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Re: UK Championships

Originally Posted by sorrow View Post
I've just got through watching most of the final. Awesome.

Trump played well, and Allen made an exceptional comeback given how well Trump was playing.

Anyone want to argue that the final would have been better in a shorter frame format?
Yeah, they need to stick to the longer matches, especially since there aren't as many tournaments these days. The only part they need to change is the ridiculous session format, where guys are playing like 8 games or whatever and taking a two-hour break. If you're going to play a race to 9, why not just play the whole thing out in one session? The old format is still set for the game of 30 years ago where frames took 20-30 minutes each. Since they go so much faster now it needs to change. In my opinion it's one of the things that is really holding the game back.
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Re: UK Championships

bring back the good old days were the world championships were spread out over a couple of venues and over a month long. first round should be best of 49, with the finals best of 75. make the other ranking tournaments short to fit it in if you must. then there will be no more complaining from the pros about the high variance of the tournament, the best player wins.
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Re: UK Championships

I think some of the things Hearn is doing are great. 8 tournaments to 28 worldwide is huge.

Taking the game seriously worldwide, and attracting a lot more sponsorship money in the process.

If he's right, and the shorter format games get bigger tv ratings and more people through the doors to watch the events, then the world championship may end up being 6 red format, winner breaks in a couple of years though.

Take it too far and you and up with 9 ball
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