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Dexter: season 5 Dexter: season 5

10-03-2010 , 11:51 PM
Well, I thought this episode was terrible, but that feeling was greatly leavened by the fact they finally got rid of one of the primary drags this season: the kids, adorable as they once were. Thank goodness; this new target actually feels legit, we're safely out of Dexter sit-com territory.
10-03-2010 , 11:58 PM
This ep really got me wondering though: how do fathers with young kids and murdered wives cope? It would probably look inappropriate to marry another woman so soon to help with the load, and besides you risk introducing "Cinderella syndrome" (the number one predictor by far for familial abuse is having a stepparent). Dads usually have much less tolerance for children than mothers to begin with; it's hard for me to even manage to imagine a scenario that would work well in that situation.
10-04-2010 , 12:56 AM
Better then last week, but not that great otherwise. I now have no hope of this season even coming remotely close to last season. I thought it could, but I can't see that happening now. It'll still be a great season, but just a notch above 3. So... it's looking like 4-1-2-5-3
10-04-2010 , 01:14 AM
How on Earth was 3 the worst season, seriously, can you explain that more at length? 3 was non-stop heartpounding action from the very first episode! "Who did I just kill?!" This forum massively overrates season 4 and moderately underrates season 3, from what I've read.
10-04-2010 , 01:34 AM
lol @ season 4 being the best of the seasons. Although Hall and Lithgow both played their characters superbly, the storyline lacked substance and continuity. All of the stupid subplots that have been created pushed the show away from what made it good to begin with.

This season is shaping up to be decent, and I'm interested how things play out between Quinn and Dexter. I'm hoping for another Doakes-like alpha male show-down. A big WTF at Astor who is a terrible actor. The Angel and Maria relationship is a dumb subplot that keeps getting worse. Who cares about their spending habits? Dexter is about killing people, it isn't a lesson in personal finance.
10-04-2010 , 01:42 AM
weakass episode. astors and codys acting is so bad for even child actors.
10-04-2010 , 02:21 AM
First two eps seemed mostly closure for last season. Wrapping up the funeral stuff, getting rid of a couple kids, setting up Dexter's post-Rita mental state, etc. Hopefully it picks up now with the Kyle Butler investigation and Dex getting back to business.
10-04-2010 , 02:31 AM
never mind
10-04-2010 , 02:52 AM
I said last week I didn't think I was going to enjoy this season as much, and this episode just followed through with that.

I really hope the kids are gone. Forever. I hope that the story wasn't supposed to have them leave, but they saw how bad at acting they were, and had to write them off the show.
10-04-2010 , 03:31 AM
That was likely the worst hour of television I have seen all year.
10-04-2010 , 03:41 AM
I enjoyed every season, but for me it goes 2 > 1 > 4 > 3, but I admittedly haven't seen the first two seasons in a while so I may be overrating them slightly. They're all very close together though and I didn't put a ton of thought into which was the best, moreso which seasons I enjoyed the most.

Season 4 had it's share of mediocre episodes and lame subplots, but Lithgow was easily the best villain on the show and every seen with him and Dexter was incredible. The ending was also about as strong as you could ask for, so I rank it slightly ahead of Season 3.
10-04-2010 , 03:43 AM
Originally Posted by pankwindu
First two eps seemed mostly closure for last season. Wrapping up the funeral stuff, getting rid of a couple kids, setting up Dexter's post-Rita mental state, etc. Hopefully it picks up now with the Kyle Butler investigation and Dex getting back to business.
I'm inclined to agree here, I think the season will definitely pick up now that the kids are gone, Dexter is back on the hunt, and Quinn is soon to be on his tail.
10-04-2010 , 03:51 AM
hopefully dexter will take care of quinn like he took care of dokes if quinn gets to close to dexter.
10-04-2010 , 04:18 AM
I have seen more lists with season 3 listed at the worst then I've seen that have season 4 as the best. Just like The Wire's season 5. Both of their worsts are better then a lot of shows bests.

I think season 1 is the best, but my favorite is season 4 (I've said that a couple of times in Dexter threads). Even with the crappy subplots, the Trinity story line was good enough to make up for it to me.
10-04-2010 , 04:29 AM
Originally Posted by Halowax
That was likely the worst hour of television I have seen all year.


Can't think of a dexter episode I haven't liked, but that was awful. Hopefully it gets better now that the worst part of the show is gone.
10-04-2010 , 05:21 AM
It obviously hasn't been as entertaining as usual thus far but I don't think many would have been expecting it to be awesome in the first couple of episodes based on how the last season finished?

They had to dedicate some time to the kids/funeral etc or otherwise it would have been ridiculous. They have now got all of that out of the way completely (Hopefully) in only 2 episodes. It could have been worse..
10-04-2010 , 05:45 AM
Introduction of this seasons big bad with the Santa Muerte maybe? Dexter versus a bunch of crazy death cultists mite b cool.

The roadkill guy seems like such an easy kill for Dexter...not sure why they postponed it till next week.
10-04-2010 , 08:22 AM
Preview for next week was certainly interesting.

Did the roadkill guy shoot him with a tranqulizer gun? That'll spice up the scenario quite a bit.
10-04-2010 , 09:33 AM
I cant get over the fact that quinn looks like a thin meth junkie now, and he's gonna be the villan this season :/
10-04-2010 , 10:14 AM
bleh, they should have had Trinity kill Rita + the kids. He kills little boys as his ritual anyways, so might as well add Astor in with Cody and end it at season 4. Then we wouldn't have had to deal with these 2 ****ty episodes.

Also, they're concentrating far too much on Maria and Angel nowadays. Their crappy subplot is really horrendous. They should give Mazuka a bigger role than those 2, he has brilliant lines thrown in from time to time.
10-04-2010 , 10:34 AM
Quick Q: So Dexter tells the FBI that he was on his boats and they can check the tapes... Wasn't he disposing of trinity? How would the FBI have missed dexter carrying several trash bags on board? Maybe we are supposed to overlook this detail?
10-04-2010 , 11:10 AM
wow what a boring episode, dexter didn't even kill a guy
10-04-2010 , 12:40 PM
a decent episode ruined by the worst child actors of all time, angel/laguerta(sp?) and deb/skinny crackhead aren't interesting at all. give us more Dexter damn it!

i like the new serial killer, that guy is a solid character actor. looking forward to the rest of the season, glad ep1+2 are over
10-04-2010 , 01:24 PM
yea pretty dull. kid actors both suck. quinn really looks unhealthy skinny, i'm still excited for next week.