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Zugzwang16 Monday Report

Hey folks

All investors from today were r/o and started w $22.30 per 1%.

Finally spent $19.30 per 1% at 1.15 as usual : $109x10 (Party's $109x8, BB109, Big109) $160x1 (888 Croco) and $215x2 (BB215 and Monday 6m).

Cashed Drago (3rd) for $1,300 + BB109 ($125+$130) + $175 KOs elsewhere.

So $3 in refunds from yesterday plus $17.30 per 1% from today.

$20.30 per 1%. Will continue to r/o everyone as usual as next pack cost wil be around that number (a bit more if next one is Thu due to Thrill).

Still undecided whether I am gonna be back Wed or Thu. Will let you know tomorrow. Good night all.

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Re: Zugzwang16 Monday Report

r/o 1 please
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