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Restaurant Impossible

Restaurant: Impossible is a new Food Network show featuring Robert Irvine. In this show, Robert Irvine takes a limited budget and tries to turn around a failing restaurant in 2 days. It is basically Kitchen Impossible light.

At any rate, the first episode came out on Wednesday and I was not impressed. Irvine has a good television presence but his cooking skills are lacking. I can only remember him from his other show, Dinner: Impossible which may be entertaining but the food he dishes out is not high quality.

Perhaps the biggest problem with this show is the comparison to Gordan Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares series. Ramsey has the pedigree and decades of success in the business, whereas Irvine's culinary career is much less lackluster.

Anyone remember him being booted from Dinner: Impossible for fudging his resume? A few years back he even had his restaurant project closed down due to some shady funding and other operational problems. I am not even sure he even has one successful restaurant, so it seems hard for me to believe he can rescue another person's failing business.

Ok, this is too long.

What do you think of the show? I give it a B-. To me, he destroyed the restaurant. It looked slightly better but man did he hire the wrong designers.
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Re: Restaurant Impossible

I wasn't very impressed by the actual show, like you said it just seems like a worse Kitchen Nightmares. However, the snark level was off the chart with the designers, their attempt to repaint the chairs looked awful even if they came out perfectly, which wasn't even close. Then when Irvine tried to rescue things by renting some chairs, the hissy fit the male designer threw about walking off the project was A+ entertainment, especially when of course he failed to back up his talk when the rented chairs were actually used. Finally, being forced to use some of the painted chairs because they ran out of rented chairs and getting wet paint all over one customers paints was an awesome amount of failure. So as a restaurant show, not all that promising, as a watch designers **** up and drive the nail in the coffin of struggling restaurants show, it has a chance.
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