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Cry Me A River
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Poker Strategy and Information for New and Beginner Players

To start with this is mostly threads from The Beginners Forum. Other forums - Please add good introductory and n00b type threads.

Beginners Forum Frequently Asked Questions (Read this! Lots of basic information including an extensive dictionary of terms.)

Basic beginners bankroll management
More advanced bankroll theory by Phozon

***** Official Dumb Questions Thread ****
Need Help? Ask me (WCGRider)
Building a BR from 20 dollars (GinaSD)
Build a bankroll from $35 (GinaSD)
Basic Sit \'n Go Questions Answered Here (Collin Moshman)
Pooh-bah post: A general guide for aspiring online poker players (raze)
Pr0crast Anthology
"Outplaying" players who don't fold (Cry Me A River)
A concise list of 2+2 theorems (Cry Me A River)
*** A Complete Guide to Beating the Micros *** (sircuddles)

Why you suck at uNL Part One: Playing Aggressively (WCGRider)
Why you suck at uNL Part Two: Bankroll Management (WCGRider)
Why you suck at uNL Part Three: Game Selection (WCGRider)
Why you suck at uNL Part Four: Honesty and Persepctive (WCGRider)
Why you suck at uNL Part Five: Understanding Continuation Bets and Double Barrels (WCGRider)
Why you suck at uNL Part Six: Hand Reading (WCGRider)

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