out of poker. Instead of telling me all the things he was going to do for me, he was asking me what I was going to do for myself with his guidance. This is true coaching.

Bill offers a comprehensive structured course which he gives to you in an outline form. His ideas and concepts are specific, detailed and differ immensely from anything I read in any of those mountains of books.

The biggest reason for my vast improvement under Bill is because of his teaching style. Like all truly great teachers, Bill is constantly asking questions. Bill is never talking at me or to me, he is always talking with me. We are always talking through the numerous possibilities of each hand.

One of the best aspects of Billís approach to teaching is to allow me to give my opinion first. Instead of Bill just telling me what to do and why, he is asking me what I think and why. This works incredibly well for both of us. First it allows him to understand the lines I am taking, and why I am choosing them. He then offers his line and the reasoning behind it. This allows me to compare my thinking with his. It also allows me to actively work through each concept/situation. In turn, this allows me to truly learn from each situation. The real value in this type of learning is that it enables me and prepares me to think through situations in live play. After each session I feel more prepared.

Bill is filled with knowledge. Not only is he filled with knowledge, but he is able to pass on that knowledge in a highly effective manner. His style of teaching ensures learning, and with learning comes CASH
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re: LIVE NO LIMIT HOLDEM CASH GAME COACHING 1/2, 2/5, 5/10 Blind. Online 6max too.

That was fast...
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re: LIVE NO LIMIT HOLDEM CASH GAME COACHING 1/2, 2/5, 5/10 Blind. Online 6max too.

No mention of the situation that occurred in Bill's previous thread? Seems a little strange to allow that to happen.
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There is nothing wrong with anl getting to open a new thread for coaching but it is an embarrassment to have no mention of his blatant plagiarization. He may be a great coach, honestly I don't know, but at least give the information to potential new students.

If anl is as good as advertised then he will continue to get new students and make money coaching poker.
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I have been a student of ANL Poker for two years. I started by taking the quiz, we did a sesh about my answers. Then we started regular sessions where we went over Hand Histories that I take at the tables, and as I have moved up from 1/2 to 2/5, we have continued these Skype sessions. I was averaging about 5-6 sessions a month. And now I continue to do Skype sessions about 3 a month.
When I first started playing poker in the casino ( I missed the online thing, didnt start poker till after Black Friday ) I lost about 3k in my first two months. So I decided to invest in myself through coaching with Bill. I started with 2k, 1k for sessions with Bill, and a 1k bankroll ( 1/2 ). I have never had to add to my bankroll since, building my roll up to 10k in the first 1000 hours ( thats on top of my continued coaching costs ! )
I was a total novice beginner, so we had some hurdles to get over, me with the fact I knew NOTHING, and Bill with the fact he was so far advanced and had to really back it up to get me up to speed .
Its almost laughable now how fast I progressed within the first few sessions. People I feared at my casino, were now switching tables when I would sit down, trying to get to the seat to my left ( those that even understand that concept, that is !), and in general respecting my play. I was known as very aggressive, before I even knew what that meant. I was just following the bet sizing concepts I was learning from Bill.
He has taken the concepts from the advanced online methods, and turned them into a mindset that pretty much totally slays the average live player mind.
I have all of the essays in my I-phone "notes" ( which is where i do my hand histories also ). When I get tilted from a bad beat ( which I really dont even do anymore thanks to Bill ) or I'm card dead, I read them over .......its like reloading a new clip of hollowpoints into my brain !!
If you put the time in, you will be rewarded.
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re: LIVE NO LIMIT HOLDEM CASH GAME COACHING 1/2, 2/5, 5/10 Blind. Online 6max too.

Originally Posted by miamicheats View Post
There is nothing wrong with anl getting to open a new thread for coaching but it is an embarrassment to have no mention of his blatant plagiarization. He may be a great coach, honestly I don't know, but at least give the information to potential new students.

If anl is as good as advertised then he will continue to get new students and make money coaching poker.
I remember Mason writing that there would be mention of it. Guess not.
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See my coaching listing
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re: LIVE NO LIMIT HOLDEM CASH GAME COACHING 1/2, 2/5, 5/10 Blind. Online 6max too.

Originally Posted by miamicheats View Post
There is nothing wrong with anl getting to open a new thread for coaching but it is an embarrassment to have no mention of his blatant plagiarization. He may be a great coach, honestly I don't know, but at least give the information to potential new students.

If anl is as good as advertised then he will continue to get new students and make money coaching poker.

The facts are that the issue you speak of was dealt with in a professional manner, settlement paid and full apology accepted by Andrew "BalugaWhale" Seidman. Andrew has since wished me well in the future, and I wish great success for him as well.

This new thread however is a paid advertisement thread. I took this thread out specifically to allow current ANLpoker students the ability to tell other prospective poker students whether ANLpoker provided the coaching as described in the OP or not. Basically, were my students satisfied that they retained me or were they not? The reviews I would assume speak for themselves.

I am happy discuss any issues outside of coaching offered by ANLpoker through my email.
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re: LIVE NO LIMIT HOLDEM CASH GAME COACHING 1/2, 2/5, 5/10 Blind. Online 6max too.

Although, I've played cash games for years - I haven't been able to move my live no limit game to the next level until I started getting coached from Bill. Prior to training under ANL, I've been a break-even/slightly winning player. But now, I'm showing consistent higher scores and my losing sessions (yes, they will still happen) have been greatly reduced.
While I've tried a ton of the online video sites in the past, they didn't help me as much compared to talking to a live coach who has played ring games for years and talking specifics about counteracting my villains and how to plug leaks in my game.
Plus, the tactics and strategies that Bill has taught me have also improved my live tournament results.
If you're serious about improving your cash game, I highly recommend taking Bill's intro quiz and seeing what he has to say about your game. You'd be surprised how much he could teach you even if you're already a winning player.
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re: LIVE NO LIMIT HOLDEM CASH GAME COACHING 1/2, 2/5, 5/10 Blind. Online 6max too.

ANL is a very active poster in LLSNL forum:

And many of us that are also active posters in LLSNL forum have discussed hands with him in several occasions. If you want honest feedbacks from those that have interacted with ANL, please do visit our chat thread here:
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re: LIVE NO LIMIT HOLDEM CASH GAME COACHING 1/2, 2/5, 5/10 Blind. Online 6max too.

Hey Bill,
Just wanted to chime in here with my own personal story.
Before finding you I had been playing poker online and in casino's for about 5-6 years and at best I was a break even player.
I play poker because I love the game. I don't need to play for the money side because I own a very successful business so winning at poker is simply for the satisfaction of being a winning player.
Now I have been having weekly coaching sessions for a little over 4 months now and am absolutely crushing the games I am playing in. I travel the world on a regular basis and always find places to play. It's kind of funny because Bill keeps encouraging me to move up to the next level but honestly I am having so much fun playing now at my current limit, I am in no hurry.
I am sure I will move up in due time, and when I do I am absolutely confident that I will crush that limit as well.
Bill will teach you to think about poker outside of the box, and he will teach you concepts and strategies that you don't find in all of the poker books and programs out there. I know because I was one of the people that bought all of that garbage and still could not be a winning player.
So if you would like to learn how to become a winning player at NL holden then hire Bill as your coach. You won't regret it.
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re: LIVE NO LIMIT HOLDEM CASH GAME COACHING 1/2, 2/5, 5/10 Blind. Online 6max too.

Originally Posted by AintNoLimit View Post
The facts are that the issue you speak of was dealt with in a professional manner, settlement paid and full apology accepted by Andrew "BalugaWhale" Seidman. Andrew has since wished me well in the future, and I wish great success for him as well.

This new thread however is a paid advertisement thread. I took this thread out specifically to allow current ANLpoker students the ability to tell other prospective poker students whether ANLpoker provided the coaching as described in the OP or not. Basically, were my students satisfied that they retained me or were they not? The reviews I would assume speak for themselves.

I am happy discuss any issues outside of coaching offered by ANLpoker through my email.

I am not wishing bad on you, but the people have a right to know what happened and decide for themselves. I have no interest in having a private conversation as I am not here for your coaching and my goal is public awareness.

I hope 2p2 posts a brief synopsis/sticky of what happened and then let any new students take ALL of the information including all of these positive reviews to make the best decision for themselves.

In past instances (to my knowledge), when other posters have been caught cheating, scamming, etc, there has been an easy means of searching for the allegations, apologies (or lack there-of) as well as the conclusion to each situation. In this particular case, your old thread along with the plagiarism allegations, facts, debate and apology have been deleted. It is only fair that the information is accessible to anyone who wants to seek it out.

My hope is that something is posted by Mason that details what happened so that all can read and decide for themselves. I hope we can all get past this, but it is unfair to everyone who will make an uniformed decision to enroll in your program. With that being said, I am not posting this to hurt your business or because I have a personal agenda against you. I feel strongly about the issue and would act accordingly no matter who the poster was. Good luck going forward. I hope either you (via a mod) or Mason does the right thing and posts a disclaimer at the beginning of this thread that details what happened.
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