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Cash Game Poker Coach Listings This forum consists of threads by poker coaches who have paid for the privilege of beginning a thread with their details. All users are welcome to participate in these threads.

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Old 11-10-2014, 01:22 AM   #26
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re: 6max Cash NLHE Proven Coach + Mentor: Print $$$ Consistently at Online Poker

if only I had the cash man
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Old 11-11-2014, 02:28 PM   #27
old hand
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re: 6max Cash NLHE Proven Coach + Mentor: Print $$$ Consistently at Online Poker

My biggest leak was my mental game. Obviously Nate did teach me a lot with regards to poker too (he made me realize I could beat 100nL), but he also made me realize that you should approach this game really serious. Nate has an insane professional attitude to the game. Obviously Nate is not a mental game coach, but I think his advices about that part were the most valuable part for me personally by far.
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Old 11-22-2014, 11:43 AM   #28
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re: 6max Cash NLHE Proven Coach + Mentor: Print $$$ Consistently at Online Poker

Hi Guys, i would like to tell you all that if you want to be sucessfull at Poker AND AT LIFE, just BUY NATE'S COACH. I'm having a really good experience with nate and that all affected my profit instantly.

In this graph you can that impact in my profit and the way i made my profit came a bit more constant. Obvious that we all know that there are not that many hands etc etc, but isn't a big coincidence that "that good run" that you maight say it is, it came after i start Nate's coach?? There is not a coincidence, is a "Natidence".

If you want to really improve your game, buy his coach and you will see how he is good on what he do...

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Old 12-29-2014, 06:25 AM   #29
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email sent
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Old 10-04-2015, 02:20 PM   #30
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Re: 6max Cash NLHE Proven Coach + Mentor: Print $$$ Consistently at Online Poker

I bought a 5 hour package from Nate back in the beginning of 2015 in hopes that he'd make my transition from a serious part-time grinder to a full-time professional easier. Nate did not disappoint me and provided some of the best coaching experience I've ever had. His teaching style is one that I hope to one day emulate. Not only did he give me some great advice on how to improve my strategy and thought process; he also really encouraged me to learn how to learn on my own and gave me a bunch of great tips on how to be happy as a professional poker player. Those last 2 things along with his very professional (but still friendly ) demeanour have carried over so much into how I work now, and as a result have led to results that I would not of thought possible in such a some time. Here's my results for September after making the jump to 5/10.

Prior to Nate's coaching, I thought I was just going to be a mistakes grinder and would of be super happy if I had a +10k month every once in a while. But Nate gave me the additional tools and confidence I needed to start thinking about working my way up to high stakes. Obviously I ran ungodly hot this month, but when my previous best month prior to Nate's coaching was 12k, I owe a lot of my success to Nate. So if you're currently looking for a coach, I can't recommend Nate more.
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Old 10-04-2015, 07:48 PM   #31
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Re: 6max Cash NLHE Proven Coach + Mentor: Print $$$ Consistently at Online Poker

I started working w/ Nate 6 months ago after I did a database analysis w/ Alan Jackson that was fantastic and made light on my game.

At first we did one session per week to cover the obvious leaks and then we started to make a session once a month or more because there are a lot of things on witch you have to work on your own and assimilate as each session is so rich in info because Nate clarifies not only the main subject, but also its branches and opens doors to new knowledge and new approaches.

He speaks with passion and he is very motivational. He has for sure the pedagogical talent of a great teacher like the ones that we fondly remember and talk about years after we finished school.

I`m a solit winner at 100NL, looking to move up at 200NL as soon as my bankroll will get where I want ( I`m a BR nit). This should have happend earlier but from various reasons ( the principal being myself) I did not play as much as I liked. My game has improved greatly thanks to Nate and I can`t wait to post fantastic graphs like the one above!
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Old 10-04-2015, 10:50 PM   #32
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Re: 6max Cash NLHE Proven Coach + Mentor: Print $$$ Consistently at Online Poker

I had 5 coaching sessions with Nate about a half a year and all I can say is: this guy is truly amazing!

The first time I had a session with him, I was like: 'wow, this guy is a TRUE pro'. Not only does he focus on the technical part of poker, but also everything around it to build his best mental state possible. I can truly say that this guy has thrown me towards the best direction I could go with my life: focus on being my best version. His words are so wise; sometimes after reviewing the session I was like 'wtf, these words are so wise and make so much sense'. The energy this guy has just pulled me into my laptop!

This guy is the right man for this job!

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Old 11-15-2015, 06:52 PM   #33
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Re: 6max Cash NLHE Proven Coach + Mentor: Print $$$ Consistently at Online Poker

I took coaching lessons from nate earlier this year.

with his help i managed to become one of the biggest 200nlz winners this year and play also higher stakes than that
that's my 200z graph this year (i started taking lessons at around the 200k hands mark):

not only did he help me with my technical game but also he managed to improve my mental game and goal setting. also nate's approach is very professional and he's a very nice and motivated person!

can recommend his coaching sessions
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Old 11-08-2016, 12:02 AM   #34
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Re: 6max Cash NLHE Proven Coach + Mentor: Print $$$ Consistently at Online Poker

I recieved coaching from Nate earlier this year (think we started in february).. And I have to admit that what a lot of people already said is definitely true.At the time I was mainly playing €2/4 up to €10/20 on eurosites but have since then moved 90% of my volume to stars where I play up to $25/50.

Nate is pretty much it all in one package. A pure mentor more or less that will most likely improve how you think about theory, your mental game, your abilities of analyzing different problems that may come up and how you can adjust vs the population. Not only did he help me identify a lot of my biggest leaks, but he also almost turned them into my strengths. I feel like my game changed so much and the way that I approach the game.

Despite me not being a student of mine we still talk quite a lot about poker and strategy and he definitely adds a lot of value to my game.
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Old 11-12-2016, 01:53 PM   #35
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Re: 6max Cash NLHE Proven Coach + Mentor: Print $$$ Consistently at Online Poker

Are you taking on any students and what are your current rates?
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Old 11-14-2016, 09:13 PM   #36
old hand
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Re: 6max Cash NLHE Proven Coach + Mentor: Print $$$ Consistently at Online Poker

Hey 2good - I am indeed currently taking on students, although my availability fluctuates. My rates are dependent on the stakes the student plays. Sent you a PM
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Old 11-15-2016, 12:55 AM   #37
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Re: 6max Cash NLHE Proven Coach + Mentor: Print $$$ Consistently at Online Poker

PM Sent
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Old 11-18-2016, 08:07 PM   #38
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Re: 6max Cash NLHE Proven Coach + Mentor: Print $$$ Consistently at Online Poker

For several years, I played 25nl with minimal success. I’ve actually known Nate through his brother since I was a kid, and more recently begun to work with him on my game. His impact on my life has been amazing, anytime I need advice I can always count on him because he loves to help others grow. His coaching goes far beyond the technical aspects of poker (where his skills are world-class), and into personal development and the students individual concerns in any area of their life. Connecting with others and creating positive, growth-oriented relationships is what separates Nate from the rest.

I've been able to move from 25nl to 400nl thanks to Nate and his technical poker skills, but even more importantly for me it was his ability to dig deep into the mental issues that were holding me back. During times when I was struggling was when Nate's coaching helped me the most. He guided me through and showed me how to highly decrease the likelihood of downswings, and how to create systems and daily routines to stay clear and focused day in day out. The work I've seen him do on his own grind is turnkey and rock solid, and he does no less with his students. What Nate teaches is powerful and I feel so encouraged and motivated when I'm working with him on poker or anything else.

Recently he has helped me put up my best results ever at 200nl and some 400nl. Here's my last 2 months thanks to Nate's amazing help:

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Old 11-22-2016, 04:23 AM   #39
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Re: 6max Cash NLHE Proven Coach + Mentor: Print $$$ Consistently at Online Poker

Nate's been a tremendous help to both my tactical and mental game.

His mentoring draws from his own success as a player. He's one of those few guys that's struck the perfect balance between life and poker. He's fully committed himself to the game: grinding serious volume + study and yet he still maintains a healthy lifestyle and positive mindset. That in turn feeds back into his game and gets him in the zone with an impressive consistency. His results reflect that.

He was also "in the zone" for every one of our coaching sessions. His focus, energy, attitude, and genuine concern for my success was inspirational as a player and humbling as a fellow coach.

Now after 5 sessions, I'm confident that I can make greater strides than ever before. I'm clearly aware of where I need to focus my study time and how I need to structure my playing sessions to progress most expeditiously.

Thank you Nate!
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Old 12-01-2016, 07:17 PM   #40
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Re: 6max Cash NLHE Proven Coach + Mentor: Print $$$ Consistently at Online Poker

I’ve been fortunate enough to have gotten into a small weekly study group with Nate for the past 8 months or so where we look over our interesting hands, share new ideas, and talk anything and everything poker. Even though I’ve played online poker professionally for about 10 years now, I more often than not find myself taking a backseat to Nate’s unique and creative thought process. The lines and plays he comes up with undoubtedly help expand my thought process and challenge me to think much deeper into the game. His overall approach to poker has not only humbled me but also challenged me to push my game even further than I ever thought possible.

Not only does Nate have creative, outside the box ideas, but he’s also extremely proficient in the math side of poker. Any time there’s a small disagreement or bit of disbelief about the profitability of a hand within the group, Nate instantly digs into Flopzilla, PIO Solver, or Equilab to get to the bottom of it. One thing I love about his application of these programs such as PIO Solver is that he alters the defense frequencies and ranges to better adhere to the current player pool rather than a GTO opponent. This way we can walk away from the solved problem feeling confident that it’s application to our exact games will heighten our winrates.

On top of all the poker knowledge he has shared with me, Nate has also helped to fine tune my mental game, systematic approach to poker, and even life outside of poker. He has gotten me into many life habits and mindsets which have without a doubt added EV to my game. I feel much more comfortable at the tables after having talked with him in great detail about the proper mindset to have and even feel better about poker away from the table-not letting recent result bias affect my mood any longer.

If you’re on the fence about getting coaching from Nate, I strongly encourage you to take the next step for your game and give him a shot. The amount of value and insight I’ve personally gained from talking poker with him is invaluable and I have no doubt it would propel others to elevate their game to the next level and beyond.
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