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Frank the Tank
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Re-Tip a Pool Cue

I foresee my current cue tip to requiring changing in the near future and I'd like some tips seeing as I've never done it before. I looked up some youtube videos but alot of them involve using specialised machinery which I do not have access to, nor can I afford. And the only cue repair place is quite far out of reach for me. Is it possible for me to retip my cue with just some sandpaper, superglue, and a Swiss Army knife/utility knife?

Also, the tip I used came when I bought the cue, was your standard 13mm water buffalo. A friend of mine highly reccommends the Sniper or Kamui tips. I did some research and decided to shell for Kamui Black super soft. I am under the impression that Kamui's are less prone to mushrooming, have much better chalk retention, have a longer lifespan, and makes it feel like pool has become the Matrix and you're Neo (OK, that's a bit hyperbolic, more control and easier to apply English would be right). Would I be correct there? I've gotta pretty good at extreme draw and force follow. I really like using draw and stun and I've started to be able to use sidespin successfully but only shooting short range shots. Would that tip be the right for me or should I look elsewhere?
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should be called sevenfour
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Re: Re-Tip a Pool Cue

you can easily do a snooker cue with a Stanley knife and superglue, would imagine pool cues with their different ferrule are no different
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Re: Re-Tip a Pool Cue

yeah u can
its pretty simple just b carefull
pop of old tip
scuff bottom of tip and top or ferrel with sandpaper
shave excess with razor,sand(carefull not 2 scar ferrel)
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